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pseudo_momMarch 12, 2010

Those of you who know how to put pictures and hightlight text could help out the rest of us who cannot.

Two things I would love to be able to add to "some posts"

Beating a dead horse


Not touching this one with a 10 foot pole :)

Any help would be appreciated

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In order for the HTML coding to show, you have to not enter them correctly... So I've put periods . in place so they will show. To get it to work, take out the period .

<.i> to start the italics and <.> to end the italics.
<.b> to start bold and <.> to end bold
<.font color="blue"> or whatever color you want to start color and <.> to end the color

For hyperlinks:

<.a href="web%20address">Whatever you want to name the link that will show up as your hyperlink<.>

So I could put <.a href="">HTML Help!! Link<.> and it would show up looking like this:

HTML Help!! Link

For pictures:
<.img src="picture%20source%20address">

would look something like this

<.img src="">;

To get a picture off the web, right click and say "copy image location" and then CTRL + V to get the address in GW.

Use the preview to see what it looks like, and make adjustments as necessary.

There's a bunch of info on this, but these are the easiest and once you learn them the other ones are super easy to learn.

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