Too many DOORS !!!!

toomuchglassAugust 3, 2007

My house was built in 1920 - and I swear every opening has a door in it ! (Those nice heavy solid wood doors,too.) On the first floor alone - we have 9 doors ! We removed a couple of unnecessary ones and I'm finding that it gives us alot more room ! ( Any space helps ! ) It's amazing :)

Have you done anything like that to give yourself a little more space ? Can you share your secrets ?

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We have all our original 1918 doors and will be keeping them right in place and we have 8 on the main floor. Consequently, no secrets to share. What do you need space for? This doesn't sound like a storage question so I'm curious.

If you remove your doors, I'm sure hoping that you store them for the future owners. You'll be much appreciated if you at least do that.

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Doors have to swing somewhere so they use space. These days people don't mind seeing into kitchens, dining rooms, and hallways which were commonly closed off in old houses. In a small house the few extra square feet found by removing a door can make a big difference.

Do store the doors and any original hardware carefully. Restore the doors to their place when you sell. Buyers of old houses love original millwork and hardware.

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Also - whoever designed this house must have been drinking. Bedroom doors and closet doors open INTO each other ! You have to close one door to open another. Weird. Sounds funny - but even that little space I'll get without doors is good enough. I don't even have a spot to store my vacuum cleaner . Any more space is good !

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We have a little "rambler" that started out as a 3 room home and was added onto so that what had been an exterior entrance door became an inside doorway *they'd removed the door but left the door jamb). My husband finally removed the jamb(it added about 3" to the width of the opening) and I felt like I suddenly had such a luxuriously wide doorway - hahahahaha!!! Every little bit helps :^D

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Use pocket doors, they're great and not hard to retrofit.

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I know this feeling! My guest BR, which is currently serving as a den, had a total of 3 doors; 1 door into the DR, 1 door into a hall, plus a closet door! Plus two walls have windows on them. And it's a whopping 12x12!

I think the purpose of the dual doors was so this room could serve as either a BR (hence the hall door) or a parlor (hence the DR door), but holy cow, what a pain to paint!

I ended up taking the door to the DR off entirely and storing it; since I use it as a den, no real need for privacy.

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Cindy, I can trump that and THEN some. My master bedroom, which is 12' square, has FIVE doors. Three closets (two 3' wide reach-ins, which I would much rather have converted to one large one with bifold doors but there wasn't budget, and one scrawny linen closet), bathroom door (I am blessed and I will miss my master bathroom!) and hallway door. Two walls are pretty much all doors, one wall has two windows that take up 2/3 of the wall and the baseboard heating unit, which leaves one wall you can put furniture on! There is only ONE way you can arrange furniture in this room unless you want your bed pushed 4" off the wall and your expensive heat wasted warming the underside of your bedframe.

We also have doors that open into each other. It doesn't really bother me because I've had them in so many places I've lived. It's no worse than remembering to check that the cabinets are completely closed before whanging open the dishwasher.

I wish pocket doors were "not hard to retrofit" - we wanted to install pocket doors for our master bath and it would have required basically rebuilding an entire wall! Instead, we hung a bifold door to swing like a regular door that just folded in half in order to minimize the swing-room issue.

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I read this post and got up to count the number of doors in the master---7! Seven doors! OMG

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Sometimes too many doors means too many walls. Combining rooms (up to a point) can really increase your perceived and useful space. We've also taken doors off to make a space feel bigger. It works.


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