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patty_cakesJune 3, 2010

Can someone give me the name of this was mentioned in the 'how-to-faux-a-painting' thread, but the name was never given. Also, how would it be used over a plain paper picture. Would something else have to be applied over the picture first? You're such experts here! ;o)

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First let me say that I am *not* an expert, but that was the product I used. It's actually called One Step Crackle, and it's made by Deco Art. It was sold on a blister card, in the acrylic paint section. I think I bought mine at Joann, but I'm sure any craft store would have it. I think it was around $2.

I don't know about applying it to plain paper. The directions on the card say that it can be applied to any acrylic painted or basecoated surface. It has to have something to react with to produce the crackle, so I would think that you would have to apply something to the paper first. I did a test patch using the crackle over a layer of varnish, and it did crackle, but the result was much better over just the paint. That may have just been user error, though.

Hopefully others will chime in and give their thoughts.

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Sorry, I don't usually do any crackling so I can't help. But if you get an answer, I would love to see the picture when you are finished.

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So glad Franksmom was able to help you with a product for this project. You can do a search on the net and come up with alot of ideas that might also help when it comes to painting on plain paper, I hope. Be sure to come back and share with us.


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Quite a question! First, crackle is primarily used with two different colors of paint. A base coat, the crackle and then another color. The crackle cracks the top color so that the base color shows through, giving it an "age" look.

Crackle on a "plain paper picture" wow! Is that like a computer printout? Or a copy of picture purchased at a store? If you were to drop a small drop of water in a corner of the picture, does it puddle? If it does it has a finish on it and is somewhat safer to us without fear of ruining the picture.

I certainly would try it on something as close to your project as you can, and say in 1/4 of the picture, so if it doesn't work you still have other parts to try something new. But as Franksmom suggested you have to have a color contrast to see the crackle, such as crackle and then a secondary color. The crackle is activated when you add the second color, although it might work with just brushing on a very small amount of water instead of paint. Worth a try.

Please come back and let us know how you did!


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Thanks everyone! Believe it on not, I *did* this a few years ago, but don't remember the product I used. I *think* I used a clear coat of something since I knew there needed to be something to crackle first. Other than that, I can't remember a dang thing, that's why i'm searching for an answer. I had made a faux Tremeau-style mirror(picure on the top part)and in paintng the frame, got paint on the picture. I tried wiping it off with water and the crackle started wiping off too~I ended up with a real mess and lost the crackle and the picture in the process. I put another picture on the mirror, and tried decoupage since I thought that's what I used, but when I put the crackle over it, there was no reaction. Needless to say, i'm *still* searching for a way to do the crackle!! Thanks all for tying to help. ;o)

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Franksmom is right, it is called One Step Crackle. You can use it as a topical medium to age anything you want. Brush it on and wait the desired time, then you can give the item the aged look by adding glazing medium to acryllic paint or use a stain gel made for antiquing. Brush it on and wipe off the excess before it dries.

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Thanks frances ar, i'll take franksmom's advive and pick up a bottle when i'm at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Sounds like an easy process. I'm still trying to remember what I used the first time. ;o)

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Frances, thanks for the information! It is always nice to have someone step in who has used the product before and knows how it works. I have never used it, but it is on my shopping list. Sounds like it is easier where you just want a cracked finish look rather than the aged, layered paint look.

Come back often and again thanks!


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Frances, I remember when you shared pics of your fabulous doors with us a couple years back when I had first found this forum. How are you? Are you still painting and crafting. We get so slow on here, please come chat with us--doesn't matter whether you have a current project to share or not, just tell us about things you used to make or who your favorite designers are, or what colors of paints you love best. We just enjoy anything having to do with painting. And we try to keep each other updated on what's happening in our lives over on the conversations side too, so feel free to join in there as well.

Pattycakes, you seem to disappear for long periods of time. Do you just get busy with other things, or do you just read and not post very often? Anyway, it's nice to see you back again.


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Hi Luvs, i'll usually post if I feel I can help with something I might be familiar with. You'll also see me here when I need an answer to something. Members here are quite helpful and very knowledgeable. I'm on the home decorating forum a lot and 'sneak peeks' on the holiday, antiques and collectibles, kitchens, and trash to treasure forums. I like to read blogs too, and hope to start my own one of these days. ;o)

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Glad to know you're "around" even if not posting. Nice to hear from you anytime Pattycakes. ;o) Luvs

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