Painted chairs

gail1055June 21, 2007

Thanks, I'm glad you like my chairs! They are a real conversation piece and I love to see people's reaction to them at the shows. They put smiles on their faces and that makes me feel good weather they buy one or not:)I sell an average of 5 chairs at a craft show. Sometimes I get special orders if they don't see what they like. It's hard to come up with ideas that you think will sell. There's always someone who wants something else. It's difficult to price them too. I try to get $75 for them, a little more for special orders. Sometimes my customer will be generous and give me more but most people don't realize the work that goes into them. The art assc. tells me they shouldn't be under $100 but I want them to sell. I'm trying to get more signs painted for this years show too. I figure if they don't want to spend that much for a chair they might buy a sign. Well I better get busy. I'm working on a bench right now. I'm doing it in a cabin theme. Gail

Oh, thought you might like to see one of my special orders from last fall. Four Winds is the name of their farm and they wanted Gurnsey cows on it.

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I need one of those for my kitchen!! ha (Cow theme) It's really cute. You do a really fine job. I'm guessing you are doing your own patterns or do you even use a pattern? I so wish I could freehand. That's really cool that you can paint to order. Can't wait to see your bench! ~Anj

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Another great creation. You are very talented, amazing that you are self taught too. Hope you get lots of inventory ready and do really well at this years sale. Thanks for showing us pics of your great work. Luvs

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Hi Anj and Luvs,long time no see.LOL

Gail your chair is great,would go well in my house as well with all my cows.TFS

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Hi Kathi, How are you doing? And whatcha been doing? We miss you around here. You should come chat with us more often. Even if it's not painting related, you can tell us all about it over on our conversations side--Anj and I "meet" there frequently to chat and all are welcome to join us.

Aren't Gail's chairs wonderful? She does a great job on them.


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Hi Anj,

I like to make my own patterns. I'll do image searches online to get ideas or look at books. After I draw it I transfer it on to what I'm painting. I wish I could do free hand too. Gail

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Hey Kathi~ Where have you been hiding out?? We sure have been missing you. Glad to hear from you!

Gail~ It's cool that you can look at something and draw it out. I can a little bit to make patterns fit what I'm doing, but not too good at it.


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awesome work gail....I love painting on vintage chairs but they are one thing in nj that are hard to find and are usually pricey....and your right coming up with ideas is hard lol

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I've been lucky to find my chairs at rummage sales, flea markets, TS, and on the curb. I don't like to spend more than $10 for them and free is best of all :) Here's a little poem I wrote for the tag that hangs from all my chairs. It sort of lets people know where the chairs been and explains why a rung might be missing. Gail

From curbside or yard sale
this chairÂs been rescued.
Been sat on, stood upon,
pushed down and abused.
So donÂt be surprised if you find
thereÂs some missing parts.
This chair is one of a kind
and still has lots of heart.
So let this chair bring some
whimsy to a spot on your floor.
Or welcome your friends when
they knock on your door

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Darling little poem, and a nice addition to your chairs. I am sure your customers all enjoy it.

So how many chairs have you kept for yourself? Got any displayed on your porch or in your yard? Or are you like allot of us and end up giving away or selling everything and end up with none for ourselves? LOL


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That's so true isn't it. Like my hubby says every things for sale! But I do have my very own planter rocking chair out in the front yard. I can't sell it because it has our name on it :) And I always have one on the front porch, but that one's for sale so it's always changing. I've also kept a rise n' shine rooster chair in my dining room. Just about everything else gets sold or are donated to auctions for a good cause. Sometime I'll have to sit down and figure up how many chairs I've painted in the last 3 yrs. It keeps me busy but I really enjoy doing it.


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