OMG! I posted three posts on the wrong forum!

luvstocraftMay 8, 2008

I am sooo sorry ladies, I accidentally posted my table settings here instead of on the Holiday forum. Please forgive me. You know what they say "haste makes waste" or maybe it was just senility on my part. Sorry. Luvs

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I have that problem myself LOL

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Oh, was that the goof you were referring to? hahaha. I was happy to see them here since I never have time to visit the other forums in a while! ha Well, lucky should goof more often. ha ~Anj

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We don't care. We just luv you. We enjoy all your posts. Why make us chase around for them? ;)

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You are so sweet, Oceanna. But those posts had absolutely nothing to do with Painting! If I were going to post them on this forum--they should have been on the conversations side. It was totally a goof up on my part!


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Well I'm, sure glad other people goof up. Otherwise, how could I live with myself when I do it? So please, I'm begging you, never become perfect.

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