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maryjanejAugust 15, 2006


Can someone give me some suggestions on staining this deck pictures included.

I recently painted the outside of the house with blue oil paint and planning on painting the red trim white.

I would like to stain the deck which is made out of pressure treated wood and has weathered and turned grey.

I was thinking of staining it with Wood Shield Solid Colour Deck & Siding Oil/Alkyd Stain. I was thinking of a darker blue for the deck floor and white for the balusters. Should the top rails be painted blue also and just the balusters white?

Should I be washing it with a bleach solution and TSP first. If so what is the proper amount of each to use?

Does anyone have other colour ideas I could stain it?

What color should I paint the doors?

What color should I paint the foundation?



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Hi MaryJane -

I searched through my Better Homes and Gardens Landscape Solutions for an example of a deck revitalization that I remembered. In the 2003 Special Interest Publication they have a great example of a deck stained with two colors. The colors are a coffee brown opaque stain for the base, rafters and cross beams. And a sheer natural cedar for rest -- the balusters and floor.

This is the 2003 Landscape Solutions and is available for purchase. Hopefully the link works.

I am not so great with color, but in my opinion, I think you are envisioning too much blue. I do love your blue house though. Unfortunately I can't offer other suggestions. Hopefully some of the color experts out there can help.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2003 Landscape solutions

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What a sweet house! And I LOVE the huge deck.

Here are my thoughts:

I would keep the foundation a neutral gray and install plantings around the perimeter, which will cover the foundation.

I would stain the deck with a nice cedar stain, rather than add more blue and white.

For the doors, depending on how colorful you want to go, you could paint a light yellow or a lime green, and put windowboxes the same color as the door on the windows flanking the door.

OR (f you want a less "finished," more "rustic" look):

You could paint the door white, put white shutters on the windows, put windowboxes with colorful plantings, leave the deck the color it is and just landscape around the perimeter of it to bring color in.

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I would agree with the discussions staying away from blue based stains. Blues and purples really can fade in the sun without a UV stablizer added. My house is purple, but I went with a US paint company that supplies chemical additives and preservatives to the paints based on a by-need basis. That's not always easy to find, and it looks like you are in a rural area. Even harder.

Your house is lovely. I love your metal roof. I bet it sounds fantastic when it rains!! I agree with some nice plantings around the base of your home and not to worry about staining or painting there. I stuccoed mine simply because we haven't been able to plant on two sides with concrete walkways/a driveway attached to the house. I can't wait for the day we can have that torn out and I can add plants! It will anchor the house to the landscape, and I think adding foundation plantings would do the same for you.


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Hi maryjane - I strongly recommend cross-posting your question to the Porches and Decks forum - they have some real technical expertise over there. I'm having deck issues myself, and it was a big help.
Best wishes, Amy

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Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all your help and suggestions. Now that I think of it.I agree it would be too much blue and white. I think I'll paint the trim on the house white and the doors. I'll also add some plantings next year.
As for the porch I'm going to stain it all the same colour. I guess a wood colour in a brown shade I still have to go and pick a colour.
Would I be best to go with a solid colour since it's aged and may last longer?
Someone told me not to go with solid stain they said it shows the wear quickly.
As anyone used solid stain if so what's your experience with it.
Postum I did post my question at the porch and deck forum.

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