Like minded folks, shipping container home construction

chuckAugust 2, 2011

Hi Friends, when I started this post, it quickly expanded to over 1200 words. So, I have put it on a seperate web page. Just follow the link below if you are interested. While there have been many container home posts, the object of this post is not to ask you if a container home should be attempted or to debate the pro's and con's of container homes. There are many many thousands of very nice container homes in existance today. I would like to meet some folks that have already done their research and have decided they want to begin their own project. I have already pruchased land, had a professional engineer prepare the plans, and purchased a container to start work on. If you are interested in my project, please come here to meet and share thoughts and share progress reports. If you are one of those who do not think that container homes should be built, I ask you please do not waste my time and your own posting all the reasons why container homes should not be considered here. This view has already been covered extensivly in prior posts, and there's no need to repeat it all here. I hope that interested folks will visit my long winded introduction on my web site and then return here to share ideas. Thanks, chuck

Here is a link that might be useful: My container home project

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Hi Chuck and welcome. Your project looks interesting - and a lot of work. There was another thread here at one time about shipping containers, but I can't find it now. I did find this one, but you probably did too. The only reason I know there was another one was because my husband was considering one for his lease, and I posted a picture of a local place that retro fits them.

My bil owns a gun range and built the office and indoor shooting range out of two shipping containers. You're right about opposition from neighbors, but really, if they wanted to have only neighbors with mega houses, they would have built somewhere with restrictions. You can be the local flavor that makes their lives interesting.

We bought land one time, intending to build a big house, but the developer lied about it being on a flood plain, didn't get the plat done, etc, and we finally built a big 2 car garage with loft and lived there for 2 years. Another neighbor did the same, and another built a metal barn and finished it out inside. I don't think they ever intended to build another house when and if we could get mortgages and insurance. But it was pretty neat, and when they went on a trip, they just closed the center doors over their "home front", put on a lock, and left. The only other way in were big windows in the loft area.

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