Lastest project-Abstract-a new avenue for me!!

bearbubbacowboyFebruary 12, 2009


My lastest work. Made it for my son and daughter in law. I'm not much on abstract, myself and this is new for me (not my normal work) but gotta say it was FUN and I actually like the outcome. Will probably grout on Sat...will send another pic then....Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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OOH OH OHHH BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love that!

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WOW!!! Wish I could just let go and do that!!!!! Lovely!!!
I think that's why I'm so stumped lately, I wanna do something like that and just can't find it in me!!! Frustrating! So I'll live vicariously thru your great design!!!!

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Thanks U 2!!! It was soo much fun to just let go!! I really have never went this route before so was and eye opening, FUN experience for me!!!!!!!!!!! Cathy

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Very well done. Love the color and glass combos. Liike it a lot

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Beautiful work Cathy, you really have it in you, wow!

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Well, m'lady, if this isn't your normal work, no one w/know it. I'll bet you'll do more exploring in the abstract world. That is simply BEAUTIFUL.

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