Christmas ????

paintingfoolJune 24, 2009

I found these little wooden spoons at Joann's Fabrics last week and thought I would paint them for my grand daughters. Each package had a round spoon and an oval spoon so I thought they should stay together, I tied them with a ribbon. Oh, the spoons were only $1.00 for a package of two. They were in the dollar bin if anyone is interested. They also had rolling pins about6-7" long. I have an ornament painting weekend at my club so I needed something to teach.


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OHHHHHH I Love these. I got some of the rolling pins a few weeks ago but didn't see the spoons. I'll have to check on Saturday when I go. What a darling set they make.


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Loving that pretty soft pink color on them. I had no idea they even made that kind of wooden spoons--had only seen the kitchen type. I'd have to buy two packages so I could have matching ones together--I'm wierd that way! LOL


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Oh B, they are both so cool. I love pink also and their both painted so professional. Hope all your stress is gone and your doing well now. Punk

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oh what beauties!!!! love the color you chose :) my gosh i really love these ... so soft and romantic and cute :)) i've never tried painting on wooden spoons ... looks like you've convinced me try a couple tho i dun think i can get them that cheap here! real beauties B... love them!!
hugs luthien :)

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I am always looking for something to paint on when I shop. These particular wood spoons are only about 6 inches long and they were in the dollar bin at Joann's Fabrics. They cost more than the normal metal spoons I buy but easier to paint on. And I love a rosy pink color. I guess I had better get busy since I purchased 20 packages of these to paint.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

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Geez, I gotta remember to come over here more often. See what I'm missing. ha This is a really fun set. As for my own tastes, I'm not a pink girl. ha Bring on the dark reds for me. ha Even though I wouldn't decorate with them myself, I can still enjoy them as they are...... Very soft and pretty. Great job B. =D ~Anj

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