What are your favorite paint brushes?

oceannaJuly 2, 2011

What are your favorite brushes for use with craft liquid acrylic paint? Are there some you also recommend against?

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You will get a lot of answers to this one because everyone has their favorites. I for one use several brands of brushes (I'm a brush hoarder, LOL). The brush I use for a project depends on the surface, the brand of paint I'm using, and the type of acrylic paint I'm using (acrylics made for specific surfaces like metal paint, enamels, patio paint, etc). There are some brands I prefer to use for some paints over others.

The brush brand I probably use the most of is Royal Langnickel (their Royal Knight, Majestic, and Soft Grip lines). I also use Robert Simmons, some Loew Cornell, and Dynasty with a few others like Princeton and Windsor & Newton thrown in. The latter two are mostly used for canvas and my Dynasty brushes are mostly specialty brushes...rakes, fans, whale tails, daggers, etc.

The important thing to know about brushes is to make sure you buy brushes made for acrylics and buy the best you can afford. The brushes you use will make a difference in your finished product because of how they perform. Good brushes are worth their weight in gold and will last a long time if you take care of them. :-)


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I like the Royal Langnickel brushes..All thatI have ever used.
Even the cheap ones perform well.
Some Leow Cornell too.

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Frannie said it so well! I have Royal brushes I purchased 10 or 15 years ago and they are still going strong as is my Loew-Cornell, and talk about holding up...I still use my Dewsberry brushes for doing backgrounds and varnishes....they hold a lot of liquid.

I have also learned that the price of the brush DOES matter. If you are doing fine, detailed work, you need a very good brush. And when you really get down to it, you either buy 3 less expensive brushes over time instead or 1 more costly brush that lasts longer.

Brush care is also important. You can ruin an expensive brush just as fast you can an inexpensive brush. A good brush cleaner is a good investment. While painting, I have an "in use" old Tupperware glass that holds all of the brushes I have used in a project. They get a good cleaning before they are put away.

Hope they help instead of adding more questions...

Also words for thought.....some designers/artists are paid by brush companies to "push" their brushes. Any brush the same size and style will work as well as the one they prefer.


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Thanks. After I asked this q I put together a jar of all my favorite brushes. I was surprised to learn they were all Royal/Langnickels. I like the new packs they're selling to Michaels now.

Sorry, hard to type since surgery.

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Your typing looks just fine to me! Hope your are well on the way to recovery!


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