Would you like to see my latest project?

oceannaJune 14, 2011

Here is a project I did a few months ago, which was part hand painting, part hand beading, and part hand sewing. I'm thinking it might not qualify as "decorative painting" in the way we usually see here, but I thought you might enjoy seeing it anyway.

The antique lamp base was rusted, and the pole was pretty scuffed up, so I painted them (after wire brushing and priming the base):

The lampshade started out as just a wire frame, and I took it from there.

These long drippy pieces, I beaded myself. There are three of these. The rest of the beading was purchased ready made:

Here it is lit at night:

Here is the whole lamp out on the deck for good lighting on it, but the golden fabric and the fringe really are a bit darker than they photographed:

It was a fun, though time consuming project. I have another lamp I want to do but haven't gotten to it yet. I have surgery coming up on each of my hands, so we'll see how that goes.

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Oceanna, that lamp is wonderful. You did a superb job on it. Good luck with your surgery.

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Oceanna, what a beautiful work of art! The beading and colors and details are so ....gosh I am at a loss for words! Rally impressive!

Hope your surgery turns out OK...keep us posted!


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Beautiful!! Don't think I would have the patience to do all that beading. Good luck with your surgery, come back soon.

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Absolutely fabulous!! So glad you shared it here with us. I love how you painted the stand and the bead work is awesome!! I too wish you well with your surgery! ~Anj

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Thanks, everyone! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Bebe, you called that one right. Those strands took me 15 mins. apiece, and that was if I didn't make any mistakes (I made a lot of booboos since each strand had its own pattern). The math/pattern alone on that was tough enough to figure out. I started out thinking I'd bead fringe for the whole thing, but quickly changed my mind. If you're not insane already, doing that job will put you there. lol

I'm putting the surgery off till I finish the toy box. Both hands have bad osteoarthritis in the thumb joint, and hurt all the time, so I'm eager to get them fixed!

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You sure turned that into a beautiful lamp. I really like how you blended the pastel colors on the base, and that lamp shade is fantastic. You are one very talented gal!

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Thanks, Luvs. :) It was a fun project.

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Very fancy and exotic-looking. Nice job!

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Thanks, Vicbowling.

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It's lovely. It looks like it would be 'comfortable' in almost any setting - no matter the furniture. Thanks for sharing.

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