Stuff Happening Part 2 - move'n, move'n, move'n

desertstephAugust 10, 2010

Moving the mfg home to my land... YES!

I heard big trucks on the road yesterday, looked out and saw mfg home passing my driveway... they missed it. Not too long after that it came back from the other direction...

The back pulled in -

then the front pulled in -

and it pulled in front of the back -

then they moved the front closer to the back -

the front -

the back -

There she is... this was just a 'move it to the land' thing. The installer (and guys) will be out to lower it, level, put together etc.

It needs trim work replaced, painted etc - that'll be done next spring. If I survive the move INTO it. lol!

it has 3 or 4 broken windows (had at least 1 last yr when I saw it). The patio door glass pulled from the frame on one side - oops. dbf thinks maybe someone tried to break into it. BUT, the inner sides of it were only enclosed by plastic - so, that wouldn't make sense... He says we'll put a new door in there. Maybe a single glass door with glass side panels?

anyway, it's here now! finally! Now I think this might really happen... guess I'll start cleaning, tossing and packing again.

After this was done I spent an hour recuperating from it all - the heat, girl dog trying to get out there - boy barking at the trucks, guys, house parts, and the excitement from it finally getting here!

Then I took a shower, dressed and met my sister to get our 'feet done'. I now have pretty purple toe nails.

Later this week I'll go to the floor store and see what my options are... and another day I'll check out the flooring outlet over in AJ (about 30 miles).

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Yes! Steph has a new house! Go, go go, that is all you will be doing for a while. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Off to paint molding....

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Oh Steph - So close - Have fun finishing it up!!

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Slightly off topic, but isn't it scary living in the desert? All I can think when I look at those photos is poisonous spiders, rattle snakes, poisonous lizards, and other hazards!!!!!!

Congratulations! It's so exciting. I haven't been following your story for too long but you seem really excited so I hope everything goes well for you!

We were maybe considering a manufactured home, not sure.

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krycek- oh dear. guess i shouldn't mention the mountain lions, coyotes and javelina then.

there aren't any hazardous spiders, snakes or lizards out here that they don't have in the AZ cities too. In the 12 yrs I've been out here I haven't seen a black widow, saw 1 baby rattle snake, only little gecko type lizards - plus rabbis, gophers and road runners. the gophers are the worst pests.

they make mfg homes so nice these days. Mine is about 15 yrs old - had 1 owner a single guy. It's sat empty for about 4 yrs. We do have some work to do on it. dbf will help me and I might be able to hire the neighbor guy (19) to help also.

Most of the work needing done is cosmetic. cleaning (a lot of that!), painting, new flooring and a few new windows, a new door and a cabinet door or 2. There are a few other things I'd like done but it'll be livable without those anyway. In about a yr I'd like to replace the kitchen cabs, counter and sink.

when I bought the land dbf didn't think I'd last a year out here. 12 yrs later I'm still here and have no desire to be back in the city - ever.

the price was right tho - 0!

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Steph...How great to watch your transition and be part of all. I'm excited for you and seeing a dream come true.

Krycek...Yes, there probably is even more hanging around and can understand concern if never living in desert or mountains. But in reality they don't want to be near us any more than we do them. Lived in the desert too and can't remember anything I didn't want around. Dogs help in keeping critters away too, so Steph is safe.

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How exciting! I always wondered how they got the two halves togehter. Have you been in it since it was put in place or do you have to wait until it's firmly on the pad?

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Yea Steph! Your dogs were probably picking up on some of your excitement!
I can only imagine how it must feel to see your dream coming together (literally, lol). By the time they complete set-up and the septic, the weather may be cooling down slightly and the move won't be so hard on you.

What are you going to do with your present home? Are you going to move it or are you going to become a landlord?

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Oh, YAY!! How exciting!

We are the first house on our road--consequently, we have a lot of people turning around in our driveway. LOL, I was thinking what a surprise it would be to look out and see someone turning a house around in our driveway, but I guess with a desert at your disposal, it's no problem!!

Purple toenails are a perfect way to celebrate!

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the guys have a lot of work to do before I (and someone?) can even start to clean. it'll need cleaned before I really take stock of all that needs done inside. it isn't safe to go in now - I'd need a ladder anyway!

emagineer - glad you could be part of it. it gives hope, doesn't it? when I'd see others room or house coming together on here that's what I kept thinking - their's is finally getting done and mine will too...
the dogs DO help a lot. my girl is mouthy and boy is also when he gets going - especially if he hears her barking. and he is bigger and STRONG. he held off a rott 40lbs or more over his weight long enough for me (and girl) to come flying out the door screaming like a crazy woman (and barking like a crazy female dog).

marti - it was amazing to watch them. they know what they are doing - they do a lot of it! there seems to be something under the cabs that will slide the 'half' sideways toward the other one. It's too dangerous yet to go in. I think they'll put a few cement 'pads' under it for parts to rest on. the wheels are still on it. They'll have to move them to connect after they do whatever they do. level it, seal the halves together. the roof might be tricky. they'll need to connect electric, septic and run a new water line... lots to do.

here's another pic - I'm glad I managed to get one coming in the drive! this is the back coming in -

idie - you're right - I usually thank them for barking. say 'good boy' etc. not that day! I was busy watching and taking pics. had to keep girl inside - it was too hot out there for her.

yes, it IS literally coming together. finally.

what I'm in now was temporary - 12 yrs ago! it was only to be for about a year - hard to imagine I survived 12 yrs in here... it might work for a guy's fishing cabin - if he likes to rough it.

this one needs moved out by 2 months after the 'new' one is signed off by inspector to move in to it. This one would never be able to be rented by AZ laws. no heat. It'll probably go back to dbf if he wants it. he had signed it over to me - and I'll sign it back to him. he has a place he could put it, put in heat and rent it out. or he might use it for storage - that's what he was using it for when i needed it temporarily. I was just going to live in it here for about a yr til I got the sense of the land and saved for a yr for a down payment on a real new one. Then I got sick and had to quit working. for many yrs I was too sick to even care where I lived. A few yrs back when I mentioned remodeling this place (I think dbf almost had a heart attack at that) he started looking for another one for me. This one sort of fell into his lap and we started planning to swap it for this one... it was slow because I am sick so often...2 yrs ago his son was in an accident and almost died so he was tied up with his son in rehab etc. Then we started planning again and the day he came out to start working on the land he had his accident - that was last Nov. So here we are finally getting it actually here and on the land.

As slow as I am it will take a long time to get it done - but we'll be working toward it... dbf is also slower now since his accident.

Thank goodness he is in the bz of buying and selling residential / commercial property and construction... He loooves the part of finding something that needs remodeled, fixed, whatever and the fixing up of it. He looooves his dozer, grader, forklift etc. He spends hours (days) on those things. He'll fix up a bare piece of land and rent it out as storage for equipment to someone. or he'll lease it to a landscape company or some other bz. Often after a few yrs (like when the mkt here was high) he'll sell it at a good profit and start over on another place... men and their toys. He found a way to make money while playing with his. It IS really hard work tho - and dangerous, as he's found out several times.

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OH Steph so very happy for you. She is a lovely sight. What you gonna name her??

For any one that wants to see how they go together this is how they put our house on the foundation. It is interesting to see how it is done. And Steph I am not sure how they will do yours with out the foundation around but I bet they still use the rails and the double skates that sit on the rails so the house can be adjusted back and forth to line up.

We have it a bit different than Steph does as our sits on a full surround foundation and down the center they block it. It is all engineered to specs to hold the 120 pound roof load for the snow we get here. There is a special cement pad down the center of the foundation to hold up the center of the house.

