Bedside lighting

widdringtoniaJuly 19, 2014

I like (love!) to read in bed. With that in mind, I found two swing arm wall lamps.

The catch is I don't know where to place them. I mean, other than "on either side of the bed". Our master bedroom is tiny. I can't centre the bed against the back wall because then the bed would be almost on top of the closet. If I have the bed set as it currently is, with more space on the closet side than the window side, will placing the lamps look very, very odd?

I could space the lamps evenly according to the wall, but then they would be different distances from the bed. Because they're wall lamps, I'm going to be making holes into the drywall and can't just casually change my mind sometime later. And I'm severely design challenged.

Any suggestions? I can take a photo tomorrow, although the room is in a state because it's serving as the hold-all for DS's things during his closet reconstruction.

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A photo would be helpful.

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I have swing arm lamps for our bedroom. I have yet to hang them, but when I do, they will be hung in a way so the shades will be, when folded, where shades of a table lamp would be. In other words, centered over the bedside tables.

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I love the look and theory of bedside swing arm lamps. But the one time I used them, I was so disappointed. The light bulb shone directly into my eyes. Like, justgotabme, I placed them so that the shade was the same height as a regular bedside lamp shade would be. However, when I pulled them over to use for reading, I felt like I was being interrogated! I eventually moved from that house and gladly left the lamps behind.

I wonder if I should have mounted them lower? I wonder if there are swing arm lamps with a diffuser mechanism below the bulb?

Caveat: I do not actually sit upright in bed to read. Perhaps if I did, I would have had a different opinion of the lamps.

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bbstx, the fact you didn't set upright in bed while reading could be part of the problem, but also the type of bulb you use. Even with my bedside table lamps I use a 40W soft white. Too bright could also cause sleep problems, by keeping you awake longer.

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