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luvstocraftJune 1, 2008

While chatting with friends about the enjoyment of painting, some thoughts occurred to me. It's not like we just wave our brushes and something pretty appears. We do have to "work" at it-even though we usually "enjoy" that work.

You know I have to tell you that with every painted project--there is an "ugly" stage. It's where you've only put the main colors on and it just looks sort of "rough" and "blah" and you often think "this looks awful". But then you persevere and maybe go over an area with one more coat of paint, and you start to add some shading and then some "details", and suddenly it looks lots, lots better. It just dawned on me that this truly is a "life lesson" too. Sort of like "Hang in there, keep working at it, fluff it up a bit, and it will turn out fine."

So see, painting is not just for pleasure--it's therapy too!


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well hi luvs
I just read your post. How true it is. The more I paint the more I like what I have done....sometimes...
I enjoy getting to the end of a project most. I never knew I could paint and I kept at it. Sometimes things i try work and sometimes they don't. I don't give up I just try again.
Paintingfool said in one of her posts around Christmas, "you have to appreciation the amount of work that goes into everyones projects, no matter what level they are painting at."
That is one of things that keep me painting....people do appreciate the amount of work that goes into projects...unless you are trying to sell them something. heehe
Anyway I just wanted to say I agree with what you said and that when people comment on here there maybe someone like me reading them and it gives them hope that they are getting better with every stroke they make.
TAke care

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I don't know too many people that just pick up a paintbrush and paint a masterpiece the first time. It does take a little work, as with everything...practice practice practice is the key. Some of us improve slower than others, but it's therapy for me on so many levels. That's the only me time I get! I pop in a movie that I like and I get to concentrate on doing something I's so relaxing....when I get to do it. You make a good point Luvs and one I try to pass on to my kids...if it's something you enjoy, don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it or you aren't good enough...just keep trying and do your best and have fun with it. Hey I'm not the greatest painter, but I love it....I can't play the piano that well either, but I enjoy it so I keep pecking away. ha Before we know it those masterpieces will be flowing......move over Picasso and Bethoven! ha

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painting has always been "therapy" for me.I am not what you would say "gifted" in that area-I came to it later in life.
I have a craft room in my backyard and when I go in there and shut the door,I can forget all my troubles for awhile.I truly feel painting was a gift from above and I love it, and I can stay there for hours.Even when something is not right to start there is a way to fix it, and like Luvs said this applies to life too. Thank you for the uplifting thought!
Happy painting everyone, and enjoy your day!!

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This thread reminded me of something someone said on an art board I visit. It too can be applied to both art and life.

"There isnÂt any failure, only the experience to take you to the next level".

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