Gorgeous roses on teasets

luvstocraftJune 8, 2007

Look how pretty this lady paints old tea sets. I love the way she uses different colors in the background too. So soft and pretty. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Painted tea sets

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Look like yours Luvs. I do like the blue in the one background. Real pretty. Also like the scene ones. Can you tell if she painted the gold on or if she rubbed the paint in and wiped it off the edges. Looks pretty cool either way. ~Anj

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Luvs, they look a lot like yours. The blue background reminds me of a color called Blue Wisp, don't know if it is still around or not. Do you know who the artist is? Years ago, Jo Sonja Jansen painted on old silver and had a book out at one time on her technique. I have never done it because finding old silver sets is not easy - our TS have a few but they aren't cheap enough for me.

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Anj, after seeing hers, I wanted to redo mine! Her's are so much better than mine. I really like the multi colored backgrounds she used. Imagine it was just sponged on. I have both rub on and paint on gold. Might try some of that on mine. Always afraid I will make it look too gawdy! LOL

Hi Bebe, so good to hear from you. I know I look at the silver sets anytime I stop at a TS. You are right, too high. Imagine yard sales or estate sales would be priced better. My problem is that I really don't have too much room to store things. Just can't leave it all setting around either--can't take being too cluttered either.

I don't know that artist. I stumbled onto her through a link on a list of mostly one stroke painters. Most of them have albums so it is fun to check them out. Some are really great, but not all. Some of the links no longer work too. I'll post it here in case you or anyone else would like to check some of them out too.

Don't be a stranger--you can always join Anj and I over on the conversations page just to chat with us once in awhile.

I wish I had some of those old painting books. So many of them were really good--but in all honesty many were more complicated than my skill level. I've seen some on ebay once in awhile, and sometimes at the TS even.


Here is a link that might be useful: Links to painters

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I'm just a beginner at one stroke, but I notice in the cabbage roses Donna Dewberry does, that there is just a tube-looking thingy in the center. This lady's roses are more realistic, because she's got the pollen showing in the middle of the flower, and I like that.

Beautiful soft colors in the background. Still, I would never paint SILVER unless it was like some sort of silver plate that needed replating and I didn't have the money to replate it. There are some teasets out there made from base metals, however...

Luv, Weejee

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Hi Weejee, welcome to the painting forum.

I don't think any painter would paint a tea set that wasn't in bad condition. There are lots of them that show up in TS that are pretty bad. And I imagine having them replated would be pretty expensive. I found a small one that I painted--it's on our gallery. I worked really hard trying to polish it up, but it was beyond help. After seeing this lady's work, I now want to redo mine.

She paints beautiful roses. She started out doing Donna Dewberry roses, then also learned styles from other artists.

There is a worksheet on here by our own forum member, Painting Fool. She paints wonderful roses too. I'll try to find her post and bump it back up to the top so you can see it.

Hope you keep coming back to chat with us. If we can answer any questions, please just ask. Luvs

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I wish we had a place to take painting classes around here.
These are gorgeous!!!

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Hi Diana, Good to hear from you. Paintingfool says that it really helps to have someone show you, then guide you. I think that is probably so true. Oftentimes, things look so complicated and hard, but when someone shows you step by step, it becomes much simpler. I've only had a few classes in my painting life. To do roses like this, I'd be right there. Our shop that offered classes closed too, only Michael's is left. Don't be such a stranger, come chat with us often. Luvs

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Bumping for Dreamgoddess to see.

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