Cleaned my painting area

luvstocraftJuly 30, 2008

Got busy yesterday and cleaned up my painting/craft area.

Found some square box shelves, and thought I'd try the paint storage in them like either Kraftylady or Kraftymom (Sorry, I'm not sure which one of you it was)has hers. Funny thing is I found two blue ones in one TS and two white identical shaped ones in another TS on the same day! LOL

I have to say this is the simplest, easiest to use solution I have found and takes up very little space. Each box looks like it will hold at least 20 bottles of paint. The extras will just remain in my wall storage pockets.

I also cleaned and organized the cabinets underneath. I was able to condense it a bit, but only pulled out about five things to get rid of. Just so afraid to part with anything because that just might be the very thing I will need for my next project! Or I might want to use it to do some crafts with my GD when she gets a little older. That's my story/excuse and I'm sticking to it. LOL

How about you? Anyone trying to get organized and ready for some Fall/Christmas projects?

Today I plan to tackle my supply of fabrics and laces. Been thinking of a couple projects for them too, so need to see what I have on hand and get them organized a bit better too.


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Good for you! Isn't it nice to have things organized? Three cheers for your hard work.

Got pictures of these boxes?

I've been busy messing up my painting area. :) As soon as I figure out what's going on -- not of my painting area, but of my projects.

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Here's a couple pics of my newly cleaned up area. I think I'd like to find a couple more of the boxes, so will keep my eyes open for them when I visit other TS. Please notice my pretty "new to me" glass jars for my brushes, pens and other tools. Before I had an old crock and a vase, now they all three match and are all sparkly. LOL


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I love those boxes! I can't remember how Kraftylady stores her paints but I am the one that stores literally hundreds of bottles on their sides on a shelf above my work table. It's a weird system but it works!
Good for you for getting organized. I think when you're a painter/crafter you are in a constant state of organization. LOL

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I swear I replied to this already. Where'd it go??? ha
Your boxes are so cute and I love that they have the ruffled edges. You should be able to store a lot in those.

I've been on a cleaning binge myself this week. Must be something in the air. ha Been sorting thru my smaller wood pieces, ribbon, and doodads trying to get them in order. Especially the greenery and things I use around Christmas. Trying to come up with a plan to change my office around so I can have my painting table up all the time. Such a pain having to put everything away every time I paint.
Great find! Gotta love those TS's! ha ~Anj

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Kraftymom, yours were my inspiration to try this! When you showed us pics, I thought your shelf was a great idea.
I don't have allot of space, so these are smaller but will work the same way and just be perfect for my needs. These allowed me to get rid of the spinning storage piece I had on the floor beside the cabinet that was just too inconvenient (had to get off my stool everytime I wanted to get a bottle of paint--too lazy for that!)and it took up floor space which is at a premium since this is also my laundry room. Thanks for the great idea. Like you said, so simple but it works great.

Anj, I do that sometimes too--think I've posted and then it's not there. I think maybe I hit the "return to forum" instead of the "preview message".

I thought you had a desk set up for your painting--must have been someone else. Yes, you need to fix it so your table is set up all the time, that way when you have a few extra minutes, you can walk in and "putter" a bit. (Of course, that can lead to getting carried away and spending hours at it too, so be careful!) LOL

Didn't get my laces and ribbons better organized yet. Right now they are under the bedin a big plastic zippered container that a quilt came in. I'm either going to move all my gift bags and wrapping paper out of the guest room dresser drawer and put them there, or I have a small chest sitting out in the garage that "MIGHT" fit in the laundry room now that the spinning paint storage rack is gone. Might be a little crowded, but would be nice to have them in the craft room since the sewing machine and other supplies are all in there already.We'll just have to try it and see I guess.

Well happy organizing everyone, and hope some of us get some projects completed soon. ;o)

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Luvs~ I bought a folding table to use as my painting table so I could put it up when I'm not using it. Just not enough room to leave it out all the time unfortunately. I've moved my office furniture around today until I'm just tired and no way to work it so I can leave it up. Oh well. One day I'll have a craft room of my very own I hope. ha ~Anj

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I totally understand Anj, I didn't have a craft room until the last two houses we've lived in--just not always room for a separate space. I had such a super nice one at the last place we lived and was so afraid there wouldn't be a place here. Was so relieved when I realized I could use part of the laundry room at least.

Can't you leave your table up all the time except for when you know company is coming? Or would it be in everyone's way?

