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chillen_on_a_floatFebruary 3, 2008

Hey guys, IÂm going to make a bar top that is memorabilia covered in self floating resin. 7 feet long maybe ½ inch thick. What kind of resin should I use? Epoxy? Polyurethane? Any pit falls or advice? Shrinkage?

I will try a smaller area first but a pat on the shoulder or kick in the rear would be appreciated.

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You've come to the right place for encouragement......pictures will help! I've never done the resin procedure, but I'm sure one of the gals will help you...but welcome and good luck!!

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I have never used the resin for anything that large. What I used was a two part liquid called "EnviroTex Lite" Pour-On High Gloss Finish. You can get it at Hobby Lobby in the paint section. It costs $9.99 for an 8 oz kit or $25 for a larger kit. One thick coat equals up to 50 coats of varnish.


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I hope this is possible, What I am thinking of is a beach sand base or maybe a thin layer of that ground fire glass you see in fire bowls for color. And a lot of items from our lives , photos, cards, some cloth items  you know the important stuff that you squirrel away, on top of the base. It will make brushing it on very tough. I was hoping to make a form and pour it in place.

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You do pour the 2 part resin on. You';; want to stay away from the urethanes as I believe they yellow some. It sounds like an AWESOME project, please do post pics of it

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Welcome, and I'm anxious to see this project. Haven't a clue how to do it, so give us a running tutorial on your experiment.

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I've only used the kind that NT has mentioned. It was pretty darn easy to do.

I have only done a tray that I glued down peppermints and then poured the resin over that.

The one tip I do have is remember you will get bubbles!!!! To make them go away you have to gently blow on them..its pretty cool kinda like parting the red sea..the resin will kinda move and the bubbles just part and go away!!!

Cant wait to see it!!!!

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What a great idea, your bar will be a great topic for your friends and family for years. Yes, be sure to stay away from the polyurethane. It will not only yellow with time, but if you pour thick amount, it will never dry underneath. It requires several thin coats.

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Do I see a new person, CITTRANSPLANT? Haven't seen you around these parts, but welcome. Come on out and play. How's the project progressing, CHILLEN? You're also new, huh? Welcome.

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Am I glad to find this! A girlfriend and I are doing table tops for outside although we'll bring them in when the weather gets bad. She's using tile but I'm using colored glass pieces (like half of a not totally round marble) and starfish. I had no idea how expensive the epoxy was.. $80 for an amount that would only cover half of the top which has a lip of an inch. I had planned on using epoxy to FILL the area but balk at spending $160 on it. Hubby and I were thinking if I just covered the glass maybe 1/4 way up the sides, rather then covering all but the upper part of the glass pieces, that it would look better. I'll be glueing the glass/starfish down to a plywood top before pouring the epoxy to hold them stable. I then would permanently attach a piece of glass to the top lip of the redwood, leaving a dead air space, to make it waterproof.

Does this sound workable? Any advisement you can give me on what to do or not do? I was going to coat the part of the starfish not covered with the epoxy for protection. Had wanted to have one of the starfish "reaching up" to the lip as though to get out of the table top but can't do that with the glass top. Still, I need this lovely little red/gold starfish in that corner. I have three different starfish, white, thin armed ones, down at the bottom of the table on "beach" then water from the 'sand' up to the top.

I'm certainly open to suggestions... I've never done anything like this before and, as usual, am flying by the seat of my pants. Sounds like it would work... =) Thanks for your input..........

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I see some new folks out there too!

I'll be checking in to see how these projects go! Welcome!

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can not use envirotex lite if the bar is gonna be outside. it does not stand up well to sunlight, will soften and turn yellow. voice of experience here

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i submitted before i finished, i have used envirotex lite several times. i make memory tables for friends. it works really well, you have to make sure that the items that you glue down are down securely and the glue is dry. if you have paper items, like thin paper you should glue it down and put glue on top as a sealer otherwise the envirotex will seep thru and kind of discolor it. if your items are not dry before you pour (if you are going to pour) the resin they will rise up and you cant stick them back down. this is a picture of a tv tray i did for a friends son that was graduating from the police academy. i like to tile around the edge or put some type of border so i can pour the resin in...for the bubbles you can blow on them with a straw or if you have a propane torch just run it over skimming the top and it will pop them...and your surfast has to be level. sorry to ramble on

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ohhh, nice table! Good job!

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Chillen....sounds like a great idea! I tend to save paper stuff for ever, but this sounds like a great way to see it and enjoy it everyday. Will be anxious to see your pictures.
Krazy...what great suggestions, I clipped your notes so that I could find them. LOVE the platter with the police photos and note...what a momento of a momentus occasion.

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Another way to get rid of the bubbles is to pass a one of those long bic lighter things over it. Geez, I can't remember what they are called! You know, to light the BBQ and stuff. Duh.

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