My Moms house is set like Stephs house is. They might even be neighbors there in AZ as mom is in Congress about 90 miles from Phoenix.But AZ is a big state.

Back to work neighbor just called to let me know she has plants for me.


Here is a link that might be useful: Setting a manufactured home

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Shades - your mom is NW of Phx and I'm SE of it! she's up in cooler weather!

they put layer after layer of dirt/stone mix down, watered and graded it with each. there will be cement blocks or slabs under it also. dbf had cement blocks or slabs to go where skirting usually goes also. it'll be interesting to see what he's done. he's worked in concrete for yrs and yrs. they'll probably put them in and lower the 'sides' onto them.

I know he doesn't want a call in the middle of the night saying 'S, there was a gust of wind out here and the south side fell off those pretty concrete blocks you made...'


you suppose he has a life insurance policy on me?

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Steph, I am SO PROUD FOR YOU!!! Honey, you are getting your act together now. And I know this is not the weather for you to get out and do much. BUT, while you have the opportunity to lassooooo that 19 year old neighbor, DO IT.

I'm sure that even a young man would be able to get a big old shop-vac and make the first pass of the house without you having to endure that. Even if it is not quite clean after the first pass, you can bet it will need several more passes of the vacuum and then the mop and bucket too. The way I cleaned was to bring it all up a little at a time, a layer at a time, so you could appreciate the entire place being cleanER each time, then a little cleanER after the second go round. So turn that young man loose and make him feel needed, like he is doing something very important for you and DBF.

After it is passed over a couple of times, then you can go see it and maybe do some stuff yourself. But dear heart, please pace yourself. What I like to say these days is, I can do as much as I once could, but it takes me a lot longer. There is another old saying too: "A NEW BROOM SWEEPS CLEAN, BUT AN OLD BROOM KNOWS THE CORNERS."

There will be enough work to go around. You'll have your share. I love the way you are including clearing out as part of packing up. The Smaller Homes Forum is an honest to GAWD self help group. :)

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thx moccasin! yeah, that young man finishes up school in 3 wks (special summer coarse - like BMW mechanics or something). he went to school all this past yr for mechanics but wanted this special summer coarse too.

his mom came over the first night - so excited for me too. she saw it here as she turned the corner coming home from work. she said she burst into her house to tell her dh!

I hope he can help. she said he was thinking of taking 6 months off before he took more classes, so maybe he'll need a little spending money. I've 'heard' (and see the lights) him out to the side of their place late at night working on his old car. His mom said he got it running! he knows my dogs and they love him. they think he is THEIR 'boy'. we've know him since he was 6!

I have a shop vac (my BIL was tossing one out so my sister put it to the side for me). We planned to go thru it several times - layer by layer just like you said!! dbf back when said he'd do that, but there is much more for him to do and better a young healthy guy than dbf with his still sore foot (he'll get a new one soon). this guy is TALL so I think he'll be able to reach the ceilings w/o a ladder.

I'm almost the same as you - can do some things I could do before but it takes me soooo much longer. (there's a lot I can't even do anymore - darn it!) My doctor has drilled 'pace yourself' into me for 10 yrs or so now and I usually do. It'll be better to go slow than overdo and put myself back by months...

I've been tossing off and on for the past yr (dang it keeps coming back!) and will continue that - my sister will be gone for a wk next wk (I use her trash bin) so I can fill it up to the brim twice that wk. I've already stacked things outside to go there (stuff animals wouldn't tear into). I think in the end there'll be a lot and dbf has a trailer he'll haul over to the dump if needed. it'll be needed 'cause I plan for my mattress to go in it. it's had some broken coils for over a yr now (not good for my back to sleep on). dbf has his old queen sized bed (I think he still has it) that I'll use. he got a new one this past yr. His puppy tore that bottom fabric off of the box spring - fine w/me, I'll just staple fabric over it before setting it up. I didn't see the real problem. being a guy tho, he probably had no clue to buy other fabric to cover it. he wanted to bring it here months ago but I said no - I didn't want the dust and dirt blowing in here on it. I want it going into the new clean place - clean! A place where windows and doors shut!

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This is exciting and it's going to be neat watching your place all come together inside and out.

Have fun and try not to stress.


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Steph, if you are in the market for a new mattress, think about shopping IKEA. Online that is. I think they ship their mattresses rolled up? And way cheaper than most places.

How about taking a picture of the pile of stuff you are loading up for the trash? Even if you don't post it, I think it will be encouraging to you, because that is real PROGRESS.

Don't push yourself. Every day it gets better and even a little is better than what came before the house arrived.

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flowerlady - as each room is cleaned up, painted and new floor I'll post a pic of the before and after.

It will be fun in ways, tiring i'm sure and a bit stressful. thankfully, I've been working on what to do in it about 7 months already. some of that stuff will be 'to do' next yr tho (kitchen). but even having that settled in my mind will help with other things I do and plan in the near future.

my sister thought I was nuts to be even think about it months ago. finding the forums here proved me right - and I knew that it takes me forever to make decisions. so many of them I've already made and change a half a dozen times! lol!

but the basics are covered for cleaning, painting etc enough to get me living in it. then i can continue to work at it from there.

moccasin - I don't even wanna think about his mattress not working out. ugh! I figure it's free and HAS to be better than this one! He buys quality. It's such a major expense to buy and it not be comfortable.

I don't mind taking pics of the trash - it'll be good for my scrapbook of all this! lol! I was thinking a lot would be brush from the looks of the bushes the guys mowed down... but I think I'll make another animal fortress in the back SE corner. I already have 1 on the E side from dbf's original clearing to put this old one in here back in '98.

there's still all of the old, rotted wood from the 'deck' (joke) dbf put out back a few yrs ago and tore out last month to be hauled away.

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just an update of nothing happening out here... lol! on the home anyway.

Tues evening I found a snake under boy's pool. IIIICCCKKK! I ran. then went back and tossed stones at it...and a stick. it didn't move except to curl up tight. from that and it's color/markings I'd say it was a king snake. a good one. I didn't know any snake was good. ugh! I went out about an hour later and it was gone. I'd already moved boy to his cable on the outside before I found the critter.

I asked dbf if he had an apartment free on the 25th floor somewhere...

then we had tons of rain. what a mess. had to take my girl out to potty with mud all around us. And mud or not she wanted to walk... then come back inside. I have to figure something else out for that in the future. like paper or cardboard 'rugs' for inside the door.

and then last night while cutting the furkids carrots I sliced off a piece of my right pinky. ugh. blood everywhere and PAIN!! an inch long piece of skin gone. the bleeding stopped some time after I put ice on it. warm water doesn't help it. the cold hurt. warm hurt. air hurt! I wrapped a kleenex around it and taped it on with scotch tape.

I need to go buy some gauze, ointment and plastic gloves. Need to look for a slicer/chopper that has the sharp part enclosed...

am out of carrots now also.

dbf's gson from KY came in Tues night. He'll be spending some time with him for at least a few days. He hasn't seen this gson in about 7 yrs! He's all grown up now - in his mid or later 20's. my how time flies. I remember when he was just preteen!

I don't think the 'set up' dude filed for the permit til last week.

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Steph, your cut smarted all the way to here! Oh yeah, I have a smallish mandolin, which took off a slice of my thumb when I first bought it. Those blades are like razors. Now I am more cautious.

King snakes are good to have around. They will quite happily eat live poisonous snakes, head first. The bigger they are the more they can eat. Get yourself a good picture book of reptiles and learn what snakes you have out there in the desert.

Include on your first aid list some Betadine spray, and maybe some Bacitracin ointment with pain killer. I keep a bottle of peroxide and alcohol and some q-tips as well.

