I hate shopping for house remodeling and decorating! Do you?

jterrilynnJuly 13, 2014

I hate it. That's all I have to say. My brain is sucking my eyes in.

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You're preaching to the choir. See my posting yesterday about "What to do today?" I'm on total overload.

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I hate it because there is something wrong with me. I can obsess for days over a type of screw or what a screw is made of in a doohickey. Or, I can lose sleep over if something has a curve that doesnâÂÂt jive with another curve in a whole other room. I can spend months on trying to figure out exactly what a term means by reading 100 peoples opinion. As a DIY-er I clog my head with a lot of stuff to the point that I lose focus. And, donâÂÂt get me started on what I go through to find the best price or my viewing countless YouTube videos to understand the install process. I do like the âÂÂafterâ part. Maybe IâÂÂm just getting too old for this. I just want to sit in a room alone and paint. IâÂÂm also secretly hating on my sweet husband because he does the part that people can see. Oh, well I help with that too but canâÂÂt handle the big heavy stuff.

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YES. Self-medicating doesn't make it any more enjoyable. Can't get any sympathy from the project manager working for our contractor. Retired military, he's inhaled more desert sand than I'll ever breathe drywall dust. "Americans are spoiled. Too many choices. Make a decision and move on."
I can't argue. But it still doesn't keep my head from spinning.... Repeat after me: This too shall pass!

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I love the remodeling, moving walls, tiling bathrooms, finishing drywall etc. I am great at "fixing" a bad floorplan.

Picking the paint colors... AAGH. Too many choices is right!. Same thing for light fixtures. And curtains... I am paralyzed.

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I agonize over every choice, but I love it.

Actually, what stresses me out is knowing EXACTLY what I want, but retailers not understanding my fabulous taste, and therefore not providing the option I want.

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I like the shopping, I hate the deciding. In fact, I can't. In the end I often say, oh just give me that one. I get a major cae of analysis paralysis. It's painful. Glad to hear I am not alone (but I already knew that).

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Architectural things, kitchens, baths, flooring, window styles, tile, trim, paint colors, lighting & hardware -- those I can do. Furniture, fabrics, window treatments, accessories, arrangements -- no can do. I can remodel a house, but I can't arrange a room.

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I have an irrational fear of making a decision to hang something on a wall. It's as though that little nail hole, if put in the wrong place, will cause a bit of my soul to leak out.

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I always make my self nuts with worry that my choices will be all wrong and I'll be stuck!!!

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I love shopping if I can take it home & try it. Works great for accessories, not so much for couches, etc.

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Love it. I've reinvented so many spaces, I can walk through and say "Get rid of that, that, and that. Paint this, this and this color." "Put this here, that there. Move this rug into that room. Let's buy a new rug for this room.". It's when it's done that I'm bored.

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I like it unless there's too much of it at one time... like a 52 oz. steak:-)
Mistakes are hard not to make when you try to juggle too many decisions at one time, and even occur when you think you have given a matter due concern and diligence. But in the end, I think good taste may be formed in the crucible of "uh,oh" quite often. So there is hopefully, a silver lining to the cloud when it comes to shopping for decor.

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Kindred Spirits.
I love to look at the forum, browse online, read all about it. But making decisions is just usually a sickening experience for me. When I was updating my master bathroom, I got good at realizing that the choices were endless and that if I had narrowed it down to say 10 lighting fixtures, that while maybe 2 or 3 would be superior, each and every one of them would be 1000 times better than what I was replacing. That really helped me and I try (very hard and usually with minimal effect) to remind myself of that. Just sharing because it does help.
(see my posts on the discussion forum about what to wear for my daughter's wedding if you want to see someone who cant make a decision).

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I love doing one project at a time. Like a bathroom, or bedroom, living etc. However, right now we are building and I am having to figure out everything at once! I am terrified of making the wrong decisions and then there is budget. I think if budget wasn't a big issue it might be a bit easier!

I really love internet shopping. ;) That is much easier. However, you do need to go see stuff in person.

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Well hereâÂÂs the kickerâ¦love shopping for others but detest it for myself. If someone I know asks for help with a âÂÂthingâ I can quickly assess a style that will work within their budget. Done! ThereâÂÂs something wrong with me picking my stuff. Seriously wrong.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I love it all. I love the deciding...feeds the control freak in me. And I actually found it easier when I was doing the whole house as I seemed to get my rhythm on and pieces and parts were coming together...like exercising a muscle, I got better with practice. Once the house was done, I did repaint the kitchen, the bedroom and added an accent wall in the library, but overall, the decisions worked really well.

Of course I couldn't have done it without my trusty "blue book"...a notebook with tabs for each room and the exterior full of notes, paint chips, room sketches, swatches, etc. It became an essential for every meeting with architect and project mgr...

I can walk into a warehouse of fabric and be absorbed and not at all confused by it. But I did feel overwhelm when looking at tile...I think it's because, unlike fabric where you are presented with a "fait accompli" of color, pattern, texture, shine; with tile, you create your own "fabric" from the building blocks of stone, porcelain, glass, metal and even wood. Fortunately I found a couple of really helpful guides in the tiles stores I went to who steered me through the morass.

And that's something else I learned...to rely on the help of the experts at the stores....while some of them aren't helpful at all, the right person can be a godsend.

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I can shop online all day....but schlepping around...no. And the dirty word for me is "accessorizing".....that is where I get stuck. I can pick out the big stuff...sofas, cofeee tables, etc...it's the details that stump me....which is pretty funny because in every other aspect of life I am a very detail-oriented person.

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I also agonize over accessorizing. I probably have returned far more than I have actually kept. And the big decisions keep me awake at night, even after I finally make the decision. Building the house and making those decisions wasn't hard. It was like Project Management 101 for me. I too had 'The Notebook', and I too found someone helpful to figure out the hard stuff like tile, etc. when we remodeled our master bath recently. I know what I like in art. But paint still throws me sometimes and fabrics for new drapes or finding just the right throw pillow - Ugh!

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I love it. It's a creative outlet, which we all need. I can't sing, can't dance, can't sew, can't paint, but I can sometimes figure out how to put a room together. However, I am not a shopaholic so it's not an expensive hobby.

Amberm said: Actually, what stresses me out is knowing EXACTLY what I want, but retailers not understanding my fabulous taste, and therefore not providing the option I want.

Agree 100%! That's when it gets frustrating and takes six months to find a floor tile for the counter you picked out in an hour.

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