Entry door; coat closet at right angles. What color?

caroline94535August 25, 2014

My entry door is near the southeast corner of the house. It opens directly into the living room. Open the door; BOOM, you're in. We're replacing the door.

We're also having a much needed coat/broom closet built on the south wall. This is the o-n-l-y place in the house to add a closet.

The front of the closet, and its door, will be at right angles to the front door. There will be about six inches of east wall between front door trim to the front edge of the closet which is along the south wall.

The LR floor has just been refinished; it's unstained, 62-year-old oak. The walls are a neutral sagey green.

What color would you make the closet door?

What color would you make the interior of the front door?

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What color is your trim?

I'd paint both doors the same color, whatever you choose. Because they are so close together, it would look odd to have them two different colors.

I'd go with either your interior trim color or the wall color. I wouldn't add another color in that space. You want the doors to blend in, not stand out.

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Thanks Camlan; I think the door choice has jelled in my mind. I do want them to blend in. They are in no way "features," LOL!

This is on old, plain house in an old, plain neighborhood and town. I am hoping for "clean, dry, and serviceable" with a large dose of friendliness, welcoming, and basic comfort. The new heat pump/furnace/air conditioning system has added the real comfort and is the catalyst for all this spiffing up.

The trim and baseboards are to be oak, unstained and finished to match the light floor. The baseboard molding is rather plain, about 5" tall. The window/door trim has a slight, non-descript molding to it. I think the doors should be the same satin finish, unstained oak.

This is a well used room; it's a TV viewing room / sitting room just off of the kitchen. Two-thirds of the room is "living room" with a small "breakfast nook" at the south end, next to the closet area. It has 8' ceilings. There are two windows, two open doorways, and the front door in this room.

I'm afraid the "artsy" painted doors I was envisioning would come off looking rather "college dorm." I think using the light oak will keep everything subdued.

Do you think the visual weight of these close-set doors will be counter-balanced by the media cabinet and two 6' tall bookcase/cabinets I have planned to center on the opposite north wall?

My walls are painted a soft sage green; the ceiling is white. I think the crown molding will be white, too; but that's another conversation posting.

This is the baseboard profile, but it will be oak.

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