I have a lot of old bathmats that I keep at the doors. Plus a lightweight beach towel to throw across the dogs before they start shaking to sling water all over. Muddy paws are the worst though. My two dogs are small, but I grab their feet and wipe the beach towel over them. When it is time to do the laundry, I pick up the dirty mats to make a full wash load.

I like the old bath mats better than newspaper or cardboard, because the dirt stays on it even after it dries. And it doesn't slide around either.

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steph you must be so excited! woohoo, you have a new house! haha, my little dog has done the same thing to my matress base, she climbs under there and scratches at it and it's got a big gaping hole in it now :/ I was thinking of doing the same thing and getting some fabric and stapling it on, so far nothing is living in there but I figure eventually I might end up with spiders in there or something lol.

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OH Steph So sorry about your finger. Do keep it clean and dry.

We taught our doggies to dance on the bath mats and I also have some old saddle blanket rugs I lay down in the muddy times.

Funny this comes up as I just spent a couple of hours laying out a back door landing around the base of the steps. My goal was to hopefully get some of the mud off paws before they get into the back door bath mat. We also bought a cheep carpet like piece of rug. Maybe 6 by 8 that fits the master bath area. It is slightly dirt colored. I can easily clean it with carpet shampooer. I let what mud gets that far dry. Vacuum and then shampoo when I can not stand in any longer. And if it is really bad out there I lay those saddle blanket rugs around in the bathroom and let the pups stay in there for awhile to dry off.

Another good use for the master bath. A TRUE mud room. LOL


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ML - it was a mandolin - so you know what pain it is. I bumped my pinky about 6 times earlier so it's sore now. I didn't know they made betadine spray! I just buy one of those little bottles of iodine and use it. but afraid of iodine and peroxide right now - it'll buuuurn me to death!

I'm allergic to bacitracin and it's not easy to find an antibiotic ointment w/o it! I knew W or Walgreens had it because I went thru that yrs ago looking for something to use. it's Walgreens. I got some and some bandaids. i didn't even have those here - so unprepared! I'm going to make little cardboard splints to put around it (over bandaid). metal splints were 5.00 at walgreens and I figured I didn't really need metal with layers of sponge in it. until I really bump it hard then I'll wish I had that thing...I'm gonna look for the spray betadine tho.

and a desert critter book. I looked online. I've only seen 3 snakes in 12 yrs. 2 Kings and a baby rattler.

the bathmat idea is great! will see what I can find at GW. will look for a large towel also. I have several regular towels for her - but things are soooo messed up here right now. I plan to have a cabinet in the laundry room with a shelf for her towels. she'll stay in the hallway here while I wipe her feet, but mud is hard to wipe off. should have had a pan to dip her paws in first.

trance - I think that's why dbf got a new bed. having that uncovered bothered him. I'll have them put it bottom up in my room til I get it swept out and covered. I'll have to add the fabric store to my list of places to go.

thx shades! I see the benefit of having an outside door in your mstrbath! I am spoiled by our normally nice weather here. 1 day of rain and I've had enough of it!

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I saw someone here on GW who had a doggie bath that looked like a huge sink mounted about a foot off the floor. It was in the mud room so they could clean of the pets before they entered the rest of the house. it was a neat idea.

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Hi all,
Steph, hope the pinky is hurting less! I am infamous for slicing myself while cooking, some probably should have had stitches...

I was hoping that when we dismantled the kitchen we would find our mandoline. No dice. I still think I lent it to a friend, but she says not.

Loretta, it was probably me with the paw washing station. I designed it, Jim built it. It is in my old house. The one with no dogs in it now!

Steph, try this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Paw Plunger

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nancy - don't look for the mandolin!!! it's a killer! I'm telling ya!

qvc has a set of 3 (small, med and large) that have the sharp parts covered up. I think I should buy those.

I try to stay away from sharp things, even to the point of making sure my cab handles don't have sharp edges... I stay away from fire - I've changed to battery operated candles...
I'm a danger to myself...

when I read idie's post I thought it was on this forum that I saw that - I copied out a pic you posted not that i'll get one of those - but i can dream!

i also copied the info for that paw plunger in case I have to resort to that. I don't think mine would take nicely to it tho. I've been thinking about putting a plastic wash bin of water on the laundry room floor when we get mud... and with a towel handy to dry the paws off maybe it'll fix that problem. I just don't want either of them going into the new place with muddy paws - yuk. that just makes so much more work for me!

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A simple water bucket with old towel works fine for me. He doesn't like the wash feet thing anyhow. On the otherhand I could rub his paws forever and he would be in heaven....without the water deal. And he is glad to jump into the kiddie pool whenever.

Do you have freezing weather in the winter? If not, why not just a shower head on the end of a hose and shower each foot? Easier than having to wash the paws in a water bucket.

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Hmmm, no way will either of my two dogs allow me to grab their paws and stick them inside something. Nope. I can barely hold them and grab the foot to trim the nails. That is always a two person job, and I get the vet to do it for sure when I see her. They do not complain nor struggle as much with them. But poor mama cannot get no satisfaction.

What I have is an oval shaped galvanized tub to bathe the dogs in. Both dogs are long and low. A maltese is longer in proportion to its height than say a beagle is. So both fit nicely (one at a time) in the little tub and water would reach over the top of their backs. Otherwise, in good weather it is the outdoor shower, which is fine, because I don't worry about any mess. I'm usually part of the shower myself, so I don't even try to stay dry. The dogs do not enjoy the bathing experience like the parrots do. Oh boy, they have FUN when they get wet.

In my shower stall (the tiny bath) inside, I have a Pulse brand ShowerSpa. It has a small tub spout at the bottom, a hand held shower wand, an 8" rainhead on a flexible arm, and then some misting and needling spa heads which can give you a lot of muscle pain relief. When it is cold weather, I turn the tub spout on, and fill the little galvanized tub before I put the dogs in it. I'm standing in the shower with them. Easier that way. With the handheld shower wand, I can adjust the kind of spray depending on washing their face or their backs.

The dogs enjoy the AFTER BATH experience, of me wrapping them in a towel to blot water off before I set them down, and then they run in circles and dash all through the house. I have a big fat bath mat and their bath towels down, and they go rolling and wiping their faces on that, having a gay ole time together. The maltese is harder to bathe, so he goes first anyway. The dachshund girl is worried for him the whole time, and she will be sedate when I pick her up for her turn. First thing happens, she wraps her front legs around my arm and won't let go. Dachshunds are very strong, very stubborn, and very determined little dogs. But she likes being clean.

I guess one of those "tubs" they use for icing down drinks at parties would work as a bathtub for small dogs. That may have been the purpose of my small oval galvanized tub. It just said "dog bath" all over it when I saw it at the Ace hardware store!

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desertsteph...OUCH! I hope your finger is doing O.K. That is one nasty cut.

How's the house coming along? Please don't overdo it in this heat. It seems like it is so bad this year. I'm not even out gardening and it shows. The weeds are taking over. I was going to tackle some today because I hate being stuck inside so much, but our heat index today is already up to 114, and it's only 1:30. I don't know why, but I can't take it this year. I'm going to be so unhealthy by fall it won't even be funny.

Take good care of your king snake. Tee Hee! Seriously, you want him (or her) around. They do a good job of eating things you DON'T want around.

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'Do you have freezing weather in the winter?'

not usually. 2 yrs ago it got down into the high teens and my water pump froze... that's unusual tho. but if it's been raining and it's muddy out and the middle of the night i don't want to mess with the hose either!

