How to determine darker paint color

spinartJuly 6, 2012

After trying various whiites, I decided I like SW 7012 Creamy the best in my kitchen, dining room and hallway. But I would like to see what that color would look like a little darker, perhaps in the dining room. The color strip it is on has different whites, , but not in a progression as other color strips. any one know what a shade or two darker would be?

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Failing all else, you could ask the paint store to mix you up a sample quart with twice the formula. That might be too dark, but it will give you an idea and you can adjust the increase for the gallon mix.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Actually it is rare that color strips are literal color steps. Of the most known brands, Benjamin Moore's Color Preview is the only one that takes one parent hue and calculates colorant:tint base to create a strip of child colors.

All the others including Sherwin Williams arrange colors of close characteristic and colorant content in value order to create color strips.

Many people make the mistake of using one strip of color for a whole house, large project thinking it's going to guarantee coordination. When it doesn't, they have no clue why it didn't work. It didn't work because they essentially used 5 or 6 individual colors that have similarities but that's it.

Try getting a Color to Go jug of Creamy at 200%.

Percentages of formulas are a total crap shoot, don't know what you're going to get until you have it mixed.

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Light color is better in the kitchen to have a best reflection in the sunlight and your kitchen will look brighter.

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funcolors, you taught me something new today! Makes sense to me though. Am repainting house after a fire and need to repaint all rooms. I am keeping my living room Farrow & Ball's Light Blue. Not living in the house yet, but can get in to try some samples. However, I have only one more day to make a decision! Will go to Sherwin Williams paint store today to try a couple more samples, but was trying to narrow it down and hopefully get one that works for me. I like Creamy in the kitchen (tested some other grays I was hoping to like, but Creamy really looked best in there). Creamy looks nice in my dining room, as well, but would like more contrast with my nice silk "creamy" drapes. Any suggestions on a couple colors to try out?

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