help!! must order now!! pop up electric outlet

igloochicMay 15, 2008

I can't remember the name of this stupid thing and i need to get one well as specs tpday for the electrician to prepare for inspection. can someone point me to it? it raises up from below the counter rop and is water tight whan closed...

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Hope you get yours sooner than I got mine...they had a 6 week backorder when I ordered one last summer!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mockett

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Lew Electric Fittings Company Countertop Outlet, part number PUFP-CT-BK.

Here is a link that might be useful: Popup outlet

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Or this one, the PUFP-BD

Here is a link that might be useful:

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thank you all!!! you think that this will be ok for the inspector for that corner sink issue? it will be on the back corner of the "shelf". i can easily add this (i found that teh electrician had already strung a cable bank there stubbed off another outlet)

so my option is do just this...or relocate two existing outlets to be within 48" of each other and do this because i want a plug in te back.

my sink back is 20" from the far corner. heres one other option i just thought counter is stainless steal and will be custom made for us. the sink is to be welded in undermount fashion. i was going to place the faucets and never mt at the back of the sink even with the counter. but what if i had a 3" deep step down on the back side of the sink...then mount the faucet there, making that step down the legnth of the sink so it apperas tp be sink verses counter. i'd then have only 17" behind that back of the sink....and wouldn't require a plug right?

forgive the typo's here please! typing with just one hand is actually hard to do!

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It appears that the PUFP-CT-BK is a fully Code-compliant way to put a required receptacle into a countertop. Even so, it has apparently been rejected by at least one inspector (who used reasoning that didn't follow the Code). When you do something that's out of the ordinary, it's never a complete slam-dunk that the building department won't balk at it, even it any reasonable person can see that it's Code-compliant.

The Mockett "grommet" doesn't meet Code for several reasons. So one would expect that one's chances with the PUFP-CT-BK are better than with the Mockett.

I don't think that adjusting the depth of the shelf would make any difference, at least not at the 18" point. The 18" refers to the distance from the sink to the corner behind it. In your case, the question is whether the inspector will accept the position that the step up is the "wall" behind the sink (in which case the magic distance is 12", because the distances are 18" to a corner or 12" to a parallel wall). If it's a "wall," then the next question is whether the section behind the step is a "counter" or a "shelf." There is no requirement for outlets on shelves, but there is for counters. And I know of no formal definitions of the two, so it's totally the inspector's judgment call as to what you have there.

Have you talked with your building department about this? And do you currently have a working relationship with them? In my opinion, the thing to do, if you know them well enough to have a frank conversation with them, is to present them with the problem, say "this is the best solution that we've been able to come up with", and see if they're OK with that.

If you're not comfortable with that, I'd suggest going with the PUFP-CT-BK in back corner (or close to it), and take the position (nicely) that what you have is completely Code-compliant if they question it.

To address this from a slightly different place, I don't see any Code requirement for an outlet in your "step", a few inches behind the sink. The Code clearly doesn't require that (who told you that it does?). The only question I see is whether you need an outlet in the corner. I think you mentioned that you actually want one there, because there is something you want to plug in there? Or was it a rationalization of, "Well, if I really have to put one there, I guess it's OK because I could plug the X in there."? If you really want an outlet there, I think you're in pretty good shape.

Also, you might want to poke around the Lew Electric web site. I believe they have some "floor pocket" type receptacles that sit below the surface, and just the cord comes up through a notch in the cover. That could be really slick in your setup. (You've have to verify that the particular unit would be Code-compliant. The key issue here is that the outlet not be sitting flat with its face pointing up, because the Code doesn't allow that on counters (but does on floors).)

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solar the original requirement for the recepticle was due to the fact that there was more than 18" behind the the back corner. the other recepticles are 62" on one side and 60" on the other side of the corner above working areas on the counters (one's above a drain board and never used...but it's there for code reasons.

i do want one on the back side of the shelf so we can pluf in one of those herb garden things. it cant be in the wall because of the tight corner (all structural beams).

i don't have a relationship with the muni inspectors....but that's a good point. i on't have a relationship...but we do own a company with a big electrical devision (part owners or we'd just have them do the work) they have great relationships with the inspectors...and they speak the lingo so i think i'm going to call and ask one of them to work on this with us and the inspector to make everyone happy!

why didn't i think of this before?? i forgot about that devision LOL woops!!!

I'm off to shop with lew since you don't think mockett will cut it! thanks solar! don't ever finish your kitchen...we need you here LOL

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IglooChic--our county inspector approved 2 of the Mocketts for our bay window that our main sink is in front of (we have to have outlets w/in 24" of the sink on either side). Our counter runs into the window at counter height (i.e., no raised sill). The inspector checked the specs, talked to the Mockett people and approved them as long as they are at least 12" away from a water source (they are, they're inside the bay in the far least 18" away from the faucet & sink).

That being said, not all inspectors will approve them--I'd check w/your inspector before committing to them.

Hmm...if I'd know about the ones SolarPowered linked, I might have used those instead...oh well, they're ordered now (electrician ordered them).

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i've already ordered solars little toys :) because dh said his head guy liked the specs better (and the gfci) we also really only need 1 outlet unless i got goofy with xmas lights :)

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