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MoccasinAugust 29, 2010

This time it is an opinion from the NYTimes. About kitchens going back a hundred years to the unfitted look.

The link is below. Very interesting. It mentions the movie, ITS COMPLICATED and the appearance of that kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: What's Cooking In Kitchen Design

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is that like the "freestanding" kitchens from Ikea? I love that look in farmhouses especially.

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The only thing I'll say is that she described one version of the Hoosier, but did not say (or likely didn't know) that they came in various styles, e.g. the one I got 30 yrs ago has a big roll down, tin bottomed flour bin in the bottom part, and another flip down container in the top. Mine never had a either an enamel pull out tray or the flip-up side table, but the slide-out breadboard turned out to have been half wrecked by bugs, I replaced it with an almost identical one from an office desk, circa 1965! I love my 'bake chest', and though I don't use it for baking, it's good for holding and showing off everything else and I'll never get rid of it! The little glass windows on top are original (frosted and with a pattern in the thick glass) as is the mirror of the middle top little cupboard door.

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WOW It just totally dawned on my I have a FULL unfitted kitchen in my studio. I have the Hoosier and matching enamel top table. A jelly cabinet and a pie safe.China cupboard on top of pie safe. Kitchen table and the shelves are not old but would have represented the pantry.

How interesting. I might just have to make a switch to the kitchen table in the center of the room instead of the enamel top table. But the enamel top table is so much easier to clean.

I really wanted to haul all of that out into our kitchen we have now instead of refacing the cabinets that came with the house. But DH just would not let me do it. OH Well I am enjoying it all in my studio and all so very useful.

Thanks for the read ML you keep finding great ones.


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So sad, I will be in NYC one day on vacation, and it is three days before the kitchen design exhibit begins. DH is crushed (not!). The thing I find so interesting is how very SHORT the workspaces were. I find 36" counters too short. If I ever find myself living in the past, before the current kitchens were in vogue, I will have a very sore body!

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LOL, my counters are 35 1/2" and they are just about right for me. I have always wondered why bathroom counters are lower than kitchen counters though.

I can't imagine not having integrated cabinets and appliances, although those built-in bins intrigue me. I wish I had a baking center but my canisters will only fit in the pantry which isn't close to my long stretch of counter. Oh well.

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I've always wanted a free standing kitchen. For the price of cabinets you can get the same storage and what I consider a unique design.

It interests me that a lot of searches turn up UK sites with design and products I'd love to have. Wonder why the US is so different. Their designs are wonderful and very different from they look a lot more efficient. I don't even mind the little kitchens they have with W/D in them.

Sometimes I think a kitchen has become a status level and a lot of people have been had with prices being driven up. How many times can we pay 1000s of dollars for keeping up? Forget about me, I still have to find what works for small.

Any changes to come will be very interesting and what happens to the current installations.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I've always had a mix--recently moved a pie safe to the DR to make more room for a marble-topped table (so happy to see that mentioned in the article--it's nice to be current for once--I'm usually waaaaaaay behind the trends). I still have a small chest of drawers that was once used in the nursery, tucked into a corner. My hoosier is in the mud-room, and not in the best condition.

I love my old freestanding cabinets--have them in every room, but they are all (with the exception of the hoosier) more shallow than built-ins, so hold fewer items. I just realized that I am trying to recreate a hoosier in my future baking center (read that in the article, also.) If I had more than 30" to dedicate to the space, I'd spruce up the real thing and bring it in.

larke, my cabinet is similar to yours, sans the roll-down, and the glass has been replaced. At 27" deep, the bottom holds a lot of junk!

shades, bring the old sink in from the yard, and you WILL have a complete kitchen in the studio!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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