Sand dollar beach scene

paintingfoolJune 20, 2011

Living on the Gulf Coast affords me the opportunity to find sand dollars. This particular one is about 3.5" long and in pretty good condition considering being washed ashore and being dug up in the sand. I am not parituclarly fond of painting on them because they are so porous. I painted this little beach scene on it and then I used Triple Thick on the top so it won't be so fragile. It will be one of my giveaways.


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That is so neat! Really pretty. I like it. You could give it to me. LOL I would love to have it.

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Bebe... it is beautiful! Delicate, as is the sand dollar, but also soothing and calming.


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That is really neat Bebe. I would not have thought to paint on one. You do such cute little beach scenes. I like the triple thick on it too. Luvs

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Beautiful as always Bebe!! Love your beach! Wish I was there right now! lol ~Anj

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Beautiful. I just happened to see that project on your website. :-)

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Since I started painting (too many years ago) I have painted beach scenes, some simple, some not. I have always thought they were probably about the easiest thing to paint. I don't paint them often because I leave near the Gulf of Mexico and it is beautiful but we have so many artists around painting just that. And you would think I would take advantage of the beach every year but I only go when we have company. Isn't that weird?? I like going when it is much cooler and not so many tourist around. That way I can sit and just enjoy looking at the waves. It is so relaxing.

Thanks for all your comments - I picked a name yesterday and everything in my giveaway will be out of here Monday.

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