I usually 'shower' them outside with the hose for a bath. then they roll in the dirt. makes so much sense, doesn't it? lol!

sandy - the 'slice' isn't as painful today and it is healing faster than I thought it would !

the house is just setting there. the guy to 'set' it up hasn't appeared yet. maybe the heat for him also. got up to 110 yesterday... the heat is really bothering me this yr. not even as hot as past summers.

the only reason that snake lived is because it was a king and will eat a rattler. what would I have done with it? strangled it? (no, RUN and SCREAM).

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Oh Steph, your cut had me flinching here too. I sliced the end of my finger off with one of those things too one time. Got rid of it immediately. It's been several years and the end of my finger is still numb.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Glad to hear that your cut is better--I cut the tip off my left pinky with a plain old paring knife (and inattention)--still have the scar.

My mandolin has a plastic knob with tines sticking out to impale whatever I'm slicing--keeps the fingers away from the razor sharp blades. That's not to say that I've never taken off a layer or two of skin on occasion!

Leave that poor little snake alone! LOL, we had a six-foot-long black rat-snake that I 'protected' for several years--haven't seen it in a while.

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'My mandolin has a plastic knob with tines sticking out to impale whatever I'm slicing'

mine has one of those too - if I'd known how many of you had sliced and diced yourselves I would have used it!


I'll probably have a scar down the outside of my pinky too!

just call me 'scar finger' !

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this is what I should get... the top covers the food and it doesn't chop til your hand in on top of it pressing it down...

it wouldn't let me save a pic to post here so check link.

Here is a link that might be useful: qvc choppers

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"A simple water bucket with old towel works fine for me. He doesn't like the wash feet thing anyhow"

Yes we used to do this too. Called it the dreaded foot bath. This is whay I am putting together pavers around the back door in the dogs yard. I need to add more but have run out. I am hoping some of the mud will stay on the pavers. We also have the dog yard all gravel. That helps keep them out of the mud some.


Here is a link that might be useful: Back door landing so far and I know it needs to be straightened. I just ran out of back bone yesterday.

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shades - that looks great! gives them space to 'walk' of muddy / dirty prints too!

maybe in time I can put some pavers down. or dbf can do me a slab of cement!

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Steph I would much rather have the slab of cement but it will have to do with the pavers. Can't wait to get more but right now I am laid up again for awhile while my back heals.I over did it a bit. doing this and laundry room door landing and front door landing which I do not have a picture of but it is pretty boring. LOL

What I thought I would do is put a junk rug out on those pavers letting it get wet in the rain and it should help wipe some of that mud off. LOL


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Chris, hope your back heals quickly, that is painful! I like your pavers - you do "mosaic" work with everything!

I have had both a "junk rug" and a doormat out on the patio for the dogs, and it does help. I threw the rug out recently after using it for two or three years out there. People laugh about the doormat, though. It is the one with dog paw prints on it that reads "Wipe Your Paws!" They ask if I think that my dogs can read it.

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Hahahah Nancy. you mean like this one?? And I also have the porch rug and much worse for wear after two years. I figure to leave it for this winter then toss it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wipe your paws.

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Shades, nice job. And I saw your morning glories. Wow, they are big and lush! I love vining plants.

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It just occurred to me that the rubber mulch stuff, which they are using in children's playgrounds at our parks, is a good solution to the muddy paws prevention program. The rubber comes from shredded tires. It is softer even than the bark mulch, which of course will eventually deteriorate, and the rubber does not. Don't know if it gets hot to the feet though. But I know that gravel eventually disappears into the soil, and is difficult to keep contained, and it will get thrown around by the lawn mower...that is, IF you have a lawn, which DesertSteph might not have?

Steph, BTW, do you even own a lawn mower? Or do you just weed whack? Strange to think of places that might not even need to cut the grass like we do.

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"right now I am laid up again for awhile while my back heals"

you take care of that! I know what it's like. it happens to me often. it's hell. working with pavers would do it. i won't be able to do that. or put down about 2 a day. I'd get a patch done in about 10 yrs...dbf has his own cement company (maybe he's leased it out to someone now). He brought out 2 slabs last yr but I'm not sure what he'll use them for - under the home? (will need more then...), under my water tank? under the steps? I could use a good number of those slabs!

"IF you have a lawn, which DesertSteph might not have?

Steph, BTW, do you even own a lawn mower? Or do you just weed whack? Strange to think of places that might not even need to cut the grass like we do."

no, i don't have a lawn. thank you God! I love the! there are times in the spring after a lot of rain that it begins to look like i have grass coming up - but it's weeds and will turn to dry 'fire hazard' about mid June. I hate that. the other yr I did hear my neighbor out with a lawnmower attempting to mow his weeds. I heard lots of clunks when the stones got 'mowed' tho. I had to laugh at him mowing the weeds and stones - what was he thinking? that's dangerous! he should have at least used a push mower. imagine hearing a mower going with a CLUNK every second or 2!

i don't think I do own one anymore. the last one i had (in town) was one of those old push mowers (a new one tho). I pushed it around the back yard of the rental house I lived in in town. great exercise. in 115 degrees in the summer. never again tho.

I also had a weed whacker - I used that on the front yard (smaller). the city would get riled up if your grass was over 6" high. I used to go out front with the weed whacker and whack some, then put my ruler down to see if I was under 6"... then move on to another strip. I worked for that city.

the whacker was stolen but the mower might be at one of dbf's 'yards'. I have stuff stored there somewhere.

We had a dust storm blow thru late yesterday followed by a ton of rain. more than last week. I have about 10' out my 'now' front door to the back door of the new place. like an alley. to the east is my car and to the west is land and I can go around either home from there. last night and this morning I couldn't go in either direction - there was a mini lake blocking me to the east and the west! it's dried up a lot now - but still a bit muddy.

last night I put down my girl's big towel to come in on after her potty trip. i used part of the towel to dry off (unmud?) each paw before I let her go into the bedroom. it did a good job. today I'll roll up the towel and shake the dried mud out of it outside.

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I thought I'd post a couple of pics

these are the cement slabs dbf made and brought out for under the steps. he might put one under my water tank. I hope he has more of them...

it also shows around and behind them how it is here in the desert. NO GRASS to mow!

another pic that shows more NO GRASS! behind the guys is what's normal out here. in front of them is where they've scraped the brush off of the land to make way for the mfg home to 'land'.

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Wow, that is really barren. Do most people let the native stuff grow as it wants or do they try to landscape it? Where does your water come from?

Your dbf is a very handy guy.

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Steph, will the latest rain muck up the landing pad for your home to move onto very soon? Will they have to come out again and smooth it?

When you do try to garden, do you choose xeriscaping plants?
I recall you said when you need water, you call and they deliver it. Is there any emergency backup source of water? Is there any benefit to a rain collection system? Would it have helped you any in the long run, to contain the rain which created the mud around your trailer? And if you had contained it, how long could you hang on to it in a sealed container which minimizes evaporation?

I figure that one of these days, the old tales of range wars over water rights will be put to shame by the shortages of the future. And individuals just won't stand a snowball's chance in ......of having ANY rights compared to large corporations. Especially if the Supreme Court's ruling that corporations are persons/individuals is allowed to stand.

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"Wow, that is really barren. Do most people let the native stuff grow as it wants or do they try to landscape it? Where does your water come from?

