luthienJune 22, 2009

finally ... i am finally using my brushes, paint and canvas again :) i've painted :) well ... sort of :)

dragonflies :)

i have not thought of any crafts to create with it yet ... so now it's still on canvas. someone requested for dragonflies a few weeks ago, but i couldn't connect at that point in time. if i can't connect within, i can't create them. feels all wrong...

but last week when i chanced upon a poem i wrote a while ago ... everything clicked. so here are the dragonflies inspired by the poem.

i was attempting to mimic the watercolor effect on the parts of the wings but failed miserably! doesn't look at all 'watered' down ... looks real intense actually LOL!!

anyway ... as always, love to hear what you think :) i'll pair these up with some celtic 'ish' designs which i made ... but that's for crafts or whatever else that comes out of these paintings :))

if you are interested in reading further about the creative process ... just click on the link below :))

hugs!!! luthien :)xoxoxo

Here is a link that might be useful: a place where i ramble, mutter and grumble about things :)

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Very bright and beautiful butterflies you've painted. Watercolors are bright so pat yourself on the back and keep painting. LOL

I'll have to visit your blog at a later time, but thanks for the link. I'm sure others will love seeing all your projects.


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I love them in the bright colors luthien. Makes me think of stained glass. I think they came out just awesome and can't wait to see what you come up with as far as a craft for them. We used to get dragonflies in our yard all the time, but don't even remember seeing any last year. I like them and we always say it's good luck if they land on you. =) You've got yours done just in time for summer. ~Anj

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hey punk :)
thanks! i tried to make the acrylic more watery than it should be ... but acrylics don't really react kindly to too much water. or mayb it's the canvas that's not good with too much water. and then i tried to merge 2 colors together, disaster! had to rub it off and paint again. but anyhow, i manage to get some effects here and there. will try some more :))

hey anj :)
thanks! yea... i had stain glass in mind actually... so that came thru. i 'm doing some cards with them but having problems with papercraft! this is just test batch ...we'll see.. :))

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I love your Dragonflies! I agree their wings look like stained glass! I would like to paint these, too! Can I?
Do you have this design available?

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That is so adorable! Really? You use only watercolor in painting this dragonfly. I thought you use a neon paint in coloring them. You must be a great artist. Thanks.

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Thanks to GardenLover for bringing this post forward, I totally missed it.

What beautiful "art" I paint things - this is "art." Absolutely great composition and the colors are awesome.

Your style reminds me of my High School days, we're talking 1960 - 63, my art teacher was really into mosaic style painting and I just loved it. Now I'm stuck in Patriotic and Americana.

Please post more of your fantastic art!!!!


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hello ladies :))
thank you for all your sweet comments!! i don't know why i missed wildnflower and gardenlover's comments... i never got a notification for them!! it's a good thing belle's comment was posted to me :)now i get to read all the other comments!

wildnflower :)
of course you can paint these! i do have the designs but not the color codes. these are my designs so i just choose paints and paint what i feel good about. but my main colors are green, turquoise, yellow and a little blue and magenta here and there. if you want the skeleton design i can email it to you... just leave me an email at happypimping@gmail.com

gardenlover :)
i didn't paint these in watercolor. i used acrylic but attempted to use the watercolor technique of merging the paints. didn't work out too well :)) but it gave the dragonflies another effect :) so it's alright i guess :))

belle :)
my goodness! i all red now! to receive such a sweet comment from a wonderful artist such as yourself ... i feel so honored :)) perhaps feeling a little not-so-deserving *shy*
i still have a loooooong way more and lotssss of things to learn about art :)) you are sooo sweet belle :) thank you!

luthien :)

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