stone paper weights

luthienJune 29, 2009

halooooo ladies :))

just a short post to share these paperweights i made from stones. i suddenly thought that they will make nice and easy-to-do christmas gifts. i thought christmas is still faraway but i see that some of you have already started to paint christmas projects!

tho i made these stones using the decoupage technique, but it should work the same if you painted things on them :)

here is a picture to give you an idea and the tutorial to make these are in the link below. :)

hope you'll enjoy these :)

hugs luthien xoxoxo

Here is a link that might be useful: the tutorial

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Luthien, these are really pretty. You have such an imaginative mind to think of this and then put it together. I don't think I have done decoupage - but I might have, I think most of us artist/crafters have tried everything at one time or another.

These will make great Christmas presents!!

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Those look cool. I haven't done decoupage in years, but I have painted on stones. When we travel in the motorhome and take our dogs on their daily walks, I watch for smooth stones to paint on. So far, I've only painted one stroke flowers on them, and on a few, I've stenciled some words. I put them in my flower beds. Luvs

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thanks B :) LOL! i painted the dragonflies and didn't really know what to do with them. i made some cards and these stones. somehow they came out quite well on these 2 things i made with them :)there must be more things i can do with my dragonflies :))

thanks luvs :) yea... these stones seem so insignificant, like lying on the ground and all, but you can actually do so many things with them! i've painted some myself as well and the kids love these as projects :) i was contemplating drilling a hole and making them into incense holders! but it will be illogical to make incense holders if the stone is decoupaged... it'll probably burn :)) mayb when i do solely painting on them, i'll do the holes :)

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They turned out really pretty luthien. =) ~Anj

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