Cat Window

squirrellycanadianFebruary 20, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I've been in a real mosaic slump, just can't seem to get inspired. I did this cat window in Nov. It's glass on glass and measures 16x25.

Spring is on the way, hopefully some inspiration with it.......I'm feeling the need to do stepping stones!

From Mosaics

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I love this! I find it very captivating! Wow, I guess that's my big word of the day! lol!

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Squirrely it's beautiful. I love the tree and the cat. I know it's harder to be motivated when it's short days and grey outside. Spring is around the corner. Make some steppers,

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Just beautiful! My neighbor the at lover wants one like it..Guess I'll have to make her a similar for her BD..
The days here (Alaska) are short too..But I seem to get more done..when it's nice and sunny out I want to be out so my work gets set aside...I love to outside on the deck in the summer, don;t want to miss even a minute of the sun.....Thanks for sharing, love it, Catyhr

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I love the silhouette .Great cutting ! And what a fantastic window too.
Sometimes we just need a rest, inspiration will come. I can't wait for spring to do some stepping stones too !

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So realistic. Great use of the silhouette. I know what you mean about spring. Here in TN we get teased all the time. It will be 60/50 one day and the next 15. GRRRRRR. Sure does give you spring fever when the temp is warmer.

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BEAUTIFUL, SQUIRRELLY: I get mesmerized every time I look at your album. LOVE the kitty. I am anxious for spring too, but I know it brings tons of work in the gardens, so I'm enjoying the freedom to play inside a bit longer than usual.

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I just love that window! That blue is awesome, and I like the tree silhouette peeking in too.

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excellent! its so relaxing to look at!

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