flgargoyle, about your beadboard cabinet doors

marti8aAugust 12, 2011

How did you make the frames? Specifically, how did you put the frame pieces together? Mortise & tenon, biscuits, or something else? And did you dado a groove in the inside center of the frame pieces, or on an outer edge, or how did you set the beadboard into the door frame?

I hope you see this today as dh & I are going to work on the doors tomorrow.


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Sorry I just got your message- Internet access is very limited here in SC! I made the frames out of poplar 1X3. I cut a groove with a dado head to fit the paneling, then cut a matching tenon on the cross pieces. I assembled it with glue, but no glue on the infill, which you want to leave a little room for movement.

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That sounds like the best way to do it. We ended up using biscuits to join them together though. We didn't glue the panels either. Today is joint sanding. Ugh.

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Way to go, Marti! It sounds like progress to me. And having a really real beadboard construction is something to be proud of. Awesome.

Oh yeah. I hope you remember to take pictures for your own benefit, presanding, and as you begin the finish, and then after you finish, and then as you hang them. It is a long process, and you don't need to forget how much went into creating them.

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Thank you ML. It's not real beadboard though, it's beadboard paneling.

We've got all the doors built. I need to go clean up the sawdust and then start painting. But I'll take a pre-photo so you can see where we're at.

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Here are 2 doors hung just to make sure they fit. Now I have to take them down and paint.

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