Porch into Sunroom

momcat2000August 31, 2006

Someday......I would like to install french doors that open up into a sunroom.

I live in a 2 story brick foursquare with a brick porch across the front.

I would like to enclose one side of the porch and make it into an old fashioned sunroom....but..i can't find a delicate style wood window that says '1920's sunroom' Most windows are too chunky and give that 'not original enclosed front porch' look. and since this area will not be heated (except for solar) i don't need to worry about triple panel or energy efficient types. Nice old used windows would work, but finding a full set would be hard to do, and they would probably have to be refurbished.

I'm going to start carying a camera to take pictures throughout the neighborhood of examples of sunrooms that i like, so maybe i can match the style.

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I love driving around and looking at what has been done with the houses around my neighborhood. Keep forgetting the camera, but you reminded me it is time. A couple of houses which enamored me...I cannot find again. Am beginning to think I may have just dreamed about them. It would be interesting to have a thread with found houses, see the wonderful work done and what our neighborhoods look like.

No porch at this end, but would love to have the option. Post your pics when you can.

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Maybe i shouldn't call it an 'enclosed porch' because i've seen some real bad looking porch enclosures.
How about - just a 'new sunroom', that sounds more classy
Emagineer, every time i see someone taking a pic of a house, it's usually a real estate person and -poof! the house is up for sale.LOL. Along our parkway, All the houses have a side porch but hardly any front porches or rear yards. But, they have a wonderful view of the park. Some have been enclosed for sunrooms so i'll post pics when we get our home computer back up and running

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Try locating a place that recycles building material in your area. Good luck.

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Momcat, your explanation sounds to me like a "mini" conservatory seen on large old homes. Except in your case it would be part of the front porch.

As Barbara said....If there is any way you can find recycled windows...may be worth the time/effirt for what you want this to look like. Also, since you don't need heat, could a framer build these from used lumber?

My camera is always with me, well it was until working on the interior of my house which is taking away from creative time. Have always loved architectural details and even ask owners if I can take closeups. Photography is part of my art, guess the thought about someone thinking I was realtor hadn't crossed my mind before. Am probably just a pest.

And...if only I had a porch!


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We had gotten lots of estimates on putting on an enclosed sunroom or a screened porch and finally decided to attempt building just a porch. My DH has limited mobility so last summer our three girls came to level the ground with us, dig 6 holes 4'deep, mix and shovel in cement, and build the porch.

Since we have such a narrow yet long yard we only had room for a 10' by 10' porch. It's big enough for us two and when we have company we use the patio also.
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This is what we started with

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We enclosed our back porch using old storm windows that we bought from someone who replaced their windows. Maybe an ad in freecycle Craigs list or a local paper would find what you need.

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momcat, Like this?

The storm windows are the typical aluminum replacements (awful on those french windows). But the windows match the doors that led into the dining room...before the doors were moved to the spot that the built in buffet in the dining room used to live in. A previous owner got rid of the dining room built in.

You may need to investigate custom windows.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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lousit, you porch looks so good with your house!
kec01, just like that only wood, not aluminum. There is a little corner in hell for previous owners who take out original built-ins.

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hey i've got the same problem. I've got a shingles 4square.
my porch is 8' deep and goes across the entire front of the house. i have a 60" window in my dining room on one half of the porch, on the other half i have my front door (42") and a 42" window. the windows are 76" long (8" from floor) and the door is 84". but the windows only open 18"-- so they don't do much for ventilation and i can't put an air conditioner in them either.
i want to enclose the dining room half of the porch to make a sun room-- with full screening for the summer. and a set of french doors from the dining room and a door to the other half of the porch. i'd also like to switch the front door and other window, and then shorten the window so i can put a 'closet' on the porch underneath the window. i'd also enclose this half of the porch to make an vestibule befor entering the 'house' so you don't just open the door right into the living room.
inside of the living room underneath the window i could put my baby grand which is in the diningroom with the rolltop desk and the table and chairs. the desk could go where the piano is, the table could go into the center of the room and the china hutch could get out of the basement.

but my city requires a full foundation for such a retrofit of a porch. and i've finally got the plants around the porch to look the way i want them too. double arrgh.

maybe it would be easier to find a larger house?


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Maybe something like this? From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Lassie, you responsed to a 6 year old thread that was spammed by an international hmmmmmm commercial salesman with no sensitivity to what this forum is about.

But I like your picture.
And maybe it is time for us to make a current thread about enclosed porches so all the pictures will be there.

Who wants to do it? I'll contribute if someone else will do the honors.........Just so it is a sunporch, whether 4 season or not.

And now folks can upload just one picture per post using the "Image File to upload (optional): line at the top of every post you type. Very handy for new comers who do not want to create a photobucket or flickr account. And, once the picture is uploaded THAT way, you can move your photos around to your heart's content and NEVER affect the forum photos.

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So the spammers did something good??? LOL

I love porch threads, so I'll try to add some pictures, if anyone wants to start one :)

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