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Ruby_RedJune 1, 2002

Hi all. I have an idea of what I want to do, but have no talent in painting. My thing is working with wood. This is what I want to do and any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I have a covered patio at the back of my garage. It is open on 3 sides, with a roof as I said, and the 4th wall, which is the back of my garage is aluminum sided about 3/4's of the way down from the top and the bottom 2 feet or so is my cement foundation. After 40+ years it looks kinda grungy, so I am painting the foundation tomorrow in the very palest shade of green, and then I am going to attempt painting a faux wildflower garden/border on the cement. Here's where I need your help. What type of paints should I use, what type of brushes and/or techniques should I try? I'm painting on a very rough cement wall so nothing will be very detailed. More like sponging flowers, scruffing (?) grasses and leaves. I'm in your hands because I have NO idea where to start, I just know what effect I hope to get to spruce up this patio area. Thanks so much for any suggestions.


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Here are a few tips I found Helen. Hope they help.

Prepare a cement thoroughly before painting. Use a wire brush to remove any loose cement. Wash 24 hours before painting. When it's dry, seal the "painted" concrete surface with polyurethane. An additional coat of polyurethane applied yearly keeps painted cement in good condition and
protects it from the elements.

Acrylic or copolymer type paints are easy to apply to concrete and masonry surfaces and last for several years under suitable conditions.

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Thanks Dee. I've already painted my base coat so I'm ready to get going. Didn't know about sealing w/polyurethane. Makes sense and probably makes applying all the other paints easier. And saves your final painting too.

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