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Nonnie_GAJuly 3, 2011

Hello to all!

First, let me say there are some beautiful painting here.

I took oil painting lessons in the early 2000s and got fairly good at it to my atonishment. I had to stop for personal reasons.

I need to know if I can remove my signature from my paintings and, if so, how can I do this. That was a dark time in my life and I have a new name now that I wish to put on my paintings.

Any help will be appreciated.


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You're going to have to use thinner to remove the signature which will also remove any surrounding paint or what's underneath. Your 2 choices are probably leave the old signature as-is or paint over it.

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Welcome "S".....glad to have you with us and please come back often.

As to your question, my suggestion would be to paint over your signature and remember to go just a tad lighter as paint dries darker.

Would love to see what you are re-signing. Most of us use acrylics but some do oils. I have been there and just can't wait long enough for the darn things to dry, I mess with them....a lot! Things get very, as they say, muddy! And lets face it, I hate the smell....Oh! I know, they now have less smelly oils and thinners, but why bother, I like acrylics and they are for the most part, more affordable.

Please come back often and join in our chats!


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If you try the paint thinner, I'd suggest using a q tip and just dabbing at it.

If it is in an appropriate location maybe you could turn it into a vine or leaf or some other part of the overall picture maybe. Otherwise, maybe just paint over it with your background color and then resign it.

I'm glad those bad times are over for you and wish you much happiness now.


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If you like oils but want them to dry faster you can use something called Liquin when you are painting. You just mix it with the paints on your pallette as you go. We used it in my college painting classes because we only had three hours to work at a time.

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Mary....thank you for the hint! I love the deep colors that are only achieved in oils. I have been working on doing life like roses and other flowers with acrylics, but you just can't get the richness that oils provide. I have looked at so many books that I can pretty much tell which is oil and which is acrylic at a glance.

Again, TY and please come back soon!


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