Soft Grip Brushes on sale

paintingfoolJune 23, 2008

Remember those brushes I talked about - they are very inexpensive - heck, they are really cheap. Right now they are on sale at Michael's for $1.99 for any size. Check your Michael's to see if they have the same sale. You can buy the 1" for basecoating or varnishing - only $1.99!! The angle brushes - at least three different sizes, and the comb or rake brush - you can't beat the price. I picked up $40 worth today!! Not that I need another brush but for the price I couldn't resist. Also, they had Americana paint - my favorite - for $.66 a bottle. Just thought yall would want to know.


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Thanks for letting us know about this sale. I'll try to make it to Michael's and pick up some this weekend. What brand are they or how will I know which ones they are?

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Hey Bebe, I finally got over to Michaels today to take advantage of these great prices. Not that I NEEDED anything, but how can you resist 66 cent paints and brushes for $1.99? LOL I only got five or six brushes, and seven or eight bottles of paint. I need to get some of my old ones used up before I open more.

Oh, I wanted to ask if anyone has tried the new Craft paint that is at Michael's and even Walmart? It sells for 50 cents a bottle and I read the label and see it is made by Plaid. They already make the Folkart and Applebarrel paints--why another one I wonder? Folkart is thicker while Applebarrel is thin, just wondered about this one.


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I haven't tried it mostly because I have so many bottles already. Years ago when paint was $.59 a bottle, Plaid started making Applebarrel and we never could understand why. It was so thin and at that time Folk Art wasn't very thick either. But it was cheaper than any of the other paints - only about $.39 each I think. I had a little painting shop at the time so we ordered some to try and I thought it was great for basecoating wood. When DecoArt came out with Americana - I was thrilled because it was thicker and it worked with my technique. I just love Americana and usually only use it. With that said, I would buy Michael's paints if they had a color I needed and if it has the same consistency as Folk Art and Americana.

What surprises me is that painting supplies have been put in the very back part of the store, and Michael's doesn't want any painting classes unless it is "One Stroke" which seems to have fallen out of favor in our area.

Luvs, I haven't seen Donna on Home Shopping Network since last year. I was just wondering what had happened - don't even know if she was at the convention in Tampa.

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OOPS...forgot about the brushes. I hope you like the soft grip. I bought 18 total, the 1" for basecoating and for when I teach, the angle brush is what I paint with almost all the time so I purchased several different sizes. When I teach a class I basecoat a piece of foam board or poster board with the same color as the background of the project I am teaching. I then enlarge the pattern and transfer it the the board. That way even though I am teaching a small Santa ornament, for example, I can demonstrate the shading and the whole class can see what I am doing. I usually paint up to poster boards so I can demonstrate the brush strokes on one and the other usually ends up being the finished project. Did you get one of the rakes or comb brushes they had? Our Michael's didn't have a lot left over but I was still happy. I picked up several of the rake and comb brushes for my classes. Someone always comes without one so this way I can have extras on hand, some I loan and the others I sell for the same price.

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Good morning, Bebe. Yes, I was thrilled to see there were rake brushes since I only had one. I bought three angle brushes--that's my favorite too. Works so great for shading, and even for pulling stems into leaves or filling in small places where I used to have to switch to a smaller brush. I also got a few really small rounds for detail work. I love my one stroke brushes because they hold lots of paint, but don't need that for all projects.

I think Donna just sort of "oversaturated" (Is that a word?) the market there for awhile. Like with everything else, people have tried it and are moving on to the next "new" thing. I've never gotten her show on PBS here, but used to see her on some of the shopping networks. Haven't really looked lately to tell the truth, but know she has branched off into fabrics, texture paints, and even clay. Still see her ads in some of my Painting magazines. I think she persuaded allot of people to try painting--because she made it seem like everybody could do it. I think many people feel that painting is just too hard. Have to admit some of the books I've read where they list a ton of paint colors and do the multiple different float on float techniques still intimidate me! LOL I love the one stroke technique, but it doesn't really work for everything--sometimes just need to do a basecoat, shading and then hilighting I think.

Michael's and Walmart (I don't get to Joanne's often enough to know) here are both carrying less and less of the painting supplies. And the choices of books is pathetic! They don't even try to change them out, the same ones have been there for years and maybe they will add in a few newer ones once in awhile! Since those are not selling, I suppose they think painting books are not a popular item any more! LOL

Even the selection on Artists Club is so much less than it used to be. Used to be every April there would be so many new books released and I would get so excited to see them all! I have to admit that since the prices have gone up so, to $10.00 or more for a book (many of the bigger ones are $25.00 now) I don't buy them like I used to when they were $5.99 each. Then I'd buy one even if it only had one or two patterns I liked--don't do that anymore unless it's got a really amazing design that I want! ;o)

I miss the smaller painting shops. I always tried to stop in there at least once a week. And they had so many projects all painted up and displayed so cute that when I saw it, I just had to have the pattern! And you could chat with other painters, go meet some of the artists and have your book signed, find supplies for your projects, etc. We don't have any around this area like that anymore.

