Hit the Jackpot!

kraftymomJuly 1, 2008

WhooHoo! I have a friend who was leaving her teaching job at a local school and when she went to collect her things she asked if I'd like to come along. Why? She said they had a whole cupboard full of paints just waiting for a home! Holy cow!! She wasn't kidding. They had regular acrylics, fabric, and other specialty paints - boxes of them. I walked out of there with a very nice collection of Americana, Ceramcoat, and Decoart Metallic paints, almost every one of them in sealed bottles.

Now...I need more paints, brushes, and books, like I need a hole in the head but I can never say no to free art supplies. The beauty of this was that several of the paints were discontinued colors. To me this is as good if not better than winning the lottery. Life is good!

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Way to go, Krafty!! You can never have too many brushes or paint. Just think of all the things you are going to make with your stash...

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That was so great of your friend to see that you got those paints and supplies. ;o) They should come in handy for your classes and at the Senior home. Congrats. Luvs

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Wow! Congrats on your great treasure trove of paints! You did hit the jackpot! Now get to paintin! ha ~Anj

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Wow!! You really did hit the jackpot!! I wouldn't turn anyone down that would offer me that. You can never have enough paints and brushes.

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that a wonderful offer that she did i enjoy finding ideas to paint and stencils myself i have painting several project my mom have half of my projects ex. is i took ceiling fan blades and painiting lighthouses on them she has those in her living room along with some more items

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The lighthouses sound great Lisalisa. If you browse on here a bit, you will find other projects on fan blades that one of our other members, Gail, painted. She also painted lots of wonderful chairs too. Welcome to the forum, hope you will share pics of your projects with us.


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