LifeEdited features smaller homes

MoccasinAugust 31, 2012

....and I mean REALLY SMALLER homes.

Plus, they have information on how to achieve an affordable dwelling.

I'm quoting from the first paragraph of the latest newsletter from them, and it is illustrated at the website too. So if you are interested, I suggest you follow he link and read the entire article. I previously gave a link to the Frank Lloyd Wright smaller homes article they presented.


When the recession hit in 2008, the restaurant Hari and Karl Berzins started went under. A year later, they were forced to sell their 3 bedroom, 1500 sq ft house. They were broke, raising a couple kids and forced to take whatever jobs their then Florida home had to offer.

Thinking of ways out of their predicament, they came across the book "Mortgage Free" by Rob Roy; the book promotes the idea of�you guessed it�being mortgage free by buying the best piece of land you can find, setting up a temporary dwelling, then building the home you want on your timetable�all in cash. They found plans from the Tiny House Blog for what their temporary abode would look like.

Karl set about building their 320 sq ft home (a figure that includes a sleeping loft). Like most tiny homes, it began on a trailer bed to avoid building regulations. He started the project in Florida, then moved it to a 3 acre plot of land in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains about a year ago. The total cost of the home itself was $12K, greatly offset by scavenged materials.

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...end quote

Here is a link that might be useful: Life Edited rural life

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Hi ML-Thanks for posting this.
I saw this article before, it was posted here I think. I read one of the other articles about the 105 sq. ft. apartment. My space is well.....SPACIOUS compared to that ! I am now content again. thank you.
I guess it depends on your weather. I could never live in 320 sq. ft. home like they do with 2 adults 2 children/cats or dogs in a wet rainy country. Cinque Terre Italy yes...

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I've seen that family and their home before too. We may have even discussed it here.

Not only could I not live like that (do they eat all meals outside?), I couldn't do that to my kids. Other kids are cruel. Maybe the kids don't care now, but I have to wonder if they invite their friends over or if they avoid having them over. We lived in a 1400 sq ft converted garage for 2 years while we sorted out some legal things, and we've lived through more than our share of remodeling here. In the garage, the other kids (and their parents) shunned us, and when the kids were teens here in the midst of our remodeling, they didn't want to invite friends over. If it's just the parents who want to live that way, power to them. But it sure is hard on the kids.

There aren't many places where the temperature would let you live like that either. It's way too hot & humid here to eat most meals outside, and dh & I would be at each other's throats without central a/c.

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