You are such a good painter--bet you could even sell those poster boards you use for your classes! ;o) I used to think that when I watched Donna on television too. Except it looks like she just paints on paper to demonstrate. I always thought the paints would soak in too much--but guess it helps that the Folkart paints she uses are thicker.

That is good that you take extra supplies with you for the people who come to class without them. Plus that saves having to loan your's out and possibly not getting them back! ;o(

Well, I'm really long winded this morning. Better get moving. Fun to have a good discussion about painting though. ;o)


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I agree about the books. I haven't bought one is a very long time. Right now we have Gary and Kathryn Jenkins on our PBS along with Susan Scheewe. I love their florals.

Even though I don't do the One Stroke, I have heard it is much harder than it looks. Donna did a lot of good getting so many people interested in painting. Unfortunately, I think a lot became disenchanted (is that a word??) with painting when it turned out to be a little harder than they thought it would be. I think the way we originally learned - basecoat, shade and highlight - is easier. But you know how it is, everything that goes around comes around, so maybe we will live long enough to see painting come back in style.

I don't sell my demo pieces but I am always asked by someone in the class if they can have it. So not to hurt anyone's feelings, we do drawings for prizes and the demo pieces. I like taking small paintings or something that is really unique relating to painting, and during class we draw names for the prizes. Once I purchased several pins painted by the Russian artists and gave them away in class.

The pins on the top are Russian. The ones on the bottom I painted. One is just a pin I found at a yard sale, just plain white so I painted pink roses on it. The other is porcelain. I have over 300 pins and wore a different one every day to work but the painted ones are my favorite.
Before I forget what I was going to say - on the painted demo boards. I spray mine with a matt varnish and it keeps the paint from soaking the paper. I do this a lot at home also for the times I want to practice strokes or just want to see how a flower looks on a certain background.

I really get excited talking about painting - it really motivates me to get in my room and start on some of my projects.

Talk again soon,

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Just thought I would let you know what happened with Michaels and One Stroke. I am a OS instuctor and worked at Michaels. Last February Michaels decided that the painting industry was not where the money is at. First of all Michaels was brought by a company from China. Then in February Michaels let all of the instructors go and we could teach until March 1. They also let all of the other instructors go too except the wilton instructors. You will see and already have seen it that Michaels is bringing in alot of cheap imports. We were also informed that the public opinion was that they only wanted Demos and no classes. So now you will see a few demos by a Michaels employee. I personally do not believe that the public doesn't want classes as I had a good class attendance. The class rooms are to be converted into home deco. What really disappointed me was that everything and I mean everything in the class rooms, all supplies, machines such as sizzix, circut, paint and scrapbook paper, cards, etc we were made to throw all of it in the dumpsters. So much good could have come out of these supplies. I offered to purchase it as I teach in nursing homes, but was told no that it had to be thrown away no exceptions. Donna is still on HSN, but usually early in the morning. Some of us now teach as Hobby Lobby and our home studios. I still love OS will always teach it and paint too.

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Those pins are all lovely. I remember you telling us about your collection of pins. That is an amazing amount of pins! ;o) My fav is the bottom one you painted on the left. What a unique shape and so delicate looking. The Russian ones are very pretty too, I have a set of the stacked dolls a customer bought for me on one of his trips to Russia.

When you paint your stroke roses--you are actually doing "one stroke", aren't you? Just not the same stylized shape Donna became known for with hers. To me, it's just the idea of loading the brush with more than one color and painting the leaf, flower, etc. without having to go back over it to shade and highlight. I know many painting artists have been doing that for years and years--Donna just marketed it and made it popular with the "masses". LOL

I always loved to watch her demonstrations--how easily she did a long fern leaf or a tulip leaf that was "turned" all in one swoop! But it takes allot of practice to do that, and many people want instant results without the practice I think. That's why they become "disenchanted" I think.

I think I've told you that the very first class I tried to take was at a craft store similar to a Michael's (before Michael's) It was totally the wrong class to take. There were only two of us who were beginners and we were given a page of strokes, asked to sit over at the side and told to "practice" doing those strokes. It was a huge class and they worked on their project while we tried to help each other, but we weren't even sure if what we were doing was the right way! We both left there totally "disenchanted" and not sure we even wanted to paint. Luckily for me, I later got into a small class with someone who gave lots of individualized help.

