Blackberries on a clock

paintingfoolJune 12, 2010

I don't remember if I ever showed this clock to you but these are blackberries which we have an abundance growing around here.

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Those look good enough to eat! Did you use the berry making tool or the old standby, a brush? Either way the clock is in with the times!HEHEHE I also like the white around your flowers, did you line them or just leave the white showing while doing your shading?

Thanks for sharing!


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You sure paint things so realistic--those look yummy enough to eat! I really like your squiggly vines on this piece too. Great job!


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A berry making tool?? I didn't know there was one. I have used q-tips for larger berries but for these I used my little brush - and now that I look at them, those berries do look good. I did outline around the little white flowers and shaded around the stamen with a float of blue. And I have little lines coming out from the stamen also. I found that if you use the basecoat color of the berries and float along one side after you have finished painting them, it gives them a shaded look.

What is really pretty about this piece is the background, it has a little bit of pink in it along with some blue.
Thanks yall.

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Love this clock. Those blackberries look good enough to eat alright. So glad you posted this for us. Your background really looks good with the blue and pink.


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