48" wide upper above desk?

CamGMay 23, 2013

We will have a desk in the kitchen. If its 4' wide, they can only do a single 48" wide cabinet with 2 doors (without upgrading to a significantly more expensive line). That would make the doors nearly 23" each. Is that too wide? The only alternatives are simply making the desk 3' wide instead of 4', having no upper, or having the upper mismatch the desk (the desk will be off by itself, so I think this would look funny). Thanks!

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I had doors that were this wide in my last kitchen because it was 8 feet and I wanted only 4 doors. It's a bit wide and you can bang your head on them since they stick out two far, but it's not really *too wide, per se.

Why can't they do a four foot with four doors? Most of the 48" wides I have specified in semi-custom have been set up with four doors.

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What about doing all, or part, shelving...could be a great place to store cookbooks, or cooking magazines in pretty magazine files. I love books in any room and made sure to include a bookcase in my new kitchen.

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I don't think they make open shelves without doing the upgrade. I suppose we could take off the cabinet doors, but we'll have a fairly dark stain and the shelves are adjustable, maple finish. I do like that idea a lot though....

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You can see the problem for the open shelves with the interior colors. Here are the cabinets:

Here is our finish:

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Yeah, they upgraded just the one 30 x 30 cabinet I used for a bookshelf. The ends are better quality and the interior matches the exterior. Worth it! Not sure what the cost was as it was non-negotiable for me.

Alternatively, just use two smaller cabinets and build and stain shelves between the cabinets yourself. Or hang a mirror or picture or pendant light, in between. 2 foot doors aren't impossible but they're unwieldy. Of course, it would be nice to put a blackboard or magnet board inside one.

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Ooh, very pretty! Are you sure they can't upgrade just the one cabinet, or would that blow your budget? The cabinet IS going above the desk, right?

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Yes, the cabinet will go above the desk. The upgrade comes from a different factory, and there's no telling whether the finish will match the other cabinets. It could match perfectly or be off a lot.

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Can you do two 24" cabinets each with 2 doors above the desk...will that be too expensive?

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We perhaps could, but I feel like those doors would look really skinny. 48" is just a weird distance to span with cabinets. I think better would be 3 x 16" cabinets, but I think the lack of symmetry would bug me.

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I like the idea Ashe42 had. You could do two 16" cabinets and then diy shelves between them.

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