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Matt-DIYMay 24, 2013

I have been working with two major ideas recently for our kitchen remodel. Both revolve around making room for a 36" gas range. The attached floor plan does not match the current location of the appliances but since we have a full basement moving things around is not too hard. Current stove hookup is on the wall shared with the basement stairs.

Major Issues:

Existing lower cabinets on exterior wall are 21.5 inches deep. I am assuming they were custom made to match the adjacent doorway. Sliding the doorway over 4 inches is possible, but likely outside the scope of this project.

We are currently using a 2' by 2' butcher block on wheels. It does make the kitchen a little tight at times but we have found it to be very handy.

The wall between the kitchen and dinning room could be reduced/removed but would require bracing and is likely outside the scope of this project.

We have not given up all hope with the existing cabinets especially given their age, but we have been told that new cabinets can add much more value to the home than they cost.

The home is occasionally used as a VRBO so we need to be able to tackle this in a month or less.

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Photo of the current stove location.

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IKEA Plan with stove relocated to the corner.

This requires the dishwasher to be moved to the other side of the sink.

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This leaves the stove on the wall along the basement steps but fills in the corner cabinets instead of the gap and tightly spaced drawers we have now.

As it stands now there is not enough room between the dishwasher (current location is the same as in this sketch) and the right wall to fit slide out corner option. There is only 42.5 inches and it requires 49.

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What is a VRBO?

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Vacation rental by owner.

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First - have you seen the slide out corner option in person? I have and don't like it, I prefer the lazy susan.

Re the layout, I like option 2 but would put the DW to the other side of the sink. That way it is not in your main prep space, which is between the sink and range.

Then I would reduce the depth of the cabinetry between the DW and doorway - IKEA sells base cabinetry in 12" or so depth.

I would use the Fridge + pantry setup from your first option. Or if you need a MW space more, keep the lower cab and for an upper use the upper cabinet with MW shelf IKEA sells. You have a lot of stub walls where it looks like you could cut down a pantry cabinet to have a very shallow pantry space - the wall that backs to the toilet, the unused corner of the kitchen, the wall across from the basement steps.

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Sophie Wheeler

Stick with a 30" range. Or even a 24". People on vacation don't really cook.

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Matt - What type of storage will you have on the walls? Currently, pots are on display and open shelving. Will these stay? Where does the door in the laundry hallway lead and is there a window in that hallway? That is a great deal of unused real estate for a kitchen.

The bathroom has an odd configuration with entry through a closet.

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Sorry all. I should have checked this sooner. It had been so long without a reply I forgot to check back in.

Tracie: I like the idea of moving the DW to the other side. It does get in the way now. Do you mean cut down the wall to add the pantry or actually cut down the pantry cabinets?

Since we live in the house 40+ weeks out of the year I still want to go with the 36" range, but I do appreciate the tip and agree that renters rarely cook.

motherof3sons: A shallow pantry is possible in place of the displayed pots. We had no place to store them so they ended up there.

The door in the laundry goes outside to the side porch and into the back yard. I believe that area used to be a covered porch and was brought into the home when the bathroom was added (home was built without plumbing in 1908).

The open shelving will be taken up by the range hood once it is installed (or at least half of that wall anyway).

How do I download and post the IKEA file?

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U shaped kitchens are great for cooks and lends itself to high efficiency cooking.You can just pivot on one toe as you spin around from refrigerator to sink to stove.

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Yeah, I guess the layout is close to a U shape. Only trouble is that the kitchen is also on the way to the main floor bath and backyard, but there is nothing we can do about that at this point. Just trying to make the best of it.

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Also like option #2. I would consider closing off the corner to get wider more useful drawers.

I'd also suggest partioning the pantry such that you can place a cabinet lock on either the upper or lower section for kitchen items you do not wish your renters to have access to.

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