Mud room and porch combined?

lavender_lassAugust 2, 2011

Does anyone have a porch that they use as a mud room, during colder weather? Actually, we'd need one about six months of the year (maybe more) but when it's nice and warm, it would be wonderful to have access to a screened porch.

I'm thinking if we had a glassed in porch, with screens and nice built-in storage, we could include some seating, with outdoor fabric. It would be great to combine the two spaces and save a little money :)

Since we live on a farm, we have lots of tools, fencing supplies, halters, etc. that we'd like to keep in the 'house' but don't need to have heated. We also would like to have an air lock, between the main house and the outside. We have space for a porch approximately 18' wide and 10' to 12' deep.

We really like flexible spaces, so storage, hooks for coats, bench/seating for taking off boots, etc. would be used more in the late fall/winter, but we'd like to include a nice place to sit and enjoy the outside (bug free) in the late spring/summer. All ideas and suggestions are appreciated :)

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Lavender, it is a good and workable combination. What you suggest will make the space usable regardless of the season.

Not sure how it would impact your current house plan, but it does not seem to me you'd need to change much.

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ML- Thanks for the response!

Here's an idea, with the mud room/porch, off the pantry and laundry area. There's access to a breeze way, to the left, leading to the garage, with the sunroom addition, on the front. This little beauty will be a bit expensive, so I'm back to the smaller bedroom/bath...but with a screened porch, for the hot tub and a few chairs.

I'm hoping unheated porch space, will be much cheaper than adding a lot of 'house' square footage. I like the breeze way idea, which can be open or enclosed (screen or glass...maybe both) for four season use. This will make it a lot more fun to go out and grab some herbs or veggies for dinner...when there's snow outside!

My little sketches, always seem to look better, before I scan them...instead of done by a five year-old. (LOL)

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Sorry, the only one I've ever seen was on The Walton's tv show. lol I always thought it was neat though.

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Marti- LOL! You know, I never thought about it, but a lot of my design decisions are suddely becoming clear... :)

The porches are not to scale, but hopefully, you get the idea. I'd like to have a bench, on the way to the breeze way, something like this.

The other side (under the window to the laundry area) would have a built in desk/work area, with pantry storage on either side. In front of this, I'd like to use light weight furniture for seating, but easy to move for sewing/crafts, etc.

I also found another great window seat picture! I'd like to have something like this in the dining area, with the table pulled up to it, like in the plan.

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I really like that bench with the shoe storage under it. I'd like it better if the boots could go in a mud tray there too. If you are like me, there are times you have to put on the rubber boots in the house and take them off when you get back in too. I just leave mine by the back door (with their little pile of mud clods). I want to build in a little shelf thing or something by the back door for a couple of coats and our mud boots.

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As usual gorgeous inspiration pictures LL. When I have muddy shoes I either leave them on the front porch or in the laundry room on a tray I keep in there just for that. I do not keep it down on the floor unless I need it. I also found a cute little shelf at a yard sale that fits the bottom of a secretary desk I have in the hall. I can also set a long narrow tray beside this shelf for boots and this will keep them out of the laundry room. I just got this shelf a couple of weeks ago and just love it.Love it. Holds 6 pair of shoes.Two pair of boots will fit beside it.

And of course for my usual MO I hung a curtain in front to hide it all on a tension rod.

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They sure are inspirational, Lav.
And, do you remember what Sara Richardson did with her farmhouse entry? I think it is exactly what you are looking for, even to the cheerful tone of it. Only hers was an interior mudroom/entry. But, it was totally charming as only Sara's House ideas are. But she can be pricey.

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Marti and Shades- Good idea about the mud trays. hung up a curtain to screen something? :)

ML- I do like Sarah's farmhouse entry...and especially her kitchen and dining room (and upstairs bath). They've all given me great ideas, for my farmhouse.

I found this picture, for the breezeway...what do you think?

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