bio mom update...good news!

doodlebooMarch 27, 2009

I guess about a month ago my mom gave me a flyer for The Hope House. It is a local bording home for addicted women that is ran off of donations. It is a Christian organization and the women who help council there are all reformed addicts who have found the love of God and transformed into intirely different people. You move in for a year free of cost and recieve counseling from peers and a spiritual make over.

This isn't the first time my mom has given me a flyer for this place. The first time she picked one up at a Doctor's office but we never got it to bio mom. It was during a stretch where she was M.I.A for awhile and the brochure got misplaced. This last time the ladies of the Hope House went to my mom's tiny little hole in wall church to do a presentation. Just the fact they stumbled on the church is a miracle!

My mom spoke with one of the head counselors who gave her testimony. She was worse off than BM. Prostituting for drugs and in serial abusive relationships. She also had children who were abandoned with another family member as she sunk lower and lower. My mom gave the girl BM's name and the girl said they would pray for her. She said "Not to brag but we have a direct line to god. She may not be ready for us yet but everyone we have prayed for shows up on our doorstep eventually. We will be waiting for her"

I sent the brochure via mail to her. I said in my note "you may not think you need this now but put it somewhere safe and when you hit rock know you have a place to go." I put some of the girls art work with it and popped it in the mail. She never mentioned recieving it. This was a month ago.

Today J recieved a text. It said the following:

I am going to the Hope House. I'm waiting for my application. Tell Doodle thank you so so so much for sending me the brochure.

My guess is he hit her again and she is realizing we were right. It is going to keep happening. She must have finally seen the pattern in her life and figured the only way to stop the cycle is to make a change.

We are trying not to be too excited because she has ducked out of rehab many times but this is different. This is a direct result of peoples prayers...I just feel it in my bones. We are beside ourselves with joy. I'm I hope she gets it together finally for the girls.

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Wow, Doodle, I will pray that this is her wake-up call, too. Addiction is powerful but nothing is too big for God.

She may not realize it now but she is fortunate to have you and J still looking out for her well-being for the girls' sake. You are good people.

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That's great, Doodle. So glad she took it well and is going to go. Continue to offer her some words of encouragement here and there along the way...

I'm not a religious person myself, but I think there's an awful lot to be said for a sense of FAITH in general in reaching goals. Or HOPE, as the place is named... it empowers a person to try and reach for better things. It's great when people find the strength they need, and believe that they actually CAN, and go on to make positive changes. If that's helped because they believe in God or Mr. Peanut, so be it, and more power to 'em!

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This brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for your family. I hope this brings her some stability.

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strawberryl are awesome.

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You ARE awesome!
And a truly good person to care so much for a person who has caused you so much pain.

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Doodle - I so hope this time it works out for BM, but I hope you all don't pay a price as well. You have done so much for J and the girls . . .

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WOW! I love hearing stories like this! I just got back from a ladies retreat where I SAW something like this happen in the midst of a HUGE tragedy (a family on the retreat found out just after having arrived that a close teenage cousin committed suicide).

You sent that brochure as a prompting from God. A lot of people don't obey those promptings, but you did and now look at the results!

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wow, what a great news. and what a great person you are for doing this.

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