ambigrams, coasters and spock

luthienJune 12, 2009

hello ladies!

haven't been here in a bit but not as long as the last time round :)) i dun have a painting to share but i do have something that i hope you'll find interesting (just dun kick me outta here for not producing a painting :p ) well ... here goes. i just designed a peace ambigram to complete my peace series. i think i posted some pics on my peace series earlier, dunno if you remember them :) so this is the last piece to the peace (well ... at least for now)

this is a scan copy of my peace ambigram (a design/word that looks exactly the same when you turn it 180 degrees)

this one is the last piece to my coaster set :)

the base is mdf painted with black acrylics. the images are reprints of my original artwork then cut out and decoupaged. these were further embellished with metallic pens to give it some interest. so for now i'm quite a happy camper. this set took me a long time to complete. :)

and here's another ambigram i did a couple of days ago

it's the name of the actor who plays spock in the latest trek movie, zachary quinto. my gosh ... i just can't get over spock or zachary quinto. i actually watched trek like 5 times in the cinema. i wasn't familiar with this actor before trek (cos i didn't watch heroes) but i thought he did a real fine job as spock! i'm now officially a trekkie convert... lol! and thank goodness for dvds ... i've now seen heroes as well. and my ... sylar is yummy! so... anyone of you ladies as crazy as i am?? LOL!!

Here is a link that might be useful: you can read more about my spock obsession here :))

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Wasn't really sure what an ambigram was exactly, but I like the way it looks. I left a comment on your blog. You are a very talented lady, Luthien.

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hey paintingfool :)
an ambigram is a design or an artwork where if you invert it in a different direction it still looks exactly the same as it's true form. try turning your computer screen 180 degrees ... the PEACE and ZACHARY QUINTO will look the same as you see it normally. :)

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That's amazing! You truly are an artist Lutien and your projects are amazing.

I'm a long time Star Trek fan, and loved the new one as well. Hope they will do more of "the early days" for us.


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hey luvs :)
thanks! lol! i never really was a trek fan until now! man... i can't wait for the rest to come out. i hope JJ directs a couple more (at least). this guy's a genius and his casting (and his casting directors) are pitch perfect ... every time ... even in Lost and Alias ... no one casts better than JJ.

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That looks great luthien and really completes your set. Congrats on finishing it.

My brother is a trekie....he and his wife got married in Vegas on the Starship Enterprise. There were Klingons and other characters in all their wedding pics. I liked the older ones with Shatner as captain, but stopped watching after Patrick Stewart. I haven't seen the new one yet, but I've heard good things about it. I'm a Twilight fanatic myself. ha Can't wait until November. =D

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hey anj :))
woohoo! to your bro and his wife :))
oh... you should go see the new one... you won't regret it :)) ooo... you're a twilight fan too? yea... i loved the movie and the books. i saw new moon trailer on youtube ... i must admit i was a little disappointed. it seems that it's lost some magic. even the chemistry btwn kristen and rob has a certain awkwardness in it... i wonder why. but it's just a trailer ... perhaps there needs to be awkwardness cos they are separating. the director of new moon is a great CG guy but not so great as an actor's director (i heard) i hope he doesn't only concentrate on the CGI and forgo the heart in the movie. i would personally kill him!

on the other hand JJ (the director of the new TREK) directed the cast and the heart of the story perfectly. you can feel them... all of them. and his CG was awesome too :)) of course nothing beats his casting ... him and his casting directors should get an award for best casting of all time. every cast is pitch perfect! so... the bottom line is ... anj, you MUST go watch the new TREK!

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I agree with both of you--loved the new Star Trek movie and the casting, and can't wait for the new twilight movie to come out as well. :o) Luvs

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You have been a busy girl and your set is wonderful. Ditto to the above posts. Sorry it took me so long to post. Punk

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