Your dbf is a very handy guy"

yes, it is somewhat. the other half of my land is even more so. I'll take a pic of some it it later and post.

out here with acreage most let it grow naturally but they landscape for up around the house. Which I'll do also. i hadn't been able to in the past because i always knew that this one would go and another come in - which would mean anything i planted up close would be dozed. i did have 2 or 3 cacti that were rather close and dbf scooped them out and had them replanted farther out. the brush grows so wildly it isn't really worth replanting them. i had some very large ones up close that i really liked having up close tho. they helped to barricade me from the road, the neighbors etc.

in the developments near here (one starts just 2 roads away from me now) a lot of people do plant grass. most don't have much land tho. a few feet around the house is about it. I'll try to take some pics of that also.

the water comes from another city... they have places where one can go and get it. people have trucks that will carry it or small tanks on the back of a pick up to fill up and bring back to their land. then there's a few people who operate a bz doing it for others. that's the route i go because i don't have a truck. It's a lot cheaper to haul your own tho - a lot cheaper. They have a 2,000 gal truck they use. i have a 1500 gal tank plus and an old one (about 3,000 gals) that is set up for gravity feed (no pump used). i use the gravity feed for the plants. tho, in the past i did use it for everything (not to drink or cook). it was hooked to the pump in the past but dbf brought me out another tank a yr or so ago and hooked the pump to it. They operate separately now. if I run out of water in the newer tank, I can resort to the other one. I have taken a hose shower outside before - lol! and I regularly color my hair outside (the rinsing out of it).

I'm usually ok with 2,000 gals a month. in the summer I sometimes need it more often. I certainly will next summer after planting more trees etc this fall. In the winter I've often gone 5 or 6 wks on 2,000 gals. this winter probably not tho as new plants will need watered.

dbf is handy at about everything. when it gets to major electrical or plumbing he calls a licensed one in tho. and a few other things like the hauling of the mfg home (tho he has done that in the past) and the setting up of the mfg home. laws changed here as of last january requiring a licensed person to do set up. I'm glad that is the case, it sure makes me feel safer.

dbf and some of his men hauled the single wide i'm in out here and set it up. they did great at it but this double wide might be different. they'd need special equip etc (not that dbf wouldn't have access to that equip. He knows about anyone in the area that does this stuff). he's done this stuff for about 50 yrs now. Starting out as a young guy struggling to support a young family. He learned to do it all. He's done so many different things. buy and sell houses. fixes up, lives in a yr or so then sells at a profit. often contract sells. buys and sells bars and restaurants, fixes up and runs himself (hires someone to do it for him) or leases the property out to someone else to operate. often does a lease/sell to them. often gets the property back too. makes money on those either way. He hires out a lot of the fix up work these days (last 30 yrs or so) but he is more often than not in the mix of it doing whatever needs done.

I think he enjoys the design and fix up of the places really. Then he's bored so he sells it (or leases out) and starts on another place. Even most of what he doesn't do he knows how to do just doesn't have the time or the license needed. He tears down places and builds them back up and resells them. yrs ago as he saw cities grow and major money made by those who had land in the outskirts, he began to buy up land outside of a city or 2. He now owns many acres outside of one local city that is worth mega money. Some he has sold off over the past 10 yrs as he needed money for other 'projects'.

He has most of his own machinery to do this things. last yr he had over 50 vehicles licensed - lol!

he's as ornery as H and has a heart of gold.

last month after he tore out the deck out back he apologized for disturbing the nest of 'Africanized' scorpions there. He said there were 10's of thousdands of them. HA! He thought i wouldn't catch on to that little slip up...or was that on purpose? I really didn't even need that word - I've been out here 12 yrs and have only seen 1 scorpie - way out on the front side of the land. a nest right outside of my back door and I'd have been overrun by them!

"Steph, will the latest rain muck up the landing pad for your home to move onto very soon? Will they have to come out again and smooth it?"

ML - no, the mfg home is already on the pad. too late to smooth it. He did have it lazer leveled before the home was brought here.

I do choose xeriscaping plants. my sister and i took a city sponsored class on it in the late 90's. We took it twice we loved it so much! I've spent time online picking out what to plant and I also dug out my book from class to double check everything.

I want it as natural desert as possible, as little water usage as possible and with as little upkeep as possible.

I have the back up of my gravity feed tank. if it's out, I'm done til they bring out more water. If they know I am out they'll juggle to get water to me asap. I buy (or get at my sister's) water to drink and use in cooking - and for girl dog to drink. I switched her to that last yr because of her being sick. Boy still gets water from the tank. It's ok - it doesn't go thru the old pipes of this trailer to him - just thru the hose. i bought a drink safe hose for that. If I were totally out I'd go fill lots of jugs to keep the dogs and me in water to drink. I did have the water from the old (my original) tank tested when I moved out here. The city I worked at had an environmental specialist for this stuff (their dept was adjacent to ours). He said i wouldn't die from drinking it so if no other source and I needed water to live i could drink it. but i don't want to do that... lol! haven't come close to that yet either.

I do plan to collect rain water after i get settled - and divert it to the plants. dbf is talking about putting down some piping to the trees 'we' plant. it'll be gravity feed. he does plan to take the oldest tank away and bring me out another one he has from another one of his properties (no longer in use).

I don't know how long water would hold in a container. It's not something i need to worry about tho. it seldom rains here. prior to the recent rain i think it'd been 3 months (at least) since we'd had rain. It'll probably go to the land w/in a week.

I don't notice any evaporation loss in my tanks.

water is scarce out here and something to be used carefully.
planting non low water use plants would not be responsible - and many people out here aren't.

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here's a pic of my land on the west side of the wash - and the wash too!

another pic of the west side - it's stonier -

and this...this...this...SNAKE!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

desertsteph, I can hardly tell what's in the last pic--looks like 'someone' was [[shakin']] in her boots!!

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Good heavens you've been busy!

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"looks like 'someone' was [[shakin']] in her boots!!"

oh, it must be obvious... lol!

the snake was perfectly still and that's the BETTER of the 2 pics I took!

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If I was a snake on the ground in AZ, I'd be really nasty tempered. Shaking is appropriate!

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that's it! I thought it was you Moccasin!

lol! that thing in the pic doesn't even look like a snake. I don't remember the camera shaking...

it probably wasn't. it was my whole body!

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the permit finally got approved! got stuck at environmental dept. I knew that long before the guy who applied did. AND I knew why it was 'stuck' there. they couldn't find permit/inspection on my septic! gee, I went thru that with them about 6 wks ago. It was under my original temporary address (my address will probably change again...)not the address i ended up with. besides some of those county workers don't know what they are doing. In the past 6 wks they couldn't have updated that? no...guess not.

then a hassle because the home is 4 bedroom and the septic size is for max 3 bedroom. she said I'd have to have septic enlarged and I told her 'that ain't happening'. she said she ask her boss about it but insisted there wasn't anyway around it. She called me the next morning with 'the way around it'. I knew it was there but she wouldn't listen to me. I had to draw out the LO of the mfg home, mark where and what I was going to do on it(remove closet from one bdrm and open wall into kitchen), sign and date it and fax over to her and she'd release the permit. that was over a wk ago...

dbf called me about 4pm today and said he was on his way out and workers for set up were on the way also. I can't believe they came out so late in the day... great notice they gave me. dbf only stayed long enough to drop off more cement pads for them (small ones) for underneath it.

they worked for a few hrs. got both sides up on jacks and tires off 1 side and pads down and pyramids things set on them. water leveling it (best way).

they're supposed to fix the underbelly of it also - lots of rips, holes that need sealed before it's lowered down a bit.

so they're starting on it - might be out tomorrow. they'll probably call an hour ahead...

but they're starting on it!

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Woo Hoo Steph!!! Things will probably go quickly now. Getting so excited for you!!!

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Steph, you will be able to remember when all this happened. It was Labor Day weekend.

