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lulie___wayneJune 8, 2003

Hey Everybody. It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Watson, Louisiana. I'm getting ready to go to church and then I am coming home to begin a pair of paintings on oval canvases. They will be flower bouquets. I've been wanting to do this to put them in our bedroom. Now, I am finally getting to it. Hope I don't get distracted with something else before I get to it, but this is my plan for today.


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I finished Claire's carousel horses today!!!!!!!!!


She is thrilled and they look great!

Now on, to Carter's jungle. Unless I change my mind and make it into something else! I did consider making it a forest or a horse farm. Then I could make his closet door into a stall door, and put a life-sized horse on it. he is only four months. He could not care less. The other boys share a room, they are next. they have twin sized car beds and want a mural to go with. i was going "racetrack" but now I am thinking more "freeway" and maybe even have a mounted policeman????? (Then we could have a horse theme all round. And I could make their bathroom into Churchill Downs.... Can you tell I like horses? And we do live in Derby City....

How did the paintings go, lulie?

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A great big high five to you, girl! We were both busy yesterday, huh? I started the paintings, but was only able to do the background colors. DH and I decided to go somewhere and when we got back, I didn't feel like getting back into it. Too tired! I don't know about you, but I have to be rested to paint and expect the perfection that I want.
Today, DH and I have to take my father in law to the doctor for surgery, so that will be an all day affair. I won't be painting today.
I'm so glad that you are busy doing so much for your children, especially Claire! LOL

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Hi all;
Well, since people are actually talking about painting now, there may be some life to this forum yet!

Your projects all sound great. I worked all weekend painting three large aluminum garbage cans for a special order customer. They turned out pretty neat. However, she wanted two of them with coneflowers ONLY - no cutesy stuff, no landscape scene,, they are kinda boring.....the other was wildflowers and that was much easier to come up with. Not sure what to charge for these items.........probably $50 each ?

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How big are they? How much time each, too?

I am bushed! I have mastitis :( and did not pick up a paintbrush today. Ouch.

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I was going to ask the same questions, Skat. Also, how detailed is the more involved one? I would definitely consider the time involved. Did the person who ordered these talk to you at all about money before she commissioned you to do these? Good luck. I hope you get what they are worth to you. Let us know and see pics.

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Hi again;
Well, I was just able to get back to the computer! Anyway, the garbage cans are 32 gallons each. Between prepping/priming, painting and sealing, it took me about 10 hours, give or take (OK, include time to go get them at the store). I think each can was about $17 in materials, give or take. I charged her $50 each. The customer had asked me LONG ago about what I would charge - it was so long ago, i don't remember our conversation (like 8 months ago - long time to try and remember something if you're old like me! ha ha). I THINK I said at the time $45 or $50, but not sure.........

I called her yesterday and said they were done (she wanted them in a hurry). She asked how much and I said $50 each - she paused (dead air actually) then goes "oh". She planned to come today to pick them up. She prefers to come here, although I have offered to go there and deliver. She was going to be here at 12:30.....guess what? NO SHOW. Maybe she got busy??.

Um, did I mention 1) I saw these at a craft show before, and they were charging $65 and another time $80 (more detailed painting tho); and 2) she wanted them done fast and I don't charge extra for special orders......(I think I've given her good deals usually).

So, am I asking too much? My DH says no way, I asked a few neighbors and they said "minimum $50." Wonder what will happen. Why am I trying so hard to justify all this? Hmmm.....maybe need to get out of this special order business...

So what do you all think? Too much? TOo little? no more special orders? I know for sure one thing - next time if I do anymore special orders, PRICE WILL BE GIVEN UP FRONT, and may even ask for a deposit......

Thanks for letting me vent.................

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Hi Rhonni
I don't think $50 is to high. People don't realize the work that goes into handpainted items. I usually start with 3 x's the materials and adjust up or down from there depending on how much time I have in it.

I painted on my suitcases as well as a denim purse I use and have had so much interest in purchasing them. I think I am a little scared about putting the investment into suitcases and then having a garage full of them and no buyers.

It sure is good to see some interest in this forum.

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How much did you end up clearing per hour? The price sounds very LOW to me!

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Well, the garbage can lady was a no show - three times!! They are now in my basement waiting for the next craft show. Guess she was busy with her job and stuff.......i still think she didn't want to pay the price......

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