Teaching ornaments this weekend

paintingfoolJuly 6, 2010

(Sorry, I posted this on the Conversation side)

I just got back from Pennsylvania and New York. Had a great time at my neice's wedding. The mountains were beautiful - but cold! And it is nice getting back home. I shopped at the antique stores, they have so many nice things and the prices are much lower than here in the south. I picked up 44 baby spoons and demitasse spoons, will post pics later after I decide what I am going to do with them.

I will be teaching this weekend at our annual Ornament Paint In with our chapter. The little wood ornament is from Hobby Lobby and the Santa is from AC Moore. This is the time of the year when I really start painting, mostly ornaments and Christmas items.

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Both are very nice. Love the shape of the first one, it reminds me of a hand mirror.

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Always love rose items, but really like how nicely your santa and his sign look together. You always do such excellent faces--and the fur and beard are perfect too. I'm sure everyone will love these projects.

Yes, you are right, it's time for all those "Christmas in July" projects.


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OK! Fess Up! Who stole my post?

Bebe....the top orny looks so good! Soft and blends well together, looks like it is made out of enamel, what did you use as the sealer....

Santa is so full of expression and the curly beard, just great.

Where do you find the wood cut outs?

Thank You for sharing,


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This is so funny, Belle. I often think I have lost a post only to have Luvs tell me it is posted on the conversation side of the forum. That's where yours is.

The wood cutouts are from Hobby Lobby. You will have to sand the edges and they have several designs. I don't know why but the varnish/sealer I use on ornaments - Triple Thick by DecoArt - almost makes the finish look like glass and softens the look of the painting. It is a thick varnish that you have to work fast with and you can't overstroke too much. It is self leveling so it is a bit hard to use on rounded objects even though I have done that. It is too difficult to use on large items because of the thickness. The older it gets, the thicker it becomes. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby or Michael's, not sure which but I used my 40% off coupon because it was somewhere around $6.00. I have attached the other two designs for you to see.

The Santa plaque is about 8 inches long and I got it at AC Moore for $1.00 each. I have to find things the ladies can paint on that won't cost much because we could have five or six teachers in one day and sometimes the ornaments can go as high as $5.00 since they provide the pattern, instructions, color photo, and the surface.

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So that's where they go! Silly me....

Thank you for the info., I have heard of the finish and heard that it is hard to use, but I just have to try it!

I am always looking for Christmas surfaces as I do all of those orneys each year but none around here or they are $2.99 or more each. Doesn't take long for that to get spendy when you are doing 20 or more each year. So, DH cuts them out and really does a great job of it, but I never ask for the snowflake or lacy ones.

How did the class go? I bet it was great.


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