Help me design my new bedroom!

wintertimeAugust 27, 2007

Hello, I thought this would be the best place to go since there is no bedroom forum.

I've decided that the better use of space in my tiny Challenges:

-I have a king size bed. I am not really interested in going to a queen.

-I need a lot of closet space, I have a lot of clothes!

-The room currently has a 36"x68" closet.

-The room has a window on one side, door to hall on other and door to closet on third.


-Put bed in corner with headboard on wall opposite closet door wall.

-bust out wall in front of closet for more room into closet plus add more space into closet from floor space...

I don't want anything in the room except bed and closet. I was thinking of building bed in to one wall and surrounding it with closet?

Thanks for any help!

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What type of doors do you have on the current closet? Mine had sliding and changed to double doors which open out. This gave me an extra 6". Sounds small, but sure made a significant difference for space and access to all. This may be something which wouldn't work for you depending upon location of closet.

Not sure how you want to bust into the wall. Is the closet set back where you have to reach in on either side of the doors and want to open up the entire space? Or going into another room to add to closet space?

My bedroom is 10 X 14. A queen leaves about 2' walking space at the end of 10'(same length as a king). I've angled the bed in the corner which really opened up walking room. But am wondering if a king would actually take up too much room doing this.

Which walls have the closet/door/window? If you place tape on the floor using measurements of bed and the layout of your ideas it will give you a visual of how all would work.

Two tall armoirs on each side of the bed could add closet space and save demolition options.

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The problem right now is that the closet has one very small door so access to the space is virtually impossible. I was thinking of taking down the wall that divides the closet from the room to make it a reach-in closet so it could be used properly. Then I thought why not just add in space from the room into the closet since I don't need anything in the room except bed and closet.

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I'm watching this with interest as we have a guest room almost done that's about the same size. DH wants to put the old queen bed in it and I want to put the full bed in it. I thought the queen would be much too large for the room.

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I wish you could post a photo of the room, it would help. At least it would help me. I can't imagine anything unless it's in front of me. Sorry, I'm no decorator.

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