26 years later and I finally finished it!!!!

paintingfoolJuly 12, 2010

Well, almost. I still have to buy new dowels to go in the holes. I purchased this in May 1984 when the shop I frequented decided to close. I was so afraid I would not be able to find more wood things to paint (silly, huh??) that I bought as much as I could. But I really liked it and didn't know what to paint on it. And as you know I have pink paint on my palette this week (lots of special orders on roses) so I decided to paint a few to see what it would look like. It is perfect for my bathroom which is being changed from lavender to pink. I am so proud of myself - I finally finished it and now I am off to the shed to see what else I have stored in there. Oh, this piece is almost 24 inches long. It had three pegs but I plugged the middle because I didn't think there was enough space between them to hang anything. Later.

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Love the shape of that piece and you did a great job of painting it as always. :-)

I am glad to see I'm not the only one who has stored pieces that were bought several years ago because at the time I just knew it was going to look great when painted. lol

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What a lovely piece! I really like that color scheme, too. I used those colors for one of our bedrooms. So soothing and fresh!

I have stored unfinished quilt tops and blocks. Some I made, some I bought. It's nice to finally see your vision for something come to life!

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Ahhh, Bebe, your rose items always make me drool. That is a great shape and so neat that it can hold two towels. Your design is perfect for it and I love how you put the small roses in the corners of it too. Yipee, one more piece of your stash finished and ready to use! ;o)


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So proud of you that you finally finished this beautiful project. It will be nice in your bathroom redo. I have a BR in purple and always wanted to paint a flower on the wall to match but will probably change colors before that happens.

Is the outside painted a pale green? Neat wood shape and will look good with something hanging on it.


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