It won't be long now. Stay calm! :)

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here she is from the SEC on the outside of it. She's pulled together!

take a peek! the back screen door blew open and someone left the door to the utility room open a bit... take a peek into the kitchen. I'm standing on the ground a few ft below bottom level of the mfg home.

this is to the right of the door into the backhall/kitchen area... the 'inner' side of the utility room.

lookie here! the LR area from the back to the front. they opened the sliding door (seen in 1st pic above) on the back wall so I peeked in and took a few pics!

this is to the left of where i'm standing (I'm outside of the room) - it's on the inside of the LR area. I don't like it tho and will attempt to have it removed...

I got a peek into the mstr bath earlier but didn't have the camera with me then... that is a garden tub in there in the 'bumped out' area on the end. there's a vanity and single sink. a good sized shower and a toilet (I hope) that I couldn't see. I was looking at it from the other end of the 5' hall leading to it. I couldn't see around one of those corners...

I tried taking a pic of my 'owied' finger too but they didn't come out. they come out soooo red! I made them b/w but that just faded the owie away. it was hard to take a pic of my right pinky using my left hand. I'm right handed!
It is healing up nicely tho. much better in last 2 days which surprised me. I used some new stuff on it and was shocked at how fast it worked. I used it on my sore elbow also and that healed up a ton also. didn't do this good on medicine the doc told me to get for ii (OTC).

I left earlier to go to the bank and pick up a 'to go' dinner from the local Mexican diner (I love them) and told the guys if they got all done to go on to the vacuuming, mopping, wall washing etc... oh yeah - they'll get to that! lol!

yeah, it's move'n along. I'm thinking i might go into the floor store tomorrow or Monday. town is pretty deserted so maybe the store won't be crowded.

the outside lights by the back door and slider are both - plastic! ugh. I'll have to stop at HD and pick up something cheap. I'll replace the front one also - because it's too tight for me to get my hand in to get bulb out and put new one in, maybe I could get one of those silicone tipped tongs for that tho... most aren't very big anyway. i just don't want to struggle with them. i've been thru that before.

Time to feed the 'kids'. back later!

it is exciting! sometimes it seems like this isn't gonna really happen. looks like it will now! yahoo!

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Whoohoo Steph! It looks huge in there! Are you putting down new carpet or is that the carpet rolled up? I like your fireplace. Do you not like it because of the color or the kind of stone?

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So happy for you Steph.This really is exciting. I remember it for us and it has only been a little over 2 years. Your place looks like it will be a great space for you.


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What a great end-of-summer gift for you! I suppose your summer there goes on and on and on, though. This is going to be so nice for you.

If it is just the look of the fireplace you dislike, these people in England have some nice, easy-to-use tinting for brick that may work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: And I think the shipping is included in the price.

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"Do you not like it because of the color or the kind of stone?"

both and if it's a wood burning one I won't be able to use it and it just takes up space.

that's the old carpet and padding. it's so full of dust and dirt after 4 yrs sitting in the desert. ugh. I thought it looked like nice carpet tho but dbf said it wasn't and just get rid of it. after i spent months looking online at flooring he then said 'well, it is good carpet, maybe you should keep it'. ugh. make up your mind. by then I'd gotten used to and liked the idea of non carpeted floors.

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Wow Steph ~ This is exciting. It is so great seeing this project come together, and it will be even more exciting to see you turn it into your home. I think the mantle is neat, although I might change the coloring. Couldn't you get one of those electric inserts that they make these days? Of course, this is your place, and if you don't like something, and it can be changed, then do it and enjoy the new look.

You make me want to get up and do something. :-)

Hope your finger is feeling much better.


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So fun watching your tranisition Steph. Thanks for letting us go on the ride.

You will have such a great time going shopping and figuring out what is wanted/needed. It can get frustrating, but still you are at this point now.

If anyone can understand all you are going through it is Chris. And she has created a wonderful comfy home/garden through a lot of good and bad experiences.

I lived in the desert too and loved everything about it. Am sure all the dirt movement has caused the critters to take on a job of finding a new home too. If you start meeting them at the hardware store with paint in hand, I bet they would have some stories to tell you too about their being shaken from their homes.

Wow, a rain to make things a bit rougher in getting this done. But on the other hand, good for settling the earth around your place. Love seeing the pics and can feel your total excitement about all.

The old towel trick and a rug by the door works wonders for muddy feet and is right by my washer so I can just throw them in. I also have two outdoor rugs, one by the base of the steps and one at the door. This has cut down on mud by the time he reaches indoors. Sometimes the paws still need a dunk in water, but not often. The floor is wood, but I've given up trying to keep this new. Life is for living.

Sorry about your pinkies. I had a major slice a couple of years ago on a Sunday and sat in the ER for 6 hours. By then it was too late for stitches. So, I too doctored myself and it turned out fine. To heck with rushing about for help, just keep it clean and watch the healing. You definitely need a first aide kit put together. So much happening and possibilities to be prepared for.

Have used peroxide my whole life, but then heard that it actually gets rid of the cells we need for healing. I just keep using it and can't figure out what they mean by this. Probably a marketing stunt to use other things since it still remains inexpensive.

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Awesome, Steph! I saw that front door design, and it is really an eye catcher. There is a lot of space in this house, and the ceilings do not feel low at all.

I rather like the fireplace design, but if both stone type and color don't please you, something can be done. Do you have propane gas out there? No way for natural gas to be run way out where you are, but maybe a propane fireplace? Do you cook with gas too?

And now all at once you have to come up with appliances and floors and curtains, and a/c does it work, or do you have plans for a swamp that I know about those things, I'm enchanted by them. They'd work for YOU, in that dry place.

I really am impressed with all the space you'll have. You'll be like a hermit crab. Move out of the shell she's outgrown, and into a bigger one. Only take from the old what will really fit. Then cut yourself loose from the rest of it, both emotionally and physically. The first thing will be cutting loose emotionally, seeing that you can live without something.

Love it... wow, I go to bed early last night and look what is blossoming in the desert!

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" I suppose your summer there goes on and on and on, though."

well, sort of... our REAL summer will end (hopefully) within a month. it has been still in triple digits into mid Oct before tho. Then it'll go down to the 90's, maybe the 80's (daytime) by Nov. It's been pretty hot here the last few days. I'm so ready for the over 103 temps to go away forever.

flowerlady - it's gonna take a lot of work (and money) to turn it into livable space. The mantel is the only part of the fireplace I like. I could have an insert put in I guess. I just don't like it well enough to put the money into it. will have to find out what it will cost to remove it. I have found someone who works on mfg homes - that's his bz. he came out the other day but we couldn't get in anyway.
don't let me cause you to get up and do something - I'm not! not yet anyway... too hot here and girl dog keeps me busy feeding her, walking her and cleaning up after her...

the pinky is healing amazingly fast. it's come so far since just Thurs it's hard for me to believe- if I didn't see it for myself! I'm gonna have dbf try this stuff on some 'owie' (maybe my boy can nip his finger again?) and if it works for him have him use it on his foot stub.

emagineer - you're welcome for coming on the 'ride' with me. I figured you all are like me in that - I love seeing all the pics of everything so thought you would also.

so you know what it's like out in the desert. so different than other areas (with grass, humidity etc) but sooo beautiful too. there are a few things I don't like about it - like rattlers. you get something like that anywhere you live tho. I have seen a massive number of black ants racing around on the west end of mfg home. they seem to be in a frenzy... packing up maybe? I hope I don't meet all of them at the hardware tho. They've got a lot of options for a new home here on my land!

I think I'll just put down an old towel for the furbabies if they have muddy feet. I was glad to see there's a door between 'living' space and the utility room so I can contain them until feet are clean/dry!

