Stripping Lacquer off of Brass Kitchen Faucet

cellaMay 22, 2013

I love the look of unlacquered brass. We are finishing up a guest house and I want to put an un-lacquered brass facet in the kitchen.
Several high dollar faucets are available without lacquer - out of my budget.
I am looking to purchase a mid-range price faucet and strip off the lacquer. However, as much as I can find people talking about doing this and instructions for doing this, I have never seen it actually done. No one has ever posted an actual example, as well as talked about living with it.

I am looking at the Cifial two-handle bridge kitchen faucet in PVD lifetime brass. (I don't know what pvd means?) I am wondering if the $350 faucets are built well enough to withstand the unprotected state - if I am using it daily and occasionally polishing it, is the brass thick enough? I am assuming it is not solid brass throughout? I have no idea.

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Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) (Also Known As Thin Film Deposition).

It may be tougher than electroplating.

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I've dreamed of stripping those lacquer finishes off faucets too.

When you do something like this, you have to be prepared for plan B, starting over. $350 is not an inexpensive experiment, so if it fails you can end up spending as much as if you had gotten the more expensive item you wanted in the first place.

If you try it, you could order a replacement handle or something to experiment on first.

And continue the hunt. Sometimes it takes forever searching but often you can eventually stumble upon what you're looking for. Now, I would never (or be able to) spend $1000 or close for a faucet, so sometimes you do just have to float back down to earth and find another beautiful option that will work well enough. I have had to compromise on dreamy selections and find I love the outcome anyway.

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The material typically use for the "deposit" with PVD on faucets is zircon, a good bit tougher than lacquer.

In another life a few times I had stripped chrome off of some solid brass parts using a buffing wheel. That was a bear and I was better than average at buffing with everything I could possibly need at hand. My guess is that PVD would be more difficult. I'd continue searching.

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ooohhh - jakuvall, I think you just saved me from a big mistake! Thanks so much.
I think I will take snookums advice and keep looking for a bargain.

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Sophie Wheeler

Look at Huntingdon Brass faucets. They aren't horribly high priced.

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You can remove lacquer from brass by dipping it in acetone. Is that what you were planning to do?

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I just ran across your post & am wondering if you ended up with an lacquered brass faucet in your kitchen. If so, what did you go with? I'm looking for one too. Did you "un-lacquer" a shiny brass, by any chance?

Curious if rosylady's process works w/out doing any destruction to the faucet?

If anyone else has feedback, I'd love to hear it.


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