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psyoheMay 21, 2013

"If it's not one thing it's another."

It is still raining here in SE Oklahoma, and now we have a leak on the roof. I hope it is just some missing shingles due to the storm. I do not want my window budget to go towards a new roof. The roof has not leaked one time in the two years we have lived here.

That is what we get for buying an old house. ðÂÂÂ

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Holly- Kay

Hugs Peke. Praying for your safety and that your roof holds up to the storms.

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Peke, I'm so sorry your roof is leaking. Ours does, too. I'm just hoping and praying that it doesn't have to be completely replaced. Calling roofers is on my to-do list for next week to start getting estimates. It stinks to think about spending $$$ on that instead of other more exciting improvements like the kitchen. Sending positive thoughts your way that your leak will have a relatively simple resolution and the storms over OK will fade away for the rest of the season!

PS Our kitchen reno has been on hold for 4 years because of various stuff like this (lost my job, needed new windows, had to re-landspace part of the backyard to improve drainage, got hit exceptionally hard on taxes this year [ironically, partially because I did some consulting work last year], and now the roof). I'm now hoping for a new kitchen in 2 to 3 years. In the meantime I hang out here and dream . . .

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So sorry, Peke. Spending money on a new roof is booooring.

Finding roofers on short notice is going to be a challenge too. When I had my house re-shingled 3 years ago, I talked to the roofer in early May, and got my shingles installed in September.

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We have spent about $75,000.00 so far on structural, electrical, sheetrock, texture, paint, lighting, fans, heat/ac, dock, and stairs so far. Another $24,000 on cabinets and appliances, and we still need to get an island, countertops, and new windows. My window budget is not enough for a new roof.

Sorry for whining. At least I have a home to spend money on. I just hate spending money on the hidden things inspectors can't see. I see no reason to have inspectors if they cannot find the hidden problems. I know there is no way they could without tearing all sheetrock off. But, it hurts to spend that much money and you can't "see" it.

I also hate that some idiot built my house wrong, didn't do electrical or stairs right and I am paying for his mistakes while he walks away with the money I paid for this house. Evidently this was a home-made house. No professional people seemed to be involved with the building of it. No permits or builder inspections needed for the person who built it.

Any home inspectors out there? Remember I said there was no way you could catch the hidden problems. Not inspector's fault. Peke

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Sorry to hear about your roof. We had ours done about 5 years ago. Very expensive, but needed to protect what's underneath.

Actually, the things we can't see now in our renovation (the new wiring and plumbing) are things we appreciate the most--well, sort of! It just gives us such peace of mind knowing the drain won't clog anymore because the pitch was wrong ( found during demo) or fire won't shoot out of any electrical outlets anymore because wires were taped together with duct tape. Apparently the idiot who built our house himself did yours also.......

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You need to fix the roof, or it will destroy anything underneath. I think you should prioritize.

Make a list.

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Your roof is not covered by insurance?

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I'm so sorry! All those things take a toll. Storm damage may well be covered by insurance --Allstate more than covered damage from a tree felled by an ice storm, without even blinking.

But take your time finding a roofer. I work for an online dispute resolution company and you wouldn't believe how many complaints, some very serious, we get about roofers. Check licensing and security bonds...don't just take their word for it.

If you find a good one, treat him like gold. We lucked out with ours--at that point we never thought to ask about licensing. We just asked someone we knew who works in construction, and the guy he recommended not only did a good job on the new roof but was also fantastic when the ice storm damaged it. We've recommended him to lots of people and they've all been impressed.

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Sorry to read about your water leak. We have been through this too.

Reading the title of your post I thought RR would say, "Jane you ignorant..." I miss Gilda and Jane.

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Heidi, I know what you mean. Duct tape everywhere. Sometimes they cut the ground wire off. Sometimes they wrapped it around the plastic cover. We even found extension cords plugged into each other with duct tape behind the sheetrock. Live wires in the insulation with no caps on them. A kitchen receptacle (110) was tied into the AC/heat (220) somehow. That one really had the electrician shaking his head. Electrical and ac was money well spent.

Desert, My husband went in the attic while it was still raining. The leak was from the turbine. Either it needs sealing or it just rained sideways with the strong winds we had that day. We had a strong wind take our barn roof about a half mile away one year. Just lifted it up and set it down. No tornado just thosem100 mph straight line winds we get. Insurance paid for it.

Springroz and Ashe, insurance will probably pay, but if it is under $5000.00 we are better off not claiming it. One year after the barn roof Frisbee incident lightning struck our satellite dish which had internet attached. Lightning came through phone lines/internet and hit everything that was connected to satellite and phone lines. Four tvs, four vcrs, four dvd player/recorders, and two computers.

This was a little after hurricane Katrina when the insurance companies were paying a lot out. They decided that they would not renew people who were risks or who had claims. My daughter got a non-renewal letter for her car insurance and she had no claims, but she was 19. Insurance company offered us $1800.00 and we said we could not replace everything for that amount plus repair the front of the house in three places where the lightning came out. We wound up getting $5500.00 after 11 months of arguing. Then we got our non-renewal letter. Two months later we had a difficult time finding an insurance company that would insure us. Hurricane Katrina affected everyone's insurance rates.

So....will only use insurance if it is a really large claim.

It rained the next day and no leaks. We did get a lot of hail damage but no tornadoes that day thank goodness.

Mother of 3 sons, I forgot about that one! They were the best, weren't they? SNL was just not the same after they left. Peke

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