I didn't have a thing here for my finger! I wrapped a folded kleenex around it and taped with scotch tape! then I did go buy bandaids and ointment. I need those things. I now also have a splinter owie. got the wood piece out. I think...but it's sore and reddish. I'm using peroxide on it - I survived childhood on it so it'll do. and it IS still cheap!

moccasin - the ceiling angles up - if you look real closely in the top right corner you can just barely see the start of the angle. it sure helps give the feeling of space! it isn't cave like! the door you see (closed) is the 'screen' door. not a screen tho, it's all metal with thousands of little holes in it - and it has a very good lock on it! I was so happy this place has that type at the front and back doors. the dogs can't go thru those! I can keep the regular door open and lock those. the dogs will be able to see out a bit (maybe not girl. not sure she's seeing a lot of anything anymore). I'll take a close up pic of it later and post.
no gas lines out here. all electric. I could get a propane tank but don't want to - too dangerous.

It has a range in it - but the top corner (where oven door closes) looks like a car bumped into it or something. bent.
it also has a dw (2 even!) 1 is dead on the LR floor and the one in place really isn't 'in place', it's sort of lopsided... dbf thinks it's fine (eyeroll). men! that'll be replaced asap. I'll take my fridge over there - it's still purring along, tho 12 yrs old now. The fridge in there will have to find a new home.

dbf will be finding an a/c for it. he probably has a few lying around one of his equipment yards from some prev office, building he had. I'd prefer a swamp cooler - at least for 10.5 months of the yr! having both is probably too much to deal with tho - plus the water access to it.

It's about double the space I have now. everything to the right (east) of about a foot or so right of the slider is mstr bdrm and bath. bath along the backside, bdrm to the front.

to the left of LR front is kitchen, then bath and bdroom. to the left (west) of the fireplace is utility room, bedrm and another bdrm. The bdrm that shares a wall with the utility room is the one I want to knock part of the wall out - on the side facing the kitchen, so it opens into the kitchen.

lol! I've been living w/o most of my 'stuff' for 14 yrs now... will be glad to see most of it again. what doesn't make it in new place will go. This is the last stop I plan before Home. After I'm settled in (probably next summer while I stay in out of the heat) I plan to go thru all boxes etc. I have tons of stuff from the kids paternal ggma and gma's houses - and a few things from my mom. I plan to photo them and put in a photo album with info on each. Sort thru what's worth keeping for the kids and what isn't. pack stuff for each in a plastic bin and store in a back bdrm closet for them. some stuff will be kept handier to get to them whenever I can for them to have now. All excess (or not used) household stuff - curtains, utensils, dishes etc) will go if not in use here. except gma's good china - tho, I'll use that. that's what it's for! dbf and i have in the past ordered pizza in and used the good china and silver for it! and her good linen napkins. yeah!

Probably most of 1 closet in the back room will be family heirlooms for the kids to go thru and divide up.
that alone will be a big job to do.

having those extra closets (2 walkins too) and pantry will sure help with storage. So will having bookcases again!

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Steph ~ It might take less $$ than you think, if you think of paint, for cosmetic, and simple other changes, instead of major renovation. Your place is really neat and I'm happy for you.

Do you realize what it's going to feel like when you open boxes, etc. to see things that have been packed away for 14 years? Some you'll want to get rid of, some you'll want to decorate with, so have fun during the whole process. It sounds like you've already got plans to work with your stuff and that's great.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

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Oh yeah, it will be like Christmas when you start unpacking your stuff. How fun! I am really enjoying seeing all this happen for you. What is the stuff you are putting on your finger to make it heal so fast?

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flowerlady - thx for your post. I mostly plan on just the cleaning, painting and flooring for now. I might want that door between bdrm and kitchen done fairly soon too. otherwise, I think a lot can wait until after the first of the yr. i'll have plenty to do just cleaning and clearing stuff from here to there (and stuff dbf has in storage will even come a bit later).
getting me and the dogs settled over there and this one removed will be a major milestone. then I have to plant some trees and bushes before it gets too cold.

I think I have enough curtains for most windows. they don't all even need anything really. and I can manage fine with the appliances I have - except the dw. that I'll need. so starting out, other than flooring I don't need much. a cleaning lady would be good tho - lol!

yes, it'll be interesting to see all the 'stuff' again. i have a lot of lovely treasures I inherited. I'm planning to rotate some around a few times a yr (keep in cabinet in storage bdrm when in hibernation). I have too much to put out at one time - this way I can enjoy the different things without being too cluttered.

I hope after the holidays I have the strength and money to work on redoing the kitchen - and the outside needs attention and painted. I'll have to hire the upper part out anyway - I'm afraid of heights and couldn't be trusted to remain safe on a ladder.

I'll be so glad to have more space and open space for girl to walk around in. she shouldn't have to walk backwards anymore! I keep telling her how she'll be able to run around over there... I'll have to work on a 'step up' to the bed for her tho since she's having trouble making it up now.

this stuff is called ASAP SOL (solution) and I heard about it on TV. The doctor behind it has seemingly great credentials (Dr Pederson, I think Gordon is his first name) and they say even our military is stocking up on it. Supposedly great for burns. I listened to them so often being skeptical of it and since I don't heal well these days I started looking online for it. found a tube of the gel on Amazon for about 16.00 and thought i'd give it a try. I just got it last Thursday. It did surprise me how quickly it worked on my finger! I wish I could have gotten a good pic of my finger on Friday to show the difference.

I also used it on my elbow - psoriasis (the dry skin thing, not liver damage). I always get those mixed up. my elbow has been very painful lately - I've had that a good number of yrs and tried stuff the doctor recommended and then used Mary Kay night cream - now that worked pretty good too. But since I put this stuff on it Thurs night by Friday afternoon I could tell a major difference! it's almost all smoothed over now from cracked and flaking! I tried it there before feeling safe enough to put on my finger. If this continues to help my elbow I'll be recommending it to my sister who has this stuff in a major way all over her body. She has been to doctors for yrs and yrs and tried every treatment out there for it. I didn't put any on the elbow yesterday so I will tonight.

I bought a baby's bible on Amazon too for my gson so I didn't even have to pay postage. They do have a smaller tube of it but I wanted to hit the 25.00 mark anyway.

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Not too long ago I actually liked cleaning house. It included a little adventure to mess with things I hadn't really looked at for awhile.

Going through your boxes will be like the history of your life. I never minded moving either because of this, things forgotten and many remembered.

Since one of the first things your going to do is paint. Wouldn't it be fast and easier to have someone come in and spray the whole place empty? At the price of paint, I'd bet this would even be cheaper than doing it yourself and he may have a quicker way to clean beforehand too. You could add color later. Just a thought.

Glad your pinkies are better. And yes I know the desert. It is beautiful in the spring, I was always surprised at how incredibly bright the flowers were on such spindly plants. Getting rid of tumble weeds was a pain, they just don't let go when the wind runs them into corners. I had great gardens and the right things grew well. One I was always surprised at was roses which I'm a terrible keeper of.

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"how incredibly bright the flowers were on such spindly plants"

this is so true! the bloom of the desert after a rainy early spring is just incredible!

i love roses but wouldn't attempt them here. I've had cacti die...

I'll ask around about the spray painting. most rooms will be the same - Navajo white. my bdrm and bath will be different.

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here's a close up of a piece of that 'screen' door -

and here's a pic of what someone considered an outdoor light fixture -

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OH Steph That screen door is wonderful. Wish we had one here like that. And we DO have those same plastic light fixtures on the front and back. the guy broke the globe and was freaked out I would get mad at him. Well no way I had a pretty globe to fit is knowing some day I too would be replacing it. Still has not happened though. Sort of forgot about it.

The funny part is the back light is still the round globe and looks like a moon. So I told neighbor he would know I was Mooning him at night when that light went on. We laugh about it. He is a fun guy.

TOtally loving that door. I want one!!!

