Not able to post a follow up

MoccasinAugust 10, 2010

Something funny is going on with the Derelict Garage thread. I cannot see a spot to post a follow up, it shows the 3rd reply to the original down there, but it also says "Preview Message" as if I was the one doing the typing. And then no place to do diddly after that. I checked other threads, and it seems to be okay, but I thought I'd put this separate to see if anyone else is having a bad time of it today.

And just when the forum seems to be coming alive too! Oh boy, and I want to keep the ball rolling.

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ML your thread is broken, it's a weird glitch that sometimes happens with posts so it might be best to start the topic again.

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Trance, thank you for the headsup.

I was trying Internet Explorer this morning for a while, and thought that might have led to mixed signals. But I've come back to Mozilla's Firefox, which keeps all those inline text links from even appearing. With IE they were jumping up at me all over the place.

Yes, I will start that thread again. Should I have them withdraw the first try?

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I wouldn't bother having it removed because no one can reply to it now so it will just sink down the page

geez Im having trouble getting this post to go through, gw must be a bit glitchy today

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I wrote a long reply to you yesterday and loading wouldn't happen. Must the something about the post itself or Smaller Homes. Gave up even trying to post anything. At least I don't feel alone.

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I've answered everyone by email already, but now find that I can get online using IE. Guess why? I did not SIGN OUT from GWeb on IE last night, and I guess that made Firefox not be able to let me sign in.

When I get through answering all the posts here, I will sign out from IE and close, then try again to come online with Firefox.

I do not understand all that I know. :)

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