Campfire/woodland patterns, ideas?

sweets98June 13, 2007

I have a few things that I want to paint something on for the area we have up back with our firepit and such. I was thinking maybe something like with bears or other woodland animals or a campfire or something about smores? I have ideas but nothing is really coming together yet. I need some inspiration pics to get me going. Every search I've done has come up with nothing. Maybe I'm searching in the wrong areas? I've tried ebay and many Google searches. Any ideas?

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Luvs did that really neat tub over on the gallery with a bear from the Frosty Friends by Renee Mullins book. If you have named your camp site you might paint a sign with the name or Camp Sweet Camp. If you type in "cabin decor", "lodge decor" or "rustic decor" into the ebay site a bunch of stuff with bear and moose comes up that may give you some good ideas. I also just typed in bear patterns and moose patterns in google and some stained glass and quilt patterns popped up that you could probably use. And don't forget to search for moose / bear coloring pages too. You can sometimes find some good ones to use as patterns. Also looking at free camping graphics may give you some ideas.

Here are a couple I found online. I hope it's ok to use these pics, if not I'm sure someone will let me know. Anyway I like the I Love Camping (change the I to We) or Welcome to our Woods instead of cabin. Hope you get your creative juices flowing. Sounds like some fun projects to work on. Don't forget painting rocks is a fun way to mark the trail to your site! ~A
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Thanks, Anj! I just needed something to get my juices flowing :) I get these ideas and I see things swirling in my head but just can't plan out what I want to do. I was thinking maybe some bear items because we do have bears around here (not that we've seen them in our yard but my grandparents have and they live about a mile from me over the other side of the mountain and so has my Pap's niece that just lives up behind us) but I need things to look at to do something likea bear. That's not something that I have painted before and I'm not great with animals.

I'll have to sit down and do more searches and see what comes up. I turn to ebay a lot for ideas...just to see how others did something and then I come up with my own plan. I also remembered that there is some catalog out there with wood working plans that started with a W...was it Winfield or something like that? They had animals and maybe something like that will get my going?

Thanks again!

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Hi Sweets, I couldn't find my bear on our gallery, so I'll just post it here for you. I think you like more prim, but maybe he will give you an idea. This was an old metal tub that my neighbor had put out for the trash, so I rescued it, pounded out the dents and painted it--then gave it back to her!

I loved Anj's suggestion about painting on the rocks leading to the firepit area. Also, you can paint on log slices and just prop them up here and there, or even sort of plant a row of them like an edging.

I think you should look on the gallery at Anj's Hitchin post sign. It was great, and maybe you could use that idea with your own words on it too. If I can find it, I'll bump it up to the top for you.

Don't forget to check Artists too--they might have the perfect pattern book.

We had a list on here of freebie pattern sites. I'll try to find that and bump it up so you can check some of those too.

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Yes it's The Winfield Collection. I got their catalog free just for the ideas for a long time, but now that I've got a saw I want to order some of the patterns to try.

I think the bears will be cute. Wasn't sure what you had put into the search. If you could figure out how to do some bear paw stepping stones that would be fun or maybe just paint bear paws on a sign saying Bear Crossing? Can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm sure it will be cute. ~Anj

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Luvs, I found your bear earlier today by just doing a search. I remember seeing that when you first posted it. I like something like has to have that cutesy country edge to it :) If it were me, though...the tub would have stayed as is! LOL I just love the plain and simple look of something and if it's beat up..that's even better! :)

I'll take a look at that site you mentioned, too. It's like I know what I want but I just need to find photos for extra guidance.

I just came from the Winfield site :) I got the catalog in the past but it stopped coming and I just didn't worry about it. I like some of the things they have but not all of them because of the styles of painting and colors they use or something. Like I just can't put a face on a carrot! LOL

My hubby's step uncle makes a lot of things from this catalog... they have like the whole collection of the bears holding up the tables and such to sit out at their camper when they go camping.

Some of the items would be cute but I don't want to go overboard up in this spot and make it too cutesy you know.

DD and I collected rocks the other day and painted a few but we'll have to get more. I was looking for the smaller round river rock to paint like lady bugs! I made about 6 teeny tiny ones but now I need to find the perfect spot for them.

I also like to use the rocks I found pieces and laid them in a bed to make a turtle :) I had a butterfly the other day but DD took the rocks and painted on them before I could save them! LOL

We're trying to keep this area natural and peaceful so I'm painting things greens and browns and stuff like that. Nothing over the top like in other parts of the yard.

I found a neat looking wedge out of a tree from when they logged up at camp. The way it's cut and how the bark is, it looks like a half a sun. That's going up there in the flower bed somewhere.

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I mostly want to try to do some of the furniture from the W catalog. I like the old pie safes. I see what you are saying. You want to keep it natural so anything you do would need to look weathered like it was there for a long time or a natural occurance. The things you've already done sound pretty neat. ~A

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Hi Sweets,

I have painted a few cabin theme chairs. I like to do a google image search. Just click on images and type in a word like northwoods, cabins, bears, etc. You'll get tons of pictures to look at for ideas. LOL, Gail

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Thanks for more ideas :) I'm still brainstorming with this one. I realized last week that I have now started several projects and should try to finish at least one! LOL

I have a picnic table to refinish! We have wanted one to put up at the spot up back and I just kept telling DH to hold out and we would get a free one! Sure enough...MIL was offered a patio table from a lady she cleans for and we inherited the old picnic table. It's not in the best shape but it will work!

I also started a project with the back of our shed. We have an Amish shed for tools, extra storage, a small chest freezer, the lawn and garden stuff, etc. Well we ran out of room a few years ago so DH built an 8X8 addition on the back. I have it painted but it was blah looking. We wanted to put trim on the door and around like the rest of the shed but it seems we always need the money for something else rather than 1X's so...I got the idea to buy paint and paint the "trim" on. I am to the part where I have to make the x's on the bottom of the doors. It really does make this part look nicer! Like it's finished :)

And I am working on a 2X8 that we had out here from off an old deck. We use the lumber for scraps. Anyway, I keep seeing painted boards when I do Primitive searches on ebay and I decided to paint my own board. I'm doing a large Americana flag with star vine or something like the berry vine. I just need to find the time to work on the vine more and I should be done before long :)

So the woodland ideas are on the back burner for right now....

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Congrats on the free table Sweets. I'm sure it will be perfect for your wooded spot. I can't wait to see your flag. ~Anj

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