DBF is fixing you up with a really nice place.

AND we painted the outside of one of our houses Navajo White and a pretty gray. LOVED it.

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That is a really pretty door. It looks stronger than the screen door we have, which would be really good when the dog jumps on it.

Dh & Bil just got home from the lease and bil had cut two of his fingers, and I just snipped the end of my finger with a pair of kitchen sheers. I told him I had just read of something to speed healing and worked on psoriasis too and he wants me to send him a link. I can't find anything called ASAP SOL. Is it also called Silver Shield? Or can you link to the one you bought on Amazon?

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here's a site with the metal screen doors. security doors... they can be very expensive with designs on them. mine are not... lol! I love them anyway - they'll allow me to have doors open without dog damage or escaping and feel secure also.

i hope your BIL heals quickly! you too! if I could think of something to put some in I'd squeeze some into it and send you! It's a gel. the site below has option of 1 oz tube or 4 oz. i looked for the pic on the tube because it's just like they showed on tv. there are other things out there with similar names and I wanted to be sure to get the same stuff I saw.

my finger is hardly noticeable anymore and doesn't hurt either. i took a shower earlier and didn't even think to put a plastic glove on it. It didn't burn with the soap, shampoo or conditioner.

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon silver sol

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Thanks Steph! I'm going to buy some & I bet bil will too. Too bad you can't get a commission on it. lol

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shades - geeze. plastic lights. mine don't have any globes with them. I don't think the light bulb should be open to the elements like that. the front one is metal (or looks it from my view below it). I'll get 3 of something so they go together - but not expensive. I think you can get nice ones for little $'s for porch lights. I hope anyway.

I was thinking of painting the outside a desert beige color with brown trim, BUT I want the purple door (someone here has it - enigma?) so I think grey would go with it better. Light grey with darker grey trim. I did see one painted like that yrs ago over by one of dbf's properties. I'll have to drive by (I do that on a regular basis anyway - it's on my way to some stores i go to) and see if it's still grey. it's a bit hidden now by dbf's building on his acreage (he leases it out). I saw it before he bought the land and put that bldg on it.

My sister has the navajo white thru her whole house. I was gonna do that also, it seemed the easy way to go. Then I saw idie's bedroom...

dbf has a good heart. I think he'd like to see me get somewhat back to where I was before I got sick - unpacked. lol! and he knows I'm not getting any younger and need to sort thru all of this stuff - and he knows it'll take me a long time. He doesn't want me to die and leave it to him to deal with along with my kids - lol!

Earlier I headed out to the flooring store - and got a flat tire about 13 miles from home. My tire guy had moved his bz from about 2 miles away to another town, so I called dbf. He got his older son, 2 tires, a jack etc and found me and changed both of my front tires. guess he didn't want me calling again in a few hours... by then I was exhausted so I just headed home!

I might try the flooring store tomorrow. I hope my back tires are ok. I kept the non flat front tire for a spare.

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" Too bad you can't get a commission on it. lol"

wouldn't that be great! you and BIL should share some to start and see how you like it. 4 oz is a fairly big tube. I didn't think it would be this big.

dbf said he'd try it on his footless... I'd rather he tried it on another owie first. hmmm... should I bite him or hit him? lol!

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I have had those same screen doors on my houses for 13 yrs. The are definitely dog proof and the neat thing is no one can see inside. This bugs people when they are on my steps and I won't open the door. They are actually security doors, but being white and other colors they come in, I think nice looking and not like I'm in a bad neighborhood.

Glad your healing up well.

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Do those screens have smaller bug screening in them as well? I'd like something like that on our garage.

I wish bil lived closer, then we could get just one tube. But he lives over an hour away and we don't see them that often.

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thx emagineer !
i'll feel safer also when i keep my doors open.

marti - they don't need regular screening on them. those holes are very, very small. I don't know what could make it thru them.

that's too bad you and BIL don't live close. my sister is just down the road so i'll be able to share with her. if she finds it works good for her i'm sure she'll then buy her own tube.

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Hey Steph, you can get what they call MARINE LIGHTS. They have the metal "face mask" (like on a football helmet) which covers the glass globe. There is an o-ring in there which makes the light part of it waterproof. I have one inside my shower. It was the kind of lighting fixture we had on the big boats I worked on, so I was used to them.

The metal grillwork will keep the screen door from slamming on anything that breaks...unless the door dints itself?

and this is the base of it, we have it mounted on the wall not the ceiling, but it would work either way.

...and they are very inexpensive at a ship chandlery.

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Steph, thats a nice screen door. I looked at something similiar in Lowes (but not as pretty). They had them with or without glass. I like to keep the doors open, as much as possible. The lock is broken on my back screen, so I have been considering replacing it with a security door because it has a key.

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moccasin - you have a light in your shower? wow...
I saw some on Lowe's site that were a bit similar. they hang vertically and don't have the metal covering on the globe. they do have that little thing you unscrew to let the globe down to replace the bulb tho. I hate those. but the ones that are open at the bottom don't have much room for a hand. unless it's a very tiny hand! the ones I saw were only about 20.00 - sort of look like what's on there now except black and with a globe. very plain. if I don't see something southwestern cheap I'll probably just get 2 of those for the back and maybe something else for the front. I measure the space and it's about 5" wide for the base. they might have more options in the store. the screen opens away from the light - on both doors.

idie - that's a good door for security. not as easy as just slitting a screen to reach in and unlock the door. I wish they had a slider screen with that at least on the bottom part - for the dogs.

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Steph, with the light above, the globe unscrews too, and the threads are inside for the glass globe, outside for the metal frame. You can put some vaseline or whatever on the threads to keep the threads from corroding at all, which is what we'd do on the boats, and of course there was a neoprene o-ring that sealed out any moisture from the electrical parts. It is a good choice in a wet environment. (Which might not be a descriptive term for ARIZONA DESERT.)

If you are interested, I'll look it up for you.
But yes, in the shower it is a good feature. To have it up high and on the wall required no wiring down low or across the shower ceiling. I've always liked the way boating equipment is designed to be water proof or at least water resistant.

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Steph, below is the link to Oceanic Electrical home page. Their list of markets served includes home decorating and landscaping, interior and exterior, pendants, wall mount, and ceiling mount. They also make things which are spark proof in hazardous environments (gas fumes) and water proof.

I like their styles. You might find something you like there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marine style lighting source

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moccasin - those are some nice lights! i can see why you like them. I bet they're more than 20-30 $s each tho... I loved that the globes come in colors... I'd stay away from the red tho. OTOH that could be good for an emergency signal to a neighbor.

I'm too poor to pay much for the lights - even if I find a SWern one i like it's sure to be more than 30.00 and I think I should limit it to that. I need 3 - plus a few (plus) inside need replaced based on they are UGLY.

I found these 2 at lowe's. both plain but would do the job - cheaply. it'll probably be the first one unless I find something better for the price in the store.

around 25.00 with clean lines. I'd have to see how my chubby little fingers fit for changing the bulb. it's better I don't have to mess with those little screws and chance dropping the globe since things seems to jump out of my hands. I remember changing bulbs in the screw on globe type yrs ago. max wattage is 100w

this one is about 21.00. I like it, again clean, simple lines - this one has a frosted globe. has the little screws tho and max wattage is 60w.

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I like that second one!

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marti - I do too! but i have to think about the ease of changing the bulbs for me. the other would be easier IF it isn't to tight of a squeeze to get my fingers in there.

I went over and looked at the one on the front of mfg home. it's very similar to the 1st one. I might be able to even re use that one. When I paint (me? someone...) next spring it can come down so I can clean it up and repaint it.

but looks wise, I like #2 also.

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