Garden kitty

luvstocraftJune 20, 2011

Painted this little sign. Had a problem with a "blob" of black paint! Got most of it off luckily, but her face is still a bit more "shadowed" than I had meant for it to be! I thought I had ruined it for sure, but think she will be fine to use out in the yard.


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Luvs, darling kitty plaque. I'm so glad you got the black paint removed or covered up. I so wish I would get the paintin' bug but for some reason it's not happening.

Hope Belle will share all her paintings she's doing for the show. I love seeing all of your creations and thanks everyone for keeping things moving on here during my slump time.


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Luvs...that kitty is so cute. I love it.

I second what Punk says. I love to see what everyone is doing.


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Luvs....Adorable! And what blob? I love the expression on the cat, like "what do I do now?"

TY for sharing and keep them coming!


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Thanks ladies, I keep looking at other patterns and thinking how cute they are--need to just get busy and paint some of them. I can sure tell I've not been painting very much lately--having a hard time even deciding which brush I want to use! It really is true that practice makes perfect--I need lots more practice now.

Belle, did you get the Paintworks magazine yet? Got mine yesterday. Only about three projects that even appealed to me! I'm still so disappointed about losing Painting and Quick and Easy Painting. I don't like having to go to the website to print off patterns either. Can you tell I'm not a happy camper about the changes???? LOL

Marylee, you always make the nicest comments. Thank you for being so supportive. So tell us more about you, what you like to do, what part of the country you live in, etc.


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You always pic the cutest patterns. Is this Renee Mullins? Looks like her birds. ha It looks great to me and I know all your visitors will love it! Glad to see you painting again!! =) ~Anj

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Luvs...I was so impressed with PaintWorks that I can't remember one project!


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Belle, you are too funny! But it's the truth, and I used to eagerly await my painting magazines, one more loss to add to my disappointment list! LOL

Anj, yes, it's from a Renee Mullins design. Sure wish I could paint as good as she does though. How are you doing? Busy, busy as usual?


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Your kitty is adorable. :-)

Am I the only one here who still like PaintWorks magazine? I also do landscape/seascapes and wildlife on canvas so I liked the new PaintWorks magazine. Maybe the next issue will appeal to will be the annual ornament issue.


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Kraftymom, I can see why you would like it if you paint lots of landscapes--they've had quite a few nice ones. How do you display all your landscapes? Do you do them on canvases or also on other surfaces? I've never gotten into painting them because I couldn't figure out where to use them, only so much room for pictures on the wall! Yes, I'm hoping I will enjoy more in the Halloween and Christmas editions. If I were to choose between the two, I'd keep Paintworks over Crafts and Things, but so far not crazy about either one. We'll see.


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