I've even heard of people converting a small coat closet into a craft area. I think it was a gal on the craft forum who did that. Of course, around here, I need all the closet space I can find! LOL


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When the kids are in school I can leave it up, but the 2nd tv is in my office so they are always running in and out and bumping it and spilling my water, knocking over paint bottles, my cup of brushes, etc. When school starts they will only be allowed to watch tv and play video games on the weekends so there won't be as much traffic in my office and I can leave it up more. ~Anj

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I am the world's number one pack rat!I have known for awhile that I needed to get rid of some things in my craft room, so today I gritted my teeth and started cleaning.I found I have over 200 bottles of paint, besides some I had to discard! And huge amounts of "odds and ends" that I really don't need and will probably never several tables , lamps and other things I plan to refinish "someday".Also silk flowers, lots of beads and jewelry items,ribbon, Christmas items,glass jars and glassware to paint, lots of painting books and magazines, which I will not part with.Not to mention wrapping paper and bags! But i made two piles-one goes in the trash and the other will go to TS.
So I am planning to be strong and actually get rid of lots of the things I will never use.Hope it works!!!

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Good luck, Paintgirl, it is really hard. I always find things and think "Oh yeah, I meant to make that." You know what they say about out of sight, out of mind. Guess that's why I like to have a stack of things out, so I remember them! LOL


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I am starting out with a clean area and messing it up, just love the boxes and glass jars Luv - I like having pretty things and a candle burning when I am painting.

I have two rolling drawer stands where I keep most all of my supplies except for my opened paint. My hubby made a wall unit which consists of a frame/back and shelves. He drilled holes in a long board-right down the center and then ripped the board length wise to make two bottle neck rings. He attached them to the back and sides of the unit as well as to the shelves. Nothing fancy but it sure works. If things work well I will post pictures of it as well as some of my work in the gallery. goes!

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What a great hubby you have Pezabelle, those paint holders look great. It does make us feel better when we are a bit organized and can find what we want easily doesn't it? And yes, I can mess it all up quickly too. Hmmm, I haven't thought to burn a nice candle while I'm painting-I'll have to do that! I'll look forward to seeing your pics of some of your work too. Luvs

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Pezabelle - What do your two rolling drawer stands look like?
I'm thinking of doing something like this myself.

Are they wood?

Thanks, CDO

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hello luvs,
i had the same prob with my painting stuff a while ago. yours look pretty and pretty cool! love the blue and white combi, my fav colors and those glass containers! my gosh they are awesome, big with such interesting designs on them :) i would have love to put my painting stuff in the open like you (makes it so much easier) but i have a notorious 3 yr old who would probably squeeze everything out of my paint tubes if she got her little hands on them! i tried to look for something in ikea but found none like the configuration i wanted. so i DIYed a cabinet which doubles as a some wall shelves from ikea and DIYed my own paint cabinet complete with a hasp and staple to keep prying hands out! :) i dunno if you've seen it in my blog... too many pics to post here but if you wanna take a peek at it, it's at the link below :)

i'm painting some christmas gifts now, when they're done i'll post here :) dare not post them in my blog yet, in case the people i'm givin them to, see them :))))))

oh btw, i left some sites on the post on Catherine Holman for you. you mentioned that you like to check out other craft sites? i left some there for you :) and anyone else interested :)

anyway, the cabinet i made is in the link... and if you follow on after that post, it will take you to how i decorated the outside of the cabinet with texture paste... think you've probably seen that :)))))

take care everyone and have a creative week:)))))

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY paint cabinet

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Hi Luthien, you can be sure I read your whole blog! Loved what you did with your cabinet and your corner desk too. You are very creative and resourceful. I'll be checking back there once in awhile to see what else you have been working on. Can't wait to see your Christmas projects--I still need to finish a couple of Halloween things before I move on to Christmas, but I've been sidetracked allot lately! Luvs

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HI CDO, sorry it has taken me so long to answer you question - have been out of town.

I purchsed two plastic drawer units from WalMart or K-Mart. One is much larger than the other. They come with attachable rollers, which I use because of my small storage area, things have to be moveable in order to reach things stored on the wall shelves. I keep all of my stencil, large tracing paper, paint paper and such in the large one and actual painting supplies like palette paper, sta-wet paper, and such in the smaller unit. My hubby also made a working area to fit on the top. It is a "box" that hold the paints I am using as well as a large brush holder and area for my waters, which is a small box that lifts right out for cleaning or whatever. To keep the working area from moving while on the top of the stand, we attached pieces of wood to the bottom that drops down on three sides and fits over the top sides of the stand. Doesn't move unless you pick it straight up. I enclosed a pictures. Hope this helps

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