I wish there were more videos at reasonable prices available. I have some of Donna's, one by DeLane Lange, and a watercolor one by Donna Spiegel. I don't see any on Artist's Club, do you know of a source for other videos? I had seen some advertised years ago in a magazine, but they were like fifty some dollars. I love to watch the ones I have, and often will rewind/replay a section to watch exactly how the brush is held or to get the technique figured out. I'd love to have some additional ones--even if just for the pleasure of watching them. Guess I should check on ebay, huh?

Gosh, that matte spray is great isn't it? So many uses. I think that is so neat that you give everyone a chance to win your demo boards.

I'm not familar with the Jenkins. Does your PBS sell tapes of their shows? That's where I got some of my DD vhs videos for only $5.00 each. Sure wish our local stations aired painting shows.

Well, coffee cup is almost empty, so better get moving.

Are you feeling back to normal now? And is your DH doing well? Sure hope so.


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Hi Yall, I am feeling so much better - and my husband is back playing golf already. Thanks so much for asking.

It is too bad what happened at Michael's. I think Donna will always have a place in the painting industry. I don't paint her technique exactly, but a variation of it. But I think her technique appeals to so many and I am so glad the OSI's are out there - you know I am for anything that gets people painting.

Back in the late 70's and early 80's I started painting with the double loaded brush - sometimes even triple loaded. It was when acrylic was becoming very popular although we started in oils. Priscilla Hauser, the first lady of Tole and Decorative Painting, does a beautiful rose double loaded but she started in oils. She was one of the original painters to start the Society of Tole and Decorative Painters back in 1972. When I painted my first rose back in the mid 80's, it was from a Delane Lange book, if I remember correctly - the same rose Donna paints. My leaves were painted the same way but I always painted the leaf with a green on the inside and a white or cream on the outer part of the leaf. We also wiggled just like Donna but maybe not to the extreme she does. The only difference was we did not load our brushes with as much paint so we had to reload our brushes quite often. With Donna's technique it seems you can paint longer without reloading. She always said she learned from books and as with everyone else, she developed her own way of doing it. Even with knowing the technique, I still think it is difficult to learn so I really appreciate those who have mastered it such as the two of you. I have seen your work and it is beautiful.

Gary Jenkins has a website - He and his wife are beautiful painters.

Krafty, I think I would have been dumpster diving after the store closed at night. How horrible to throw away what could be used by someone else!! One of my good friends is a OSI and she is teaching at Hobby Lobby now. She is so sweet - she offered to give us a few free classes on OS at our club meeting. As President of our chapter, I told her we would love it - we can always learn something from each technique we try.

Luvs, that pin is porcelain and it is very softly painted. It was from a class that I think put on by DecoArt where we tried out their various new products. So we painted with a paint made for porcelain - however, for the life of me I don't remember the name of it. It didn't have the coverage the Americana has. I ended up painting about half the roses in the class- LOL. Once I started the members kept bringing their piece to me to do a rose on. It was fun but a little bit embarrassing.

I don't know if our PBS sells videos but I will check. Today a lot of the teachers are going to DVD's. One in particular is Shirley Wilson. She paints beautiful Santas and she has a DVD out but I think I paid $25 or $29 for it. You can view her selections at I think you can even view a portion of the DVD on that website. I will check and see if anyone else has DVD's out and will let you know.

It is lightning outside so I am off.

Talk later,

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I will continue to love OS and with Donna D. I would not have been able to take an early retirement. I have applied her style to other styles of painting. Yes, Donna was a smart business women to have patent her double loading style. Double loading has been around for centuries and many other artist have great books out there with this technique as well, Jackie Shaw has some great books that I have used. I love the pins you have made and I am very appreciate of the art that you all share. Thanks

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Well, crud! How did I miss this post???!! I'm sure the sale is over by now, but I'm gonna got to Michaels tomorrow anyway. Wahhhh! ~Anj

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Gosh, Kraftylady, thanks for letting us in on what is going on at Michael's. I thought it was just because of the management at my local store--didn't know it was all of them. I do remember someone mentioning that Michael's was bought--but then never heard anymore about it. Goodness, sure allot of foreign companies buying out U.S. ones in the last decade!

I really wish Hobby Lobby would open here in Calif. Maybe some day.

Anj, the sale was still going on this weekend. If you miss out on it, let me know and I will gladly share some that I bought.

I'm off to look at the sites PF posted. Love looking at painting sites. ;o)


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