Orange spots on Carrara Marble--Is this Normal?

mommytotyMay 11, 2014

We are in the final stages of building a home (we move in this Friday!) and although the "White Carrara Marble Extra" has been installed on my kitchen counters for a few weeks, they've been covered up with a brown paper the whole time for protection. They finally took the paper off and I am noticing tiny orange-rust colored spots in a couple areas (not everywhere uniformally). Are these spots normal to this type of marble or are these stains of some sort?? If these are stains, can they be removed?

Here is a close up picture:

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Sophie Wheeler

High iron content on the slab. It's rust. And it will continue to rust, especiallyif moistened.

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Bill Vincent, our Kitchens Forum resident stone and tile expert (who hasn't been on in a while - we miss him), said in an old thread "cheap carrara is notorious for having iron deposits in it, and those iron deposits can and will begin to rust after a time, causing yellow or orange rust stains."

However, I do not know how you are supposed to know whether you have bought the cheap carrara or not. I know people have carrara marble in their kitchens for years, even decades, without rusting. Anyway, here is another thread where someone posted their solution.

Here is a link that might be useful: Older Thread about Carrara Marble and Rust

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Drill 'em and fill 'em if they bother you that badly.

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