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paintingfoolJune 11, 2009

Morning yall. I have not posted in such a long time and I feel really guilty. I have had a few bad weeks and I am behind on everything. I had company for a while, a brand new canopy I purchased for the deck so we could sit outside cooking on the grill while company was here - broke in two places 4 days after being put up when we had a heavy rain. I know, I was suppose to take it down and we were trying to do that but the rain puddled up in one area and the canopy fell in on us. Had the side yard filled in with 5 dump trucks of dirt, graded and sodded - cost me over $2200 and the rain left 18" gulleys and washed some of the sod and dirt away. Went to grill steaks and the birds had built a nest in the grill, had to cook indoors. My camera stopped working - haven't been able to post pics of the books. And a guest that came with my sister for more than a week went nuts when someone ate her two oranges she purchased!! I have been so stressed that I ended up with some kind of intestional bug and finally, I am over it!! So, the best therapy is painting and I sat down and painted a few plaques using those cute little Dollar Tree wood pieces.

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Those are lovely - only wish I could paint like that!

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Lovely roses!!!!! Thank you for sharing. Sorry to hear about the bad time you have been having lately. I hope things are going much better for you now. You are right painting is wonderful therapy.
We are going to learn to paint stroke roses (not One Stroke) in my painting group next week. I sure hope mine turn out looking something like a rose. We are going to watch the Patricia Rawlinson video first and the teacher said we would probably be practicing for at least an hour before we tried to paint on the surface we brought. I think we will be painting roses for two weeks.

Happy Painting,


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Thanks to all. I am not exactly pleased with them. When I don't paint them for a while I sometimes struggle with getting the strokes right. These are just quickies using a double loaded brush.

Kay, where do you live in NW Florida? I live in the Panhandle also, maybe we can get together sometime.

Diane, you are going to love painting roses. I haven't seen her painting a rose but she is very talented so I know you will like what she does. She has a great tutorial on strokes on her website also.

Tomorrow I will be painting bugs at a chapter meeting.

Kay, you can email be at

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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omg! you poor thing ... i'm so sorry to hear that you've had a bad spell. but everything is passed now so take a deep breath and let's start rockin' again :)) told you already that i love your roses :)) hey ... take care :) HUGS!

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Oh, Bebe, your beautiful rose plaques just made me drool. You paint them so well. They look soft and romantic, just the way I wish I could do them! ;o)

My goodness! When it rains, it really pours in your case. Those kinds of things are hard to deal with anytime, but especially when you have guests and want things to just be perfect! Glad the company is gone and you are over the bug and feeling better.

I'm in our motor home in Missouri, going to the family reunion tomorrow. It's fun to go on a trip, but even nicer to get back home! LOL I think we are leaving here on Wed. morning to head back out west.

You take care of yourself, glad the painting helps to make you feel better. Sure wish I lived closer so we could paint and chat together. I could learn so much from you--you are an amazing painter! ;o)


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Paintingfool, I live in Panama City Beach, Fl. 32407. I'd love to get together with you, if possible.

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Cute little Dollar Store wood pieces??? Tell me more . . .

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Kay, we are having Peggy Harris at our chapter in 7 November and possibly Ros Stallcup in February. Email me at I know there is a chapter in Panama City that paints a lot and we often go over there for a seminar. You are only about 2 1/2 - 3 hours from me. We will definitely get together. Did I tell you I worked with a lady named Kay Jones? She was our caterer at the base for about 20 years.


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Bebe~ so sorry for all your mishaps and ouchie in the pocketbook as well. Glad you are feeling better and all the company is gone. Love your plaques...they are just beautiful. =) Time to pass that bad luck onto someone else...just not me!! ha Take care! ~Anj

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You had such a streak of bad luck but your plaques turned out beautiful. I just had two weeks of company and it's so nice to have our home back to just us for a few days. Hope you continue to paint and things